Brand architecture strategy is critical because it is the means by which the firm can help consumers understand the products and services it offers and organize them in their minds. Your brand experience is shaped by your product or service, your creative, your logo, your messaging and how the people that represent your brand … In step two, a brand will identify its extension opportunities. In essence, brand architecture in the context of mergers and acquisitions, is all about how acquired … The brand’s boundaries (How transferable are the points of differences? Brand Architecture & Strategy DOJO is a brand building, business growth digital marketing agency in Minneapolis Minnesota. In general, Brand Strategy is under the umbrella of Brand Architecture. When used correctly, your architecture strategy will grow your brand to the next level and leverage your brand’s power. “It’s more strategic and fundamental … Upstream Marketing: Using the Principles of Insight, Identity and Innovation to Drive Growth, Leveraging Brand Equity to Capture New Revenue Streams, Ante, Driver and Reassurance Product Benefits Explained, Coca Cola Company vs. Coke vs. The master brand will often carry emotional benefits, with endorser brands conveying rational benefits and target-specific relevance. A key concept of brand architecture strategy is that customers relate to brands at … A house of brands is a “silent” parent brand, such as Proctor & Gamble. Various brand architecture models (e.g., … These extensions can include sub-brands, products, and/or services. The key to this step is to understand brand equity implications and the points-of-difference as well as the points-of-parity. The key to your entire brand strategy is your brand architecture. Defining a brand’s potential is the first step in developing a brand architecture strategy. Brand architecture and strategy is defined as the logical, strategic and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. Just like the blueprint for a house, your brand architecture is the map that organises your services and products into a lucrative strategy for success. That is, the product itself is the primary brand rather than the company. Economies of scale and goals are critical to all these actions, and your brand … Your brand architecture sets the foundation for all the other components of your brand, and aligns your brand personality traits, brand means, brand messaging, brand promise, brand … A brand is more than a logo or packaging; it’s an experience that is shaped by a combination of many things. Most consumer product brands use the House of Brands strategy. Brand Architecture is the pictorial depiction of each relationship within and across the family of brands. Brand Architecture Strategy This addresses which types of brands to have across offerings (master, descriptive, sub-, endorsed, etc. Brand Architecture Models. A key concept of brand architecture strategy is that customers relate to brands at different levels — for example, a corporate (or master brand), endorsed brands, product brands and product descriptors. Marketer Specializing in Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Content Marketing & Personal Branding, We’d love to hear from You[email protected]305.942.4559. The frst step in aligning brand architecture with business strategy … House of Brands. A key concept of brand architecture strategy is that customers relate to brands at different levels — for example, a corporate (or master brand), endorsed brands, product brands … What Distinguishes Best In Class Marketers? Three key objectives of brand architecture include clarity, synergy and leverage, as described here: A number of factors need to be considered in developing and evaluating alternatives. To refrain from standing still, it is necessary to develop a brand architecture strategy. Brand awareness is incredibly important when it comes to marketing. The right brand architecture strategy equals clarity. Brand Strategy= A brands strategy is defined by division to 3 categories (Fill, 2013) that are meaning (how consumers perceive the brand), space (product and its category) and expression (protection of identity through marketing communication). However, instead of family members on its branches, sub-brands, brand extensions, branded house, house of brands, and hybrid or endorsed brands make up the hierarchy. There are no absolute rules that apply in all brand architecture situations, however here are some simple rules of thumb: • The simpler the system the better • Ideally, there are no more than two levels of hierarchy • The system … Brand architecture is the unification of branding … Manage perception – Developing brand architecture … A brand hierarchy is then used to portray the branding strategy to determine when and where the brand elements can and should be used. All rights reserved. After these steps are completed, a marketer must carefully consider the brand’s portfolios to maximize market coverage and to prevent a brand overlap. Diet Coke Caffeine-Free vs. PowerAde (from the Coca Cola Company), Apple vs. Mac vs. iPod vs. iPhone vs. iPad, The Gap vs. Banana Republic vs. Old Navy vs. Athleta vs. Piperlime. It is the responsibility of brand architecture … It is created by keeping the target market’sperspective in mind. What Distinguishes Best In Class Marketers? What is Brand Strategy? Brand architecture is defined as the logical, strategic and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. Strategic Purpose Should Drive Investment Decisions Effective brand architecture directly impacts the market value of a business, so its worth taking the time to get it right. These all parts play into the same game that builds up a brand strategy… A brand architecture strategy is a strategy that is used by marketers to determine which products to introduce and which brand elements to apply to new and existing products. EquiBrand is a top strategic marketing, branding and innovation consulting firm. A growing company requires new product lines, new services, and may buy or merge with other firms. architecture is a way of organizing the different subsections of a larger brand In order to complete this step, a marketer must consider the following three characteristics. In the field of brand management, brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organizational entity. In this step, the brand-new products and services step, it is essential to consider which new products and services can and should use the parent brands brand elements and what other branding element options are available for branding this new product or service. Brands need to create a brand architecture as it helps them to – 1. In other words, brands must keep improving and adapting to present situations. Do you want to have an association with the parent brand? Check out this infographic – it’s all here on one page. DOJO has helped small businesses with new branding, creating logos, color … Simply put, brand architecture strategy, also known as brand portfolio strategy, is a system of structuring brand offerings to ensure optimal value over time: From an external perspective, it ensures that target … Think Coke, Diet Coke, Caffeine-Free Coke. Take for example the following products: Pantene, Duracell, Nespresso and Uncle Toby’s. The role of brand architecture … ), how much emphasis to give brands relative to one another, and what type of relationships brands within a portfolio should have—especially relative to the corporate (master) brand.…, Gartner: CMOs prioritize brand strategy amid pandemic-related budget cuts… via @marketingdive. A key concept of brand architecture strategy is that customers relate to brands at different levels — for example, a corporate (or master brand), endorsed brands, product brands … We focus on upstream marketing and use the principles of insight, identity and innovation to drive growth. It is an external expression of the corporate business strategy and the criteria to guide effective brand decision-making. When done right, it helps customers … Brand architecture and strategy is defined as the logical, strategic and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. Diet Coke vs. How about the positioning. Brand House vs. A brand architecture provides large corporations with a way to grow and build their brand portfolio in a controlled way. Effective brand … A brand architecture strategy is very similar to a family tree. To learn more about EquiBrand’s brand architecture services, call Tim Koelzer at 925-247-1400 or fill out a contact form. Take the Coca- Cola brand, for example. No … They also help to maintain favorability, recognition, and brand equity. The main factor that helps in making a strong and durable brand is its brand architecture. Some brands are well known in the Coca-Cola family, such as Coke, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, and others are not such as Burn, Smart Water, and Honest Tea. Our consultants use a customer-driven, collaborative approach to improve business results. Everything is connected, so be sure to extend your audit of … Brand architecture strategy defines brand architecture (through several examples), lists key objectives, and provides an overview of key issues and considerations. In managing brand architecture, there are several key components to consider: brand architecture audit, brand architecture principles, brand architecture framework, and the brand naming decision tree, as described here.
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