We have added a marble topped table/counter to our kitchen and I’ve had all these questions! looking for opinions for my backsplash. I found a new product called “Stone Coat Countertops”. Price depends on lots of factors, including the manufacturer, the specific color you choose, and the installation choices you make. As I mentioned, I am working on a post and tutorial for caring for marble countertops… but I can say now that I don’t do much. I’m working on that video now! open the windows!). Deciding on using quartz as a stone for your kitchen countertop is only half the job. I originally thought I figured it out with a 1.5" hex shape of New Calcutta Marble, but realized I shouldn't do marble because of staining (and I don't want to feel the pressure of living in a museum like environment where I have to rush to clean up every splatter from cooking). The scratching and etching is more of an issue. It is very informative. There are so many great options, so a little time spent on the plan will save you lots of money in the long run and can take your room from nice to fantastic! All projects are attempted at the reader’s own risk. I want to make sure I understand everything before I sign the papers. I can't tell from the photo how much light the room gets, or what the adjacent room looks like, but since it's an open space, consider the overall style and color palette you're after. A Few Routines Help a Home Run More Smoothly, Kitchen Ideas: How to Choose the Perfect Backsplash. You should also choose the right finish: polished or honed. No my heart isn't set on herring bone behind the stove, but I do feel like I need a picture frame with something in it and I can't figure out what to put in it. Second, the longer you allow the countertops to etch, the less obvious it will be. Do you think that polished Danby marble kitchen countertops would be more forgiving with showing scratches, etching etc. How about a hard marble called shadow storm, has a beautiful gray lines, I’m afraid I haven’t any experience with that one in person, but it looks beautiful online. I'm going to do the same thing with a marble hex inset above the range and I prefer the honed finish. We have many customers that over order by 10% to ensure they have enough to remove the 10% of Earth Tones that come with the product. And I am a perfectionist and neat freak who is extremely careful with it and cleans up any little spill the moment after it happens. Thanks for your thoughtful reply! D. Love your kitchen! Hi! Natural stone definitely has its benefits, doesn’t it? It looks so natural and modern! Natural stone like this beautiful Ocean Honed Marble Tile makes a timeless statement. In more modern spaces, polished travertine often has the edge since it’s glossy look will fit better with most styles of contemporary décor. Mine have held up with even with four kiddos, but I totally understand your concern. Thank you, Rachel. That being said, we are remodeling a new place, and I am seriously considering marble-like quartz this time around. With many styles to choose from in forever versatile marble, you’ll appreciate the unique style of this tile. Houzz Quiz: Which Kitchen Backsplash Material Is Right for You? This is the sealer (affiliate link) my contractor recommends: http://amzn.to/2rubsee. The short answer is yes! You just put some on a rag and wipe it on… so easy (but smelly! While on the topic of etching, I have to address this distinction. I have read all your posts on your marble multiple times as we are considering getting it ourselves and dealing with the naysayers. This is obviously a personal question. Its been over three years now and issues with the wine so far:), Hi Natalie! Perhaps the difference might be Carrera opposed to Danby, but these counters are a nighmare. We were fully decided on a brushed quartz until we saw this slab walking out of the warehouse. Thanks so much! I Need help deciding layout of solid marble backsplash. Need help picking the backsplash for maple kitchen! The scratches, chips and water stains don’t bother me (too much). Seriously. And I make sure to use a cutting board, especially if I’m cutting something acidic. My wall color is BM revere pewter - very similar to ceramic color tile. Yes! I have some mad love for marble countertops and everyone (kitchen designer, friends, family etc) have been telling me that I’m mad for wanting it. Mapei Frost is the better option; the other color is 'muddy". Find out which material is right for you, Great project: Install glass, tile or another decorative material for a gorgeous and protective backsplash, Personnaliser mon expérience à l'aide de cookies, How to Pick a Kitchen Backsplash That Wows, Guest Picks: Beautiful Backsplash Tiles for Every Budget, Designers Share Their Hottest Picks for Kitchen Backsplashes. I once rolled out cookie dough directly on my kitchen counter. The type of finish given determines how glossy or textured the surface will be. Hi Martha! Is it better to get more polished tiles or stick to honed. In conclusion, if your marble is sealed well, I don’t think staining is really a major danger. BTW - we are ALL friends here - and share thoughts kindly! I love marble – have lived with antique marble top tables and dressers in black, white, rose – love them all. When it comes to the backsplash, the finish you choose for your marble is purely aesthetic. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. From what type of stone to color, to edges and finishes. Our slab was polished so if we ever choose to we can have someone come in to sand it and have it refinished to a honed finished - I believe that would resolve the etching issues. If you want to go with ceramic pick one on the gray side. The same is true with your marble countertops: if you don’t care for them, they could become etched, worn, and stained. looking for opinions for my backsplash. It’s a great choice! I’m glad you found it helpful! Michelle Slatalla December 30, 2013. En savoir plus. We We love the look of marble. The color you use should be chosen in conjunction with the tile. I went with quartz, but mostly because I’m not as diligent as you about keeping things clean, and I was worried about marble staining (i.e., I’m kind of lazy). Grease stains will absorb farther and farther into your marble and (often) eventually disappear; it’s kind of amazing. As fact the polyester resins are not completely UV stable and should not be used in a room with natural light. Photography Resources for Photographing Interiors, Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle and Interiors, « How to Organize and Store Christmas Decorations. Dear Carpe: she never said WHAT direction she wanted - but only mentioned her new stainless. I wouldn't mix marble with quartz. Thank you for sharing this great info and can not wait to see the followup, This information was just what I needed to hear. That’s a good question, Sandy. Thank you for your post. https://www.maisondepax.com/care-marble-countertops/. Should you use marble in the kitchen? SLAB ALSO STOCKED in a polished finish. Stains were the real trouble for me. I hope everyone who thinks of upgrading their kitchen countertop gets to read this post first. As such, honed marble is more forgiving when it comes to scratching and etching. your post helped me a lot, but I was thinking, do you know how marble compares to Granite or Quartz? I hope this helps! I tried, y’all, really. And I can honestly say that I would make the same choice again today. Since we have a glass cooktop with just four burners, though, it captures much of the splatters itself (because the burners are surrounded by quite a bit of glass before the marble begins). . Your kitchen is beautiful. Neither of your selections work back to the counters; why are you looking at those tones? If you are a perfectionist, I would recommend however if you don’t mind signs of life, it is a great and beautiful option!! Travertine tile can appear smooth and charming or rough and rustic, which is dependent on the honed or tumbled technique that was applied to the stones. Hi Kathy! . Many uninformed customers are confused about which finish to choose for a particular area. Alaska Agave. Looking forward to your feedback I’ve seen some incredible homes that use all quartz, and it almost looks like real marble, but as soon as I brought in the real stone island and backsplash (which were non-negotiables for me), it began to look fake. To channel my inner Dr. Seuss – it stains polished, it stains honed, in stains in every home I’ve owned. The beauty, warmth, and character of a natural stone gets me every time. So I started collecting marble-look quartz options…And they all looked fake next to the real marble. You may want … With the spalshback since it is close to the stovetop, do you have problem with that area staining with oil? What’s your thoughts? But with proper care (wipe up spills, use cutting boards, dry them after you use them), the entire surface will gain just a slight patina that will hide that original first scratch or water ring and simply look lovely. The main benefit of quartz over marble is durability. I have had honed Carrara marble in our kitchen for seven years and have treated it gently. We have soapstone countertops (it also collects character over time), which I love love love, and we’re still deciding on a marble backsplash, so the sealer is going to be key. Thanks! Bottom line: would I put honed marble countertops in the kitchen again? So today I want to share with you why I chose marble over quartz and what it is like living with marble countertops in the kitchen – in short, an honest review of marble countertops. Since it is also honed marble, I actually sealed it with the same product I used to seal the countertops, and I haven’t had any issues so far! In process of deciding on counter tops in near future! and by the time I removed the dough, there was a grease mark in the stone. We are in the process of choosing countertops for our kitchen and our eye is always drawn to marble however I do a lot of baking and make fresh pasta. It really is beautiful! If I had an old house, that’s what I would choose over quartz. Back then, people were just starting to use honed granite, which I happened to love. Around 10 or so, to be exact. I will also add that you can always have your fabricator back to regime to get out any imperfections. FYI. Would you please let me know what are your thoughts re durability. Honed Carrera it is! I even thought having the same 3x12" subway in the same pattern that would be everywhere else (staggered, horizontal) inside the picture frame, however I realized that would look "off" because the tiles outside the picture frame would not line up with the ones inside, because the pencil frame would throw them off (hopefully you know what I'm trying to explain with that). Like I mentioned, the placement of your lights (and windows) can make a big difference in how noticeable the etching is… so that’s a little tough. Your email address will not be published. BTW...I also drink red wine. ): http://amzn.to/2rubsee . I love the gray lower cabinets and the colorful rug, along with the marble. Always, it was about the marble. If anyone can help, please do! And if you choose polished marble, you will need to be more careful not to scratch or etch the surface. Thank you so much for this information. That is pretty much the secret to anything we have taking care of it, we scotch guard a nice piece of furniture. Is it easier to take care of or is it a huge price difference between them? That’s obviously a personal decision, and you’ll need to weigh look, budget, durability, and personal taste… but I definitely think it’s a great option. How do you seal marble in the kitchen? And he actually ordered me lunch simply because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. I love the look of these counters but would have to find a look alike alternative were I to do this again. Thank you for your beautiful and helpful article. I think you already have nice contrast with shiny vs matte with the chrome pulls-- my sense is that honed would look better with your quartz countertop. . Just to follow up, in following your advice I decided to get the pewter version of the clay tile I had attached above. I have just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been doing a little homework on this. It still looks wonderful. Kitchen backsplashes must be able to withstand water, grease and food spills, while looking attractive and complementing your decor. I went to a stone yard yesterday where the owner who is Italian told me that they have been using marble in Italy for centuries without all this angst, and I should get marble if I want that clean white color and just enjoy it.
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