We also offer the comforts of home cooking through occasional American fare. We have Midwifery placements abroad to suit all skill levels. You want to go abroad as an experienced midwife to give back through maternity volunteer work Our midwifery placements go a long way in supporting your career as a midwife, by adding relevant work experience to your CV and demonstrating your commitment to healthcare around the world! Midwifery Internships Abroad Join one of our Midwifery internships abroad and deepen your understanding of healthcare issues affecting mothers and newborns. Naturally Africa Volunteers provides people the chance to make a difference in a variety of ways across the continent. Will there be in-country support? Our contracts also provide participants with priority access to specific areas of the hospital in which they have an interest in practicing. Volunteer-abroad opportunities also exist. What does your program fee include? At a glance Be a part of a hands-on medical experience in Tanzania, on a midwifery internship, where you get to interact with local doctors and patients. Will my family back home have a single point of contact in case of emergencies? If you write about your experience on your UCAS application, you'll assure your admissions tutor that you're committed to midwifery. Volunteering at local hospitals - Even just giving people directions, handing out tea and coffee. Orientation and Training IMA ensures that its volunteers are fully informed and prepared before beginning their overseas experience. View All Images >> Whether you're a university hopeful, studying for a degree in midwifery, or a qualified midwife, we can find an overseas placement to suit your experience and interests. You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about global midwifery practices while observing trained professionals at work. On my first day of placement as a student midwife, I felt like a kitten among tigers. You’ll play a key role in providing important healthcare to communities in outlying areas, helping those who need it most. Additionally, our local physician mentors regularly conduct seminars on region specific topics in global medicine. Return to Engage > Students > Midwifery Students > Student Volunteer Opportunities. Join us in Seychelles, South Africa, Cambodia, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Laos, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Fiji, Ghana or India. IMA offers volunteers the chance to enhance their overseas experience by participating in a planned adventure retreat in their chosen country.  IMA Safaris allows volunteers to explore and immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of our unique destinations. As such, we thoroughly vet all properties we purchase or lease to ensure that they are in the towns’ safest areas, typically with easy access to major roads, U.S. embassies, and work assignments. An internship is great fit for someone pursuing a career in midwifery. Student Volunteer Opportunities. Hospital Fees Required fees to utilize hospital facilities – often additional with other companies – are all included in the program fee. You have plenty of trustworthy choices throughout the globe, such as those listed here. Fees start at just $1369 for four weeks. Unlike many healthcare volunteer programs, IMA is a not-for-profit organization that reinvests into all of the communities in which we operate. By participating in a midwife volunteering program, you can make the world a safer place for mothers and their newborns. Read more on Full Degree - Midwifery here. Interns get the chance to work one on one with the resident health care staff to assist with births, staff training and providing education sessions for expectant mothers. We also recommend reviewing the CDC Health Information for Traveler’s to Kenya. Are there any residency or citizenship requirements? We recommend that students complete programs that are at least two weeks long. International Medical Aid is a not-for-profit organization based in the United States. Offering programs across 17 countries in South America, Africa and Asia, Plan My Gap Year is a well-respected volunteer organization. IMA strives to improve the health of underserved individuals in these regions through volunteer led seminars for local women regarding HIV and STD prevention. Volunteers are welcome to participate in one night shift per week as well. As a midwifery student abroad, you will gain an insight into global midwifery practises in the developing world. -Felipe De Sande Palma, Universidad de Granada, -Sharon Kennison, Registered Nurse, Samaritan Memorial Hospital, 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958-9776. Recent volunteers have great things to say about how the organization’s projects deliver tangible improvements. Most students participate in our programs for four to six weeks. Our programs also allow interns and volunteers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of our exotic destinations through unique adventure programs led by experienced and trusted tour guides. IMA is committed to the safety of our volunteers and has developed stringent protocols and training programs, which work to minimize the risk of exposure. Program fees start at $820 for one week. The Midwife Program This essential program places volunteers right where help is needed. Participating in midwifery/ nursing internships abroad gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. Educate local mothers about family planning and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, infant nutrition, etc. We're happy to advise you! What will I be allowed to do in the hospital? Volunteers provide assistance to local staff and offer educational outreach to expecting mothers. You can also gain experience in a very crucial profession. Infant and Maternal mortality rates are significantly higher in many areas of the developing world, along with the risk of STDs and HIV. In providing urgently needed health care assistance to the people in these regions, we help participants gain valuable exposure to disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, mental health, public health and physical therapy through an ethics-based approach to care. Why Undertake a Pre Midwifery Internship/ Pre Nursing Volunteer Abroad. The ACNM Board of Directors and the leaders of the volunteer structure throughout ACNM, strongly encourage students to become involved in the areas they are interested in! International Medical Aid (IMA) offers once-in-a-lifetime midwifery internships abroad for midwifery students, Midwives and Nurse-Midwives to explore the particulars of their profession in an international and diverse setting. If you or your doctor have any questions once you have examined this document, please contact us at support@medicalaid.org. Once admitted, you will work closely with your Program Mentor to develop your program schedule. I’m a many-times volunteer. In the case of an accident or a life-threatening illness, it is important for volunteers to have proper insurance coverage. Founded in 2007, the organization has sent nearly 25,000 volunteers abroad. Interns work in communities that often have limited resources and access to healthcare. You will provide medical care to remote communities, while practicing your skills with local staff. You will witness major differences in the fundamentals of midwifery. llll Midwifery Internship Abroad: Top projects for your volunteer journey 2020 Volunteer as a midwifery intern in countries such as Ghana, Tanzania or Uganda to help and support pregnant women. Those with prior medical/midwifery training or experience get the chance to help with curative and preventive health services. Through established relationships with trusted guides, hotels and travel organizations across the world, IMA simplifies travel arrangements for volunteers, while providing relatives back home a single point of contact for added peace of mind.  Some of the places visited throughout Africa, South America and the Caribbean include world renowned sites such as the Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, the Galápagos Islands, Machu Picchu, and the Haitian National History Park. Pregnant patients come to the prenatal department for regular check ups before and after delivery they are being given counseling of family planning and how to take care of their baby. Midwifery students will learn first-hand about the roles of midwives in high patient arrivals and under-resourced healthcare systems. They average more than 4,000 volunteers per year. Founded in 1992, Projects Abroad sends about 10,000 volunteers and interns abroad each year. To stay in touch! I wanted to be a part of something that midwives wanted to return to continue the work and that would be self-sustaining in the end. They bolstered the work of 23 UN partner entities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNAIDS, as well as 13 UN peacekeeping missions. He has studied abroad and taught English in Chengdu, China, and aims to help fellow travelers make a lasting impact on the communities they visit. It also provides a unique insight into global health and working in challenging conditions. We offer volunteers modern dormitory-style accommodations with air conditioning, maid service, and laundry service. In the case of exposure, IMA has physicians on-call 24 hours a day to provide timely PEP at no expense to our volunteers. You will gain essential midwifery work experience and this is a great addition to any CV and you will benefit your future career. Will there be post-exposure prophylaxis kits readily available? Take a look at the different project focuses below, ranging from environmental conservation, to c… Participants will gain experiential exposure to the differing healthcare delivery models found around the world, and will often be involved in IMA’s mobile medical clinics and humanitarian outreach programs. For midwifery internships and volunteer programs, Plan My Gap Year has several options, including: Love Volunteers launched in 2009 with a commitment to quality, transparency, and affordability. The remaining revenue is used to fund IMA’s Global Humanitarian Initiatives. © 2020 International Medical Aid | All Rights Reserved |, American Dental Education Association’s Guidelines for Predental Students Providing Patient Care During Clinical Experiences Abroad, CDC Health Information for Traveler’s to Kenya. You can join as a student or as a graduate looking for a new challenge in a different environment. IMA oversees every aspect of our volunteers’ overseas experience, including extensive training on safety and infection control procedure. This midwifery volunteering program also provides the chance to see childbirth. For example, volunteering abroad with Love Volunteers put Candice, a college student, in situations ranging from pediatrics (observing children receive antibiotic), to surgery (observing bone-setting to amputations) to obstetrics (witnessing live births and C-section deliveries). Love Volunteerslaunched in 2009 with a commitment to quality, transparency, and affordability. Our robust Holistic Midwifery program offers you the ability to fulfill the didactic and clinical requirements for becoming a competent midwife from within your own home and community, while interacting with a global peer-group via a cutting-edge virtual classroom. Assist local healthcare professionals with various administrative and sanitation duties to offset staff shortages. When you volunteer with Medi Trip, your volunteer placement would have been chosen specifically to suit your area of interest. Now, let’s highlight some programs (note: fees get cheaper per week the longer you stay). IMA provides each of our volunteers basic accident and medical evacuation insurance at no additional cost. Love Volunteers currently offers a maternity volunteering program in Morocco, where you can shadow and observe local medical … Provide healthcare services to the mother and infant, such as checking blood pressure and administering immunizations (depends on your training/experience). In succinct terms, our participants will not be allowed to do anything in our programs abroad that they would not be permitted to do in the United States or Europe. Our programs are aimed towards students who are in or striving to be in the healthcare field. You’ll soon be packing for the trip of a lifetime. Students seeking to gain exposure in several departments and/or specialties should consider spending at least four weeks in country. You want to go abroad as an experienced midwife to give back through maternity volunteer work; Our midwifery placements go a long way in supporting your career as a midwife, by adding relevant work experience to your CV and demonstrating your commitment to healthcare around the world! You can join if you’re just starting out or want to further your career. Midwifery internships with Projects Abroad: Offering more than 245 programs across 25 countries, A Broader View aims to lift up the neediest communities. International Medical Aid (IMA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides healthcare volunteer programs for undergraduate students, graduate students, residents, and practitioners in the areas that need it the most: East Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Midwife Volunteering Placements Overseas Find midwifery volunteer projects, electives, gap years & internships overseas for students, graduates and professionals. Think about where you can make the biggest impact and what program will benefit you most (both professionally and personally). Chef-Prepared Meals IMA employs chefs from nearby resorts to prepare nutritious local cuisine that volunteers will find both healthy and delicious. Volunteer midwife jobs offer a good training opportunity for a student midwife and anyone wishing to become a midwife. Your Program Fee is used to cover costs associated with your placement including arranging housing, transportation, food, mentor salaries, hospital fees and administrative costs. We provide three full meals a day and can accommodate special nutritional needs. Volunteering in a Lactation Clinic at the Doctors - I work alongside a midwife and breastfeeding support worker. You will gain valuable midwifery experience during your midwifery internship abroad. Midwifery volunteering in Tanzania with IVHQ is quite popular. The ACNM DGE comprises of active and involved ACNM member volunteers who, as global citizens, encourage the diffusion of midwifery expertise to improve both midwifery workforce capacity and the quality of health care systems for women and their families worldwide. Consider your budget and preferences for location and activities/responsibilities. After all, the World Health Organization states that “up to two-thirds of newborn deaths can be prevented if known, effective health measures are provided.” A new generation of professionally trained midwives could ensure more healthy and safe childbirth and recoveries across the world. Your key responsibilities will include assisting understaffed health centers and creating awareness to reduce the spread of epidemic diseases that impact mothers and newborns, such as HIV/AIDS. This insurance is underwritten by Sirius International which holds an “A” rating by A.M. Best. We take a holistic approach to care, collaborating with local leaders to develop ethical and sustainable community-led initiatives that address the issues surrounding women’s health. Weekends are free for excursions or treks; alternatively, you are welcome to work in the hospital on the weekends. Program fees start at just $270 for one week. Depending on what happens during your career there are also many other ways to branch out including volunteering abroad, teaching midwifery or equally becoming a midwife lecturer. View our 2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, 2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Organizations, & Projects, Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs for Doctors, Nurses, Pre Med Students, Teen & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs | Under 18 Mission Trips, Cheap Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs & Low Cost Overseas Projects, 200 Volunteer Abroad & Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants, Dental Volunteer Abroad & Medical Mission Trips | Dentists & Students, Nursing Volunteer Abroad Projects for Students & Professional Nurses, Short Term Volunteer Abroad Programs & Mission Trips (1 Week & 2 Weeks), Volunteer Abroad Opportunities for Seniors and Retirees, Wildlife, Marine Animal, Veterinary, & Conservation Volunteer Abroad, Volunteering Abroad AFTER the Coronavirus Outbreak, 2020 Best Internships Abroad: Medical Care, Marine Biology & More, Volunteer in Australia: Animals, Conservation, Ranching and More, Intern Abroad Programs | Overseas Pre Med & Healthcare Internships, Health Volunteer Abroad: Paramedic, Public Health, Midwife, Pharmacist, Medical, Dental, Nursing Mission Trips Abroad | Global Health Internship, up to two-thirds of newborn deaths can be prevented, maternity volunteering program in Morocco, midwifery internship with Projects Abroad, A Broader View’s midwifery volunteer project in Uganda, Recent volunteers have great things to say, Your Guide to Volunteering with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), A Guide to Peace Corps Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteer Opportunities in Puerto Rico: Disaster Relief, Building & More, NGO Volunteer Opportunities Abroad: Gain International Work Experience, How Volunteering Abroad as a Couple Can Improve Your Relationship, 40 International Travel Safety Tips: Your Guide to Safety Abroad, What is a Hostel? What does a typical work day look like for program participants? As a midwifery student or medical volunteer on a midwife mission trip abroad, you’ll gain valuable medical experience by interacting with the impact of poverty and sociocultural traditions on healthcare delivery. What other expenses should I plan for? Nursing & Midwifery Shadowing . The program exposes you to the realities of health care delivery in the developing world. Volunteers on a Projects Abroad Midwifery placement will gain a great deal of valuable work experience alongside skilled midwives in developing countries. You’ll mostly be observing and assisting doctors and nurses as needed, but you can provide more hands-on services if you have medical training. You will provide prenatal und postnatal care, and help to deliver babies. This feedback on likes, dislikes, and suggestions is used as a basis for further improvements to the program. Frontier’s Venezuela healthcare program offers the chance to volunteer as a midwife. What is the structure of your programs? IMA’s large network of hospitals and dedicated staff allows us to tailor elective and volunteer placement programs for our participants. This is promising news. Midwives for Haiti accomplishes both! A Sample Policy may be viewed on the carrier’s website. Are these kits included in the program fee? What vaccinations will I need for trips to East Africa? Experience and help with pre-natal consultancies, births, Cesarean sections, and post-natal care (depends on your training/experience). You’ll also getting insight into practises you’ve never encountered before. Please note that this coverage is extended as a courtesy to our volunteers and we still recommend that all students carry comprehensive health insurance, professional liability insurance (if needed) and trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage. Placement Related Transportation IMA provides volunteers with shared, daily roundtrip transportation to placement sites in addition to arrival/departure airport transfers. An overseas midwifery internship will help shape you into the midwife you have the potential to become Travelling overseas to spend time in a low-resource hospital is the kind of experience that offers massive potential for learning and personal growth. The risk of exposure to infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS is often greater when working in parts of the developing world. IVHQ has sent nearly 88,000 interns and volunteers abroad. This volunteer work enables the aspiring midwife to gain valuable insight and experience, while also providing the opportunity to develop connections with healthcare professionals around the world. Do you provide accident and medical evacuation insurance for volunteers? It is important for volunteers to assure their chosen organization provides structured experiences with ample local support. You may view a sample programs schedule by clicking here. While some programs merely transport participants to their hospital placements and offer little oversight or guidance, we provide a structured environment with multiple sources of local and U.S. based support. Love Volunteers currently offers a maternity volunteering program in Morocco, where you can shadow and observe local medical staff. As such, we offer two types of orientation programs: one led by a program coordinator regarding the local area, and the other geared toward the work environment, including hospital operations, safety protocols, sanitation requirements, and specific terminology. Safe, reliable transportation is also available for leisure and personal trips at reasonable rates to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all volunteers. Travel, Accident and Health Insurance International Medical Aid provides each intern with $1,000,000 of top-rated travel insurance that will cover most medical and dental expenses, medical evacuation, lost luggage costs, and trip interruption coverage. A very reputable organization, the variety of programs they have is incredible. Participants can experience a new country and culture, while also gaining first-hand experience and developing useful skills within their field. Each program has its own unique needs, as midwifery is all about providing tailored care to meet the mother’s physical, emotional, and cultural needs. Volunteers will typically spend 6-8 hours in the hospital and have down time in the afternoons for activities and local excursions. Frontier empowers volunteers to work for good across the world. This insurance is among the strongest and most comprehensive coverage offered by any student travel organization in the United States. Midwifery volunteer is also ideal for experienced midwives and enhances the training and capacity of midwives in African hospitals. As for the pre-trip vaccinations and medications for malaria prophylaxis, we recommend that you consult your primary care physician or a travel medicine specialist for detailed information. If you would like us to help, please let us know and we will take care of the bookings on your behalf. Observe and help local midwives to gain more knowledge. It is specially aimed at mothers having breastfeeding complications. With well over 100,000 successful placements since 1989, they’re doing their part. A pre nursing volunteer program abroad will give you a chance to: We run volunteer abroad programs for all ages, from durations as short as 1 week, all the way up to 6 months! Let this article be your resource for maternity volunteering and midwifery internships. Two things led me to choose Midwives For Haiti: Haitians are trained to care for their own communities, and volunteers kept going back. You could also get the opportunity to observe prenatal consultancies, births, caesarean sections, and post-natal care. However, our team in the United States can assist with your flight bookings at no additional cost. Past volunteers highly recommend Love Volunteers to those looking for programs. You can travel to a developing country to work alongside skilled local midwives in maternity wards of hospitals or clinics. Traditional midwifery is making a big comeback. Program Debriefing Following the conclusion of each placement, volunteers will be asked to discuss their experiences with the program’s U.S.-based staff. You will learn more about maternity healthcare and the challenges faced by expectant mothers. Naturally Africa Volunteers’ medical project in Lake Malawi gives you the chance to help in a maternity volunteering program. Join our Midwifery internship in Ghana and observe the work of qualified midwives. What is your post-exposure protocol? If you’re a nursing or midwifery student, or are hoping to become one, our program can give you valuable first-hand experience of the working hospital environment. We collaborate with local practitioners to work in both hospitals and community settings. A medical evacuation from a developing country could cost upwards of $100,000. Enter your email address to get travel recommendations and be the first to know about our $500-$1,000 travel scholarships! An Overview and Tips for International Travelers. With a BA in English Literature & Writing from Boston College, Nick researches and writes about volunteer, intern, and teach abroad programs worldwide. We provide a single U.S. point of contact for families at home, while onsite, each volunteer is matched with a program coordinator and a mentor. Volunteers must assure that prospective organizations have established protocols in place in the event of exposure. Learn about Midwifery study abroad! Her final week as a Love Volunteer in a Honduran hospital and her immersion in labor and delivery motivated her to … A Broader View’s midwifery volunteer project in Uganda is one of the best of its kind in the world. You’ll see big differences between the overseas healthcare system and yours. Whatever your interest, you can get involved as a volunteer overseas, making a sustainable difference in a variety of fields, whilst impacting yourself personally and professionally. Founded at Johns Hopkins Unversity on the principles of integrity, respect, commitment, and imagination, IMA provides a safe and mutually beneficial experience where students can make a meaningful contribution to disadvantaged populations throughout the world. During 2017, nearly 250 UN Volunteers worldwide served in assignments that are clearly linked to medical professions. Guide to Working as a Midwife Overseas There are midwifery placements all around the world, most … Gated Housing with 24/7 Security IMA’s top concern is keeping our volunteers safe during their stay. Generally, volunteers prefer to book their own flights. Travel to Africa and observe the work of experienced midwives in, Gain work experience in a maternity ward in, Work in the maternity units at hospitals in. 24/7 U.S. and Local Country Support IMA recognizes the importance of a strong support network in a foreign country thousands of miles from home.
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