ClubTester’s take (8-hdcp): “Sounds powerful. Our take: While the head is slightly smaller than the Plus version (450cc), the LST still offers the same range of adjustability and technology with a low spin profile. ClubTester’s take (13-hdcp): “Loud but responsive feel at impact. I would like to say my experience with Krank Golf, both staff and equipment, has been above & beyond positive. drivers searching for that extra 20 - 30 yards. I am consistently hitting this club 10 yards further than my Callaway Epic, and the dispersion is much tighter. Makes the game a little for playable with... After receiving my new Krank driver, it is doing exactly what i was told. I am getting 30 to 35 yards more . Mike J", "I am a 75 year old retired Air Force golfer. David C. Paoli", "Thank you Krank Golf for the most amazing driver. of the green. Off the tee, it hits really nice and sounds like a cannon. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. When I didn't hear from Krank I called them and they proceeded to indicate that since I purchased the item from ebay they were not willing to help me. Slower swingers can expect more carry, draw bias. MORE INFO ON THE XXIO X DRIVER | BUY IT NOW. And averaged 224 yards off the tee! With a carry distance that was seven yards longer than the average for all drivers tested, it’s safe to say the TS4 put on a show during robot testing in South Korea. It’s the kind of combination that should appeal to a wide range of handicaps, especially those who fight a slice. It’s extremely forgiving and still allows shot shaping which is impressive. ... Review compared to other drivers … Lofts: 9.5˚, 10.5˚, 11.5˚. I have finally built my new custom Krank driver and see what numbers and distance I can hit with it! Robot’s take: Like the standard model, forgives toe shots like crazy. The white was shiny and the look was like a cross between a European sports car and an American muscle car. I received my 11X yesterday and went to the course and I was very impressed. And if your go-to shot happens to be a fade? I can also say my wife was longer as well. I was like get down. Also, I play the Krank Formula X Extreme 3, 5, and 7 woods. Customer service contacts and company information. ", "Regarding my initial introduction to Krank Golf: Several years ago, while vacationing in Hawaii, I had the good fortune of playing the Kapalua Plantation Course with 2-time world long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski. A redesigned HiBore crown lowers the center of gravity for a high launch. Not only, I am hitting my drives further and passing by my fellow golf partners, but it also gives me confidence when I step up to and over the golfball to hit it now days. I will have more to say as I get into golf shape. Over the past week I was lucky to return to the course I grew up on, Westmoreland C.C. Ernest Porter Weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole allowed for the addition of an 11.6-gram back weight, producing a balance of low spin and forgiveness. Lofts: 9.5 ̊,10.5 ̊, 11.5 ̊, Our take: Bridgestone’s boost wave crown helps the club flex more effectively at impact, generating higher initial launch angles and more ball speed compared to previous iterations. partners said what the hell is that!! Corey Lounsbury", "Well this driver is everything they said it was and a bag of chips !!!! I will be 76 in a week and have shot in the low 80's twice in the past week. It doesn't matter if you swing 80 mph or 140 mph. Lofts: 9.5˚, 10.5˚. So I decided after reviewing information and talking to the Krank representative about what I was looking for in a driver. I took... As a disabled vet, I can tell you you wont be disappointed. Ryan Netram", "I hit more fairways now than ever before. driver. It’s the best club in my bag right now. Krank Golf drivers are hand made, 100% forged cupped faced drivers… I received a 10.5` driver, matching 3 wood and couldn't have been happier. From the aesthetics of the head to the playability of the club, these are outstanding drivers. They believe they make the longest drivers … I look forward to continued enjoyment as I play my F11X. Christopher Budesheim", "I'm 71, still some athletic skill with exception of running & jumping, bad knees. So, is having the F11XX Driver "cheating?" Other than one swing I made the center of the fair ways and 150 stake were getting worn out and we were playing in 15-20 MPH winds. I have a 9 degree base loft. A deep cup face and channel design also assist with forgiveness while delivering ball speed and better acoustics. Introducing the KRANK GOLF FORMULA DOUBLE X DRIVER. I went from hitting 4 fairways a round to hitting as many as 9 the last round I played. Not sure that I really believed it would add 20 - 30 yards to my drive but off to the driving range. MORE INFO ON THE SRIXON Z785 DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $549 / BUY NOW Amazing!! Not surprising considering the top-notch customer service I've personally received from Krank Golf! Lance did a fitting based my swing speed, typical driver distance, and other swing elements.... My story to share for you… and its real. Given my skill level [that of an every other weekend duffer], of as much importance, if not more importance, is that the shots which are not on or near the sweet spot do not lose much distance, and the dispersion on the not so good contact shots is pretty tight. ", "Just wanted to share this with you.... brought the new F11X driver to the Men's Invitational yesterday... took the plastic off on the first tee (no practice swings) .... did not miss a fairway all day.... here is a pic of my last drive.... dead center 280... all the name brand drivers are off in the woods somewhere ????. Krank Golf Formula X Extreme Driver The new Formula X EXTREME Krank Golf driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced and forged. "I want to thank you for contacting me about your new Formula X series driver. My drives are 50%-75% more consistent. With the Formula X I have increased my distance on average by 25 yards. I found that not really worrying that I was hitting short, my swing was getting better and I was getting much more consistency and distance. Played a lot of golf while in the Air Force from Illinois, Florida, Texas, Korea, Philippines and Germany. The aerodynamic ridges just look sexy. I am hitting the ball much further than I did will my Big Bertha at 1/2 the cost. Acoustics have been improved with the help of an internal sound diffusion bar. You can also increase lie angle by 1 and put a draw bias to it. A long drive for me was about 180 yards. It kicked ass I'm an 11.5 and I won 10 skins against 3 guys that are 4 and 5 handicaps. But with the f11 X, I saw the gains as promised. So thanks again for making a great product that’s helped make the game I love even more enjoyable. No question, the longest drive I have ever had by about 100 yards. It has a great feel and a perfect weight making it easy to control. drivers, but that rule shouldn't apply to amateurs. That's 14 strokes off my normal game and has given me more confidence. To make a long story short would just be parroting every exclamation of “wow my golf balls are landing at places they have never been on the course” That would not do justification to what I feel should be a full blown explicit detail of our fitting and customer satisfaction experiences. The oversize grip makes me wonder why I just turned to this now. Our take: When it comes to the TS4, it’s all about killing spin and dialing in launch with a low and forward CG location—made possible by a relocated SureFit weight—that lops off 300 to 400 rpm when compared to the TS3. On the #1 tee, first time using this driver, I went right down the middle 276. Yours Robert Sneider", "Absolutely love this F11XX driver. MORE INFO ON THE TITLEIST TS2 DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $499 / BUY NOW Krank Rage Driver I switched from a Taylormade R9 Superdeep to this Krank Rage because I kept reading the reviews of how this club was so long. The driver has a slightly smaller face than the Max and Max D, but thanks to a fifth-generation carbon composite crown and groundbreaking Twist Face technology, it’s difficult to tell much of a difference when it comes to speed. Perhaps the first time that a club performed as promised. Robot’s take: One of the best at reducing spin for mid-speed swingers. After using the Krank Formula X11, I can honestly say, ”hello to 20-25 extra yards” with the same effort. Now just trying to fine tune my adjustments to get the exact loft and face angle I need. I lost distance as it hooked in, I have to fix that as I can’t get rid of it. When I first ordered the Formula 11X driver Lance told me it would be white. i hit a few over 300 yards, havent done that in years. Since lockdown I have only had the chance to swing my new Double X driver in my simulator for the first three months and actually really love the way the ball jumps off the face. However, when I was able to return, I found that I had lost 30 to 40 yards on my drives! Due to the overwhelming interest in the launch of our new drivers… Nukes my slice into oblivion.” Website: ", "I have never written a testimonial for any product in my lifetime. David Gray", "I want to let everyone at Krank know what an experience it is to hit the Krank Formula X 11 driver. I wanted to let you know that its hands down the best driver I have ever swung. Krank Golf was founded by Lance Reader, a long drive competitor himself who, by his own admission, got tired of breaking drivers. Lofts: 9 ̊, 10.5 ̊, 12 ̊. Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°. S. Daniel Meeks", "I am 76, and a 25 handicap. The X11 is by far the best driver I've ever hit. I am a huge fan of this club right now. High balance point promotes a smooth feel for moderate swing speeds. I told him I had ordered the three wood that is coming out, and he is going to get a five wood or a seven wood, or may both. D.K. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm a believer. As I got a little more used to the club I was hitting the end of the range at 225 (and mostly hitting past it). Oh yes sir my golfing friends, I also sold my SIM regular 3 wood and 5 wood in exchange for a new Formula 11 3 wood and 5 wood! Our take: Three weight locations along the perimeter—draw, neutral and fade—allow 20 yards of draw and fade. Robot’s take: One of the best for reducing unwanted spin for mid swing speed players. Thanks Krank Golf. I have played at Alto Country Club many times and I can honestly say I drove the ball this past weekend in places on the course I have never seen before. Absolutely love this F11XX driver. Rich", "Good morning. Thanks again. There’s a reason why Cobra staffers Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau switched to SpeedZone almost immediately after it was released. Now, today, playing golf with the Krank driver that Mr. Lance proposed to me to be my best fit for my golf situation was this Krank Formula 11 Driver. Tcafla. Robot’s take: A ball speed winner for mid swing speed players. William Watkins", "Just an update on this F11X driver. The rigidity of the body of the Krank drivers play a significant role in ball speed, spin control, directional control and energy storage. Melbourne, Australia Nothing to adjust to visually and it feels well balanced. With virtually no deviation at the butt section these shafts are very consistent and true to flex. Thanks Alvin, for entrusting my shop with a great product". I generally purchase a new driver every two or three years. Prior to a serious heart attack almost two years ago, I was playing golf three and sometimes four times a week and as a senior player I could hit my tee shots for distance pretty well! I also ordered a 7 fairway wood, it arrived a day later so anxious to get out next week and try it out too. Thank you Krank Golf. ", "The formula 11 is the real deal! Before my new Krank,I was hitting drives that carried 175 yards and rolled out to 205-210 or 225 on a really hard surface. Mine is locked in at 8 degrees, increase lie angle, and neutral left and right. THANK YOU KRANK AND ESPECIALLY MR. Ball Flight – High with a slight draw. It’s a cheeseburger. Hoping to work on mechanics and get it to 100. I am now living in my 85th year of age and I feel I can still compete again with many of the younger players in our club! Lofts: 8.5˚, 9.5˚, 10.5˚, 11.5˚. I’ve never hit a Bridgestone driver before, but this one performs.” Even better. I'm 67 years old, have an average club head speed of 107-110 mph, and consistently drive the ball in excess of 300 yards. regards , Well, call me, email me, visit me, I’ll show you that I now hit 250 often of the times, otherwise 220 guaranteed… and that is after a few driving range practices and a half dozen games – I’m actually improving yard by yard. MORE INFO ON THE CALLAWAY MAVRIK DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $499 / BUY NOW This is absolutely the best driver I have ever hit I have 10 rounds with mine as of today and at least 25 more yards per drive! My playing Three interchangeable weight ports located in the back, heel and front-center make it possible to alter spin, shot shape and swing weight. The only thing I'm disappointed about with the F11 ...... i did not order thev3,5,7 fairway woods The Formula DOUBLE … Continue reading "KRANK Formula XX Driver … I was a little reluctant purchasing a driver before I got to test it, but after I hit a dozen balls and made the adjustments need to the easy to adjust shaft I was carrying the ball 15 yards further in the air than I was with my old driver. Dialed it in worked on my form and have hit several shots over 300 yards. Professional Greg Roostan Hits my XXX Stiff Krank Driver for the first time to see if he can get at least 250 yard carry with it! My swing speed is now closer to 70mph. Out the box, the new look and feel was very polished. BLUE COLLAR GOLF The F11 has led to more consistency in accuracy as well as distance and that has fueled a confidence off the tee that I have rarely experienced .I now look forward to my tee shots knowing that it is going to leave me in a position to have a good hole rather than sabotaging it out of the tee box. ClubTester’s take (10-hdcp): “Maybe one of the best sounding drivers I tested. Brendan Siehl All I can say is wow. I have the 7.5 deg and I immediately adjusted to 9.5. Krank recommended the 2020 Formula 11 2X Driver - RH, 12* (Stamped 10.5+), Speeder X Tour Light, Senior, 45.5" and suggested that I would see a 20 yd increase in my carry distance. Brian Simpkins ", "Hi Lance , I can't say Thank You enough times for building The F11 XX I use and wear Krank Golf accessories including shirts, caps, gloves, and towels. The compact feeling of the face gives me a feeling like I've never felt before and I am definitely noticing more distance on the drives along with more consistency in the fair way. Lofts: 9 ̊, 10.5 ̊, 12 ̊. The ball explodes with a powerful sound off of the face and not only is it long, it is a fairway finder too. Our take: You can always count on PING to create one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. This driver totally surprised me. My drives with the X 11 are on or very near the sweet spot, are 15 to 20 yards longer than my drives with the Ping G 410 I have, which is equipped with a $280.00 after market shaft. Jeff Sparks", "Just want to tell you thank you very much for the driver you built for my dad Bob Mixon. I will never hit any driver other than Krank. I was starting to lose some distance due to an elbow injury, now I feel like my old self. They inferred that they would not look for the driver head. I just shot my age yesterday, hitting from the senior tees. I love the adjustability. This is absolutely the best driver I have ever hit I have 10 rounds with mine as of today and at least 25 more yards per drive! At my age of 60, I was starting to lose the distance I once expected from my driver. They range from 2-12 handicaps and they have scoring opportunities on every hole where as I am hoping to just hit it straight and hope to reach 180 yards in the air with a roll out of 200 -220 yards . Lance has made golfing fun and will make others happy if they would do what I did buying the new Krank Double XX driver. I got my new Krank driver about a month ago , I instantly started hitting it longer and straighter, but after about 10 rounds I am able to shape my shots as well which I could not do with my other drivers. There was about a 10 mile an hour tail wind and 7,800 ft above elevation helps too. I would definitely recommend this driver and after my friends see me hit it they just don't believe how far it goes. A redesigned power-milled clubface reduces “slippage” at impact, decreasing unwanted sidespin. I used to be a scratch golfer with a decent swing speed of 110. When I do find the sweet spot I can honestly say I gained 30-40 yards. If you read carefully the reviews of each of the drivers, you must have noticed the wide range of varieties regarding the shaft selections. For years I never used the driver. Krank Golf is the golf company most close to the worldwide Long Drive circuit. If you have any questions you can always call them and they are very helpful!!! Thanks, Lance, for this. Regards, I am in amazement ... why isn't EVERY golfer on the planet using the F11X driver ? Thank you Tel: 905 263 8510 Thanks for setting me up on this club, it is awesome. Thank you Krank drivers Thanks Again!!! I have a UPS tracking record indicating that they received the driver … I haven't hit drives this long in 10 years. Yes, it is longer than the major MFG gammer that it replaced!! I have a golf outing this weekend, and I'm expecting to win the long drive. driver. It is a sweet sounding club! I tried shafts from stiff to triple x in this head and the single x that came with it is the most consistent but the double x gets me about 30 yards more but not as consistent. I am a weekend golfer, play golf two days a week, before I purchased my Krank Formula 11 driver from Mr. Lance, this is my story. It is well constructed and looks great. The club feels good , sounds great . On Saturday we played at Alto Country Club and on the back 9 there’s a 487-yard par 5. The X 11 driver, makes golf a much more enjoyable game. ", "The first day about the same as Formula 7 a few yards further, the second day there was 15-30 yards further on most drives. Robot’s take: Performed well for mid-speed players in terms of carry and accuracy. Our take: The Z785’s Tour profile is built for players seeking low spin and a flatter launch. Wow, what a great club! I hit a thwapping drive but the sound of the ball exploding of the face. I have recently purchased the Krank Formula F11X 10.5 adjustable driver with Speeder Light Tour shaft. He played with it this weekend; his first drive with the club was 300 yards. The shafts are also outstanding in quality. Krank Golf titanium driver faces are over 4 times harder then cast driver faces. I was very pleased with the accuracy. Took a swing and with a “cracking” sound the ball exploded off the face. A follow-up is headed your way as we get out more and dial in those bombers. I have zero use of my body below my upper chest. I was recommended to Krank by a friend at the course I regularly play. Their current magnum opus is the Krank Formula X Extreme driver … Check out this video by the guys at Krank … Grin this is my New Krank F11. Heel misses mitigated across both swing speeds, MORE INFO ON THE CLEVELAND LAUNCHER HB TURBO DRAW DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $450 / BUY NOW A creased crown design stiffens structure to enhance efficiency of the head. feel like I am cheating however it is purely recreational. Krank Golf Formula 6 Driver Review – Distance is the Name of the Game It’s a fair assumption that every golfer craves more distance off the tee. My fairways hit average is up no doubt. Got my F11X driver in early summer and will not play again without it. Carbon fiber crown pushes more weight low and back to generate high launch conditions. Callaway Mavrik. The shaft it came with is better than any shaft I’ve ever gotten on a factory setup. Happy Golfing, It’s the new XX and it’s the REAL DEAL. You get better at golf pretty quickly that way. 4. I want to tell you I finished in second place 2 strokes out. This Formula 11X driver is smoking! ", "I would like to say my experience with Krank Golf, both staff and equipment, has been above & beyond positive. Regards, It lived up the its billing and I am looking forward to using it for a good time to come. The diver is well-balanced and feels weapon-like when setting up. This was due to only missing 2 fairways over 2 days. He is hitting in about 30 to 35 yards further and absolutely loves it and has increased his enjoyment in... Just bought the new F11X...10.5 degree driver. You can finely tune the driver and get exact results to your swing. Now straighter drives, more FIR and even get 300 yarders with a little tail wind. Robot’s take: Tested well in fade correction across all swing speeds. No cast drivers here. ClubTester’s take (12-hdcp): “Makes me feel like I can hit a driver again. 11616 SEMINOLE BLVD Joseph McNeely", "As a disabled vet, I can tell you you wont be disappointed. Larry Imoe", "I just want to say “THANKS” for helping me put together a driver customized to my swing. Misc – Incredibly forgiving club. I am 67 and still recovering from a stroke in late 2013. Testers commented that the G410 SFT seemed to hang in the air longer than some of the other products tested. Delivered!!! MORE INFO ON THE XXIO ELEVEN DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $700 / BUY NOW With my new Model 11XX, fitted with an Aerotech Claymore 60 gram F3 shaft, I am now carrying the ball 210 yards and rolling out to 233-245. The F11 really did add 20 yards to my drive. My last round I had three 3 drives that were 350+ yards, and one that was 345 into the wind. Rob Roell", "When I first ordered the Formula 11X driver Lance told me it would be white. development. WOW, that’s a HOT club face, great looking club head. For non-pros, the driver also checks a bunch of boxes, but where it truly shines is in the ball speed retention department. I recently purchased the Formula 11 Pro Krank Driver and it is absolutely amazing. I will definitely purchase again, as even though I'm entering the golden years, I plan on playing with my sons as long as I can. Robot’s take: Ranked near the top in delivering a draw-shot bias for mid-speed swingers. The end result is a face that delivers comparable ball speeds on center strikes and mishits. Well I found the solution by signing up as a distributor for KRANK. Hubbard Lake Golf Shop", — Dave Gorzelski - Hubbard Lake Golf Shop, "I have enjoyed the use of the new F11XX driver, and associated clubs, however I had to have them regripped to match my other clubs. MORE INFO ON THE COBRA F-MAX AIRSPEED OFFSET DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $600 / BUY NOW We finally were able to go out and try out our new drivers yesterday as we are in the high risk group with this virus. The M5 driver is the driver that was released just a few months ago and until now it has been praised as the fastest driver that TaylorMade has ever made. Thank you for asking for the opinions of your customers. RJ Pettis", "This in not a “crank review”, but it is a review of The Krank Driver-Formula X11. Since ALL manufacturers must meet the exact same USGA C.O.R. My first impression with the club was just how it looked, clean and square. ClubTester’s take (16-hdcp): “Penetrating ballflight and great distance without swinging hard.” And with weight ports positioned in the heel and back of the sole, it’s possible to max out the slice-busting technology or go for even more forgiveness, depending on where you position the 14-gram weight. I love this club and being able to out drive my buddies by 40 to 70 yards. I play at a 10 handicap, and I'm a long hitter off the tee. The tee shot ended 314 yds off the tee. Best driver I have EVER had. Heel and Toe Louvers Body rigidity is one of the most important performance features in all Krank Golf drivers. I received my new formula 11X driver with a bit of suspicion, but hopeful. Just have to swing within myself and not try to over swing. It took a little swing and stance adjustment, but I can honestly say I am getting average of 35 yards additional distance when I hit it sweet. Krank golf has you covered." I hadn’t tried to play golf again until the Spring of 2019. Clearance Sale: 47% OFF - Limited Quantity! We modify customer's drivers to make them hit 20-40 yards longer. This is the first driver I can honestly say that it added the distance it advertises. Lance, as a young man I was a good ball striker, played four years of major college golf, and actually beat Jack Nicklaus on one round at a National JC tournament 64 years ago. The driver has given me increased confidence that a good swing will pay off and has allowed me to anticipate a good drive instead of hoping for one. He is hitting in about 30 to 35 yards further and absolutely loves it and has increased his enjoyment in the game of golf immensely which is pretty amazing. Paul James", "After receiving my new Krank driver, it is doing exactly what i was told. It’s extremely forgiving and still... Well this driver is everything they said it was and a bag of chips !!!! ... hosel and insertion into the headOur policy has been set forth for years and will stand as is for any golfer or long driver … A bit downwind and downhill. As you will recall, I purchased an X 11 for a client as a birthday present. Sound – The best sounding driver I have ever hit. Happy Customer - Travis W. - Naples, FL Toed hits go around 295 yards and go straight. Looking to purchase fairway club and hybrids. Thanks for making a great driver ! I love the adjustability. A solid 25 yards than my previous driver. I give it a 10 out of 10. .... thanks, Krank !! This is a 327 yard drive with the new driver after dialing it in. "I used the new driver for the first. Hoping to work on mechanics and get it to 100. XXIO Eleven unavailable for robot testing. Launches out low and goes forever. Mis-hits low on the face still get out and go.”, MORE INFO ON THE HONMA T//WORLD XP-1 DRIVER | BUY IT NOW, Price: $649 / BUY NOW ", "I recently purchased the Formula 11 Pro Krank Driver and it is absolutely amazing. Just beautiful. Makes the game a little for playable with the biggie hitters. I am not a robot nor do I work for any companies. Out of the box, it was an excellent driver. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST DRIVER IN THE GAME. Since I began playing golf at age 20, I have purchased more golf clubs (as the old slogan says) than carter has pills. Submit your review to ) "I absolutely love my new ProSpeed driver. I have never been more confident out of the tee box. ClubTester’s take (10-hdcp): “It seems to check every box. This organization is not BBB accredited. This f11 with the atmos shaft is by far the best I have ever owned. Alan Dayton", "This is the first driver I can honestly say that it added the distance it advertises. My golf scores were 82 to 86. My drives are 50%-75% more consistent. Landing near the top in multiple performance categories in year one of production establishes Mavrik Max as a legitimate force in the driver category. Who am I?.....a 70+ professional gentleman who has been playing golf since the age of 11. Thanks Lance and Krank Golf! This club is the real deal. I am a weekend golfer, play golf two days a week, before I purchased my Krank Formula 11 driver from Mr. Lance, this is my story. This club has been a game changer for me instead of 3 or 5 wood coming into greens I’m hitting 6 iron to 9 irons I’m so amazed at how long I’m hitting now it’s never happened I’ve been golfing since 17 I’m now 48 this driver is the real deal well worth the money it’s not a gimmick I can’t say enough good things about it today I shot a 85 this has never happened most times I’ve been in the 90s I saving strokes here and I feel as I get more comfortable with the driver I will continue to improve distance off the tee it’s at least 30 to 40 yards increase in distance for me Thanks to everyone at Krank Golf !!!!!
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