@linda-palapala I think this article is what you were talking about. I first saw him in Misaeng--so the whole time I was watching 6 flying dragons I had kept saying to myself, "This is the same actor?" Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. They were probably waiting for heesung to finish his studies before marrying her off. So I can see why Koreans would be upset if they think the drama is about people who gave up on Korea instead of the Gaksitals who shed their blood... but I think they've got it wrong and should wait. Watch Mr. Sunshine episode 4 engsub, Mr. Sunshine ep 4 full hd, download Mr. Sunshine ep 4, watch online free Mr. Sunshine ep 4 in dramafire, dramacool, kissasian, myasiantv, hdfree, dramanice, dramatv, youtube, Mr. Sunshine ep 4 eng sub, Mr. Sunshine episode 4 english subtitles, watch Mr. Sunshine ep 4 … LBH is a good actor sure he is and he delivers the acting fine, but he seems to lack the aura that pulls you in into this character. But she's already told him as much. In terms of her arc, I will point out that she didn't say no to the gunnery training. I can’t finish DOTS (just too fairyfloss to my taste) or Goblin (as I can’t stand KGE acting cute despite me being a Gong Yoo fan). Baldy laughs and then suddenly accuses the server of being a Joseon person. "Everyone fears me, but to you, I must still be a lowly butcher boy" . (p. 58-59 of the book). Regarding the search for the stolen gun, Eugene says that there’s no way to trace the thief, since they found the opened package upon arriving at the train station. He lives for the moment, and he is happy and content. Thank you for your fast recap. Meanwhile, Baldy eats at an expensive Japanese restaurant, where he spots a server in the next room to his liking. Mayhaps, despite already deciding on which road to go, they are still fighting within themselves of their resolves because the painful memories still feel like it was just yesterday, remembering that points of their lives as they stepped on the road in Joseon, holding in their vulnerabilities, keeping their emotions in check. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I liked that Mr Big Shot "This is my great-Grandfather's former residence" already lost his money gambling the first night home and was reduced to taking a bouquet picked from a field. I think this production spent a lot of money on coaching the Koreans how to speak natural Japanese with the right tones and everything, even if we can detect the accent. And Hee-sung might be the biggest enigma of the story. Sorry, but this is my one problem with the show. My father first visited this country when he was thirteen. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Connect with Facebook @tacourtn, @persianrose, @ally-le Agree that Lee Byung Hun is one of the best actors of his generation. I'm 80 percent convinced that he is one of the good guys, I'm scarred! "No photos of the 1897 ceremony are available. He's terrifying indeed!! The other three have the benefit of vacant motivations being complementary to their character types so it doesn't matter there. Please enter your username or email address. Repeat from 1. Have there been other historical dramas this egregious? Dong-mae shows up at Eugene’s door and announces that today is the day of their search. FB.init({ He noticed their weird behavior on the day he arrived, so he asks the servant what his parents were investigating. I have to watch it again. The young servant girl who was carrying Logan’s baby walks down the village streets hand in hand with her younger brother. He cannot have a hope for AS and he knows that. I like mature guys and LBH is just dreamy *sigh*. And yes, she has been taken advantage of all the privileges of being who she is, but her spirit belongs to her, her opinion and her ideals, which she has been forming by herself even at risk to be killed by her own grandfather, because she doesn't match with what a lady should be at that time. Just make the rich nonchalant kid thing a cover. She answered that Confucius spoke of all lives being precious, but that answer didn’t sit well with Dong-mae. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 He's been skating through life on his privilege while avoiding taking any responsibility or corrective action necessary to truly qualify as better than his lineage. So I am NOT used to him being the spoiled pretty boy in this drama. Wan-ik asks about the location of the bank document, and Dong-mae assures him that it hasn’t been found yet, meaning that it’s really lost or someone who found it doesn’t know its value. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; I Need Romance Episode 1 로맨스가 필요해 Watch Full Episodes. The Japanese government allowed their children to have education but the upper class strongly opposed to this decision. Ae Shin is great for wanting to protect and fight for her country but she came from a very privileged background and she is still oblivious about the conditions and views of others coming from different walks of lives from her. I recently saw this P&P and thought, why on earth are they dressed for the Civil flipping War??? Ae Shin clearly does represent Joseon itself, and the Americans (Eugene), Japanese (Dong Mae) & Joseon-men (Hui Seong) are all fighting over her. But there's another part of me, probably my inner-teen, that eats it up, and she really enjoyed this episode. There's even an article somewhere about this. He tells Gwan-soo to relay his warning to Eugene, who’s bound to be their next victim. But when he sees the man he’s talking to, he realizes that it’s not Gwan-soo but Il-shik, the look-alike pawnshop owner. Following from a comment in the episode 6 recap, The following Mr. Sunshine Episode 4 English SUB has been released. I could be wrong, but LBH seems just a little too old to have skin quite that taught and smooth. From what I found on the internet (lol), the American Marines were sent to and present in Seoul in late 1800s / early 1900s to protect the American legation (I have the links up on my fanwall post). Kim Tae-Ri just kills it. So basically her idea of a good Joseon is not one without class distinctions or hierarchy but one with charitable nobles. I also really appreciate his sense of humor, and how he's so amused by Ae-shin. Nothing mysterious about that. That sounds like a stretch, so maybe I totally missed it. Wow. I think that was love at first site -- they may not have known it then -- but I did... Ooh, good point @ghazaal. Maybe DM is the the man that the court minister was talking about (a couple of episodes back) who is keeping an eye on Wan I’m. And Hina was forced to shed her culture to become a Japanese bride but now benefits from it. I never rooted for Chilbongie in Reply 1994 either. Do you think this is the same character but listed with her Japanese name and her Korean name? I think the people on the other end of hearing these confessions were just as shocked as I was. My dad was amazed that the man could pinpoint his origin so clearly, especially since he has been living in the United States for so long. Baldy points his gun at Eugene, but he’s out of bullets. While China considered Korea their satellite country, Japan viewed Korea an independent country and I believe Japanese suggested/pressured Korean government towards Gabo Reform. While botox may play an important role in the appearance of his face, I agree with your assessment of Lee Byeong-heon's acting. Stroking the ornament hanging from her garment, she wonders what he meant about his jealousy fueling his investigation. He's slowly connecting more with the Joseon people as well as himself. So yes she probably has a Korean name which just adds to her background which I cannot wait to become privy to! I still can understand why the chose to go a different route. Do not disappoint me, show!). With Ae-shin and his attempts to absolve himself from his family’s sins, I can see how much he cares to make things right. Some of my reading tell that Ito's assassination probably pushed the government and the Japanese sentiment towards the annexation of Korea more ( if that were true, it would have been a sad consequence for Koreans done by a Korean man) . The Japanese server and disguised Joseon woman reports to Seung-gu and Eun-san (the ceramist) about the incident, and about Ae-shin and Eugene saving her. Eugene drops his case and informs her that the gun only has five bullets. My habit that's been gone for a long time has returned. I think Dong Mae and Yang Hwa(i like her given name better) have explosive chemistry. I'll share links if I come across them too. Just how do we think this is going to resolve itself??? She notices that both options bother Dong-mae, and she casually requests that he spare Eugene’s life because she wishes for Eugene to ask about her one day. I love the actor, but I don’t get the devotion to his character (though I think he’s acted perfectly). So he's 30yo. . But the celebration is short-lived, as the boy slams the rock against the bald soldier’s head. I think that's why it was so popular in Korea. Shrug. He did re-deem himself when he took the gun back from her and confronted the mad-dog, psychopath, Japanese soldier. Both are fluent in English, but have different accents. Probably already posted, but WOW, Just WOW. DM went to Japan but Japan had a cast system where his parents would have belonged to the underclass. And oh, yes! Thanks for the recap! This is not a made up claim, i checked the statistic of the members). Yes, I have been attributing his stiff facial expressions to an overuse of Botox. I remember that I cringed when I heard the "gun, glory, sad ending” narration during the teaser and preview. I like all guys for Ae Shin. He recognizes it as the missing piece on the stolen American gun. Get load of this: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/koreans-file-petition-mr-sunshine-distorting-history/, And they don't even mention the part about the Americans not even being there LOL. Gwan-soo is baffled by this ignorant question and simply responds, “Welcome to Korea.”. I realize the stigma is still here if not openly spoken. She says that she interpreted that as a confession, which he’s already done multiple times. I don't remember kissing details of any LBH dramas although I'm sure All In had good ones with Song Hye Kyo but there's an old film named Addicted that's very, ummmmm, intimate, at least it sticks in my mind that way . Show does a good job pointing out how much the translator and pawn shop owner look alike I thought it was only me not being able to tell them apart. Dong-mae sucks on the candies as he walks and thinks about Ae-shin happily enjoying these very same candies the other day. How would we know? It's a total time filler. . But I think he’ll soon realize that the Joseon people, the commoners who are the backbone of the nation, are not to blame. If HS' mum says he is 32 years old, that would mean 31 years have passed, which would make the current year 1906. I think the Japanese prime minister that Wan-ik was offering gifts is Hirobumi Ito PM. YYS can do no wrong in my book. "Noble fool who lives in luxury" ㅡ is the perfect description of Ae Shin even when she is already an adult now. Kyle asks if Il-shik and Gwan-soo are brothers, since they look so alike. Kyle watches from the sidelines and scares the young boy with his unfamiliar English, but luckily his sister understands and thanks Kyle for his help. His control over subtle emotion and expressions is really brilliant! When Eugene enters his hotel room, he finds his belongings rummaged through. or . Thanks for the explanation! Do tell me what you all think, @wishfultoki, @bbstl, @tacourtn, @persianrose,@daydreamer11. Now he knows she knows more than she did before and he's in "deep kimchi". Either way, it’s a bizarre detail that I was not expecting further developments on, but here we are. I believe good future for Korean by having a good democracy and good financial state is an absolute must for a safe future of Asian countries as well. And what does it have to do with DM's countdown? This episode we see Ae Shin really begin to take note of her ignorance. Otherwise, in a possible investigation, the Japanese Minister could have easily spinned the story that Joseon people with access to guns attacked a Japanese soldier who is on leave and the soldier simply defended himself. Made me laugh, next episode, betcha they're gonna close up on Eugene's face, like real big, or maybe his butt, they haven't done that yet, a twitchy butt is a dead getaway to those hidden feelings in him, or could be a sign that he needs to take a leak bad, nobody's taken a bath or perform other private tasks since episode 1, and I'm getting worried. I'm all in for this journey of hers and excited to see more of her growth ♡ (...I hope this is the real trajectory the writer is planning for her character. In Eugene’s office, Gwan-soo asks the crowd of train passengers to think about who was on the train at its departure but went missing by the time they arrived. I think I believe you, but if so then he needs to start carrying a weapon, like the other two are. This is not a drill! Videos Mr. Sunshine. FB.init({ Who do you think would be a better Choi Yu-jin? These sources are very useful, thank you! I mean I get where he is an adorable puppy, but underneath it, he is a nobleman's son. Dong-mae stops drinking his coffee, triggered by the mention of Ae-shin out of the blue. And I am getting tired of Dong-mae stalking all over the place like a petulant child. As he looks through his collection of Ae-shin’s handwriting, he thinks back to the letter addressed to Eugene and repeats the contents to himself as he simmers with jealousy. But situation of those people in Korea seems worse( in particular Joseon period) so I feel sorry for those people. Did Eugene tell AS that his parents were slaves? She has a bright energy and such great interactions with everyone, especially the main male trio. Though don't think I'll rewatch it when I'm back home and the tv is available. I laughed when I noticed the Eiffel Tower decal on the stall's window but now I'm really laughing . Drama Korea I Need Romance 2 Ep 1 Subtitle Indonesia Youtube. Granted, I think a lot of the credit goes to Kim Tae Ri - she's captivating. I hope that didn't sound weird, I meant that I wouldn't expect us to know when details were "off" in a kdrama. I've always thought that there was something more international to his style of acting. Eugene shooting himself in the arm, is that an allusion to shooting one's self in the foot? This comes as no surprise to Il-shik, as the people he’s looking for are infamous for being the richest family after the emperor. The only thing I really don't care for are those LLLOOOOONNNGGGG dramatic stares. ☺️. There is so much to say about this that everyone has said, but for one I love the vast spaces where this is filmed. I was dancing all around that he's gone for good. . *ahem* okay, I will be the first wench to say it (and I've been waiting for anyone else to do so!) While the formal love triangle seems to involve Hee-sung, Eugene, and Ae-shin, I’m definitely more invested in the simmering love triangle that involves Hina and Dong-mae. @stlucysday, omg thank you! The dramatic staring contests. She asks him to elaborate on this revenge, but Eugene wonders if she’s not curious about the jealousy. There's something to be said for type-casting. ... Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-seok and Byun Yo-han. But thanks to him though, we've got action! He is always an outcast, thanks to their mother. The crucial difference is that Mr. Sunshine is showing marines marching around and hassling Joseon people, not just guarding the legation. I could watch more of this roundabout love lost in translation (literally) over the slow-motion glances with lens flare for extra drama. As for bing-soo, it should definitely be featured in more dramas. The parallels are pretty obvious though for each party vying for Joseon. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 But Kyle reminds him of his priorities: Eugene should find the missing gun before he seeks revenge for his parents’ deaths. Tsuda was revealed as a Korean actor (see my fanwall). He has not told her yet. So: Hopefully we get more character depth in the upcoming episodes. It is perhaps due to his background, while he was a governor in Korea, he encouraged education in Korea because he found 94% illiterate rate is detrimental to the Korean Society. I hope Hee-Sung will have the confidence to face his fears (the sins his family made to people etc). That makes their rare moments of clarity and emotional honesty more poignant, and I’m sure we’ll have more of those compelling moments to come. http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/07/mr-sunshine-episode-6/#comment-3277299. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Never mind then. Well, this episode I think he was pretty much like an action hero in front of the Japanese drunk soldier! But Kyle’s fascination is benign, and I’m not against some lighthearted jokes about eye color and God. Neither is it realistic for the men. Wan-ik asks for a room at the hotel, but Hina refuses. "... the capital in 1913 was only a good-sized city of 277,711 people, according to a careful census taken by the Japanese. I'm returning to the coffin he has put me in. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Ae-shin tells him to enjoy his stay and quickly exits. I was, legit, scared of Dong-mae this episode. But I really hope the writers don't choose this second option, I mean, both are sort of predictable in a way, but I feel the second one would shorten Dong-mae's appearance in the show and I certainly do not want that, his character and the tension he has with Ae-shin just add so much to the complexity of this drama... Dong Mae is practically an onion! He's so calm and collected, displaying great depths in his character and so far him and Kim Min-jung are the only reason I'm watching this drama (I'm greatly surprised as I was quite skeptical about both of them before watching)! Dong-mae asks what her stolen name was, and Hina discloses: Lee Yang-hwa. , Sorry, I'll forget someone here and will just throw out a few names Young Dong Mae nailed that since the beginning. THE RECAP IS HERE! He is just so so good. Enjoy. But he’s the best Eugene can find in Joseon, and just as he gets up to leave, he notices a familiar piece on the ground. According to the mom, Hee Sung is 32. - what a show...wow. too many pauses (a problem I had with goblin so I stopped watching that one) and stills, it gets occasionally boring :/, this and AYHT are the only dramas I'm watching now.. AYHT feels like a roller coaster next to this. Dong-mae laughs that he’s found the ultimate rebel, and Wan-ik belittles him by ordering the eternal butcher to just find the document. And her conversation with Grandpa indicated that she has desires to take part in government, (one assumes fixing it) which could never happen for a Joseon woman. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access I think Yoo Yeon Seok is doing a fab job, sometimes I need to read the subtitles when they speak Japanese b/c their accent is so bad, but he's pulling it off really nicely. In the changing room, Ae-shin thanks Hina for her help. Ae-shin flaunt her english prowess with three words is everything, period. I'll look up Addicted. . Ouch!!! But he admits that he realizes now that this was path to ruin himself. Kudo Hina is the character that I am most intrigued by and cannot wait to be shown her story and journey. Basically she's living in a delusion and fighting for naive idealism without having faced any real hardships herself. Honestly,i love yoo yeon seuk's voice Thank you BB! On 5 - Anyone who was worried about Dong-Mae garnering controversial sympathy should be reassured this episode, because Ae-Shin clearly said he is a traitor. hmm, i might have to do this to "reel" my husband in... i think this drama is going to be nothing but excellence. Don't write off Sergeant Tsuda so quickly! Ae-shin asks how she learned English, and Hina answers that she dated an English man in Tokyo. I was curious why Ito was painted a bad villain in K dramas so my curiosity made me read his materials. Eugene tries to tell Kyle to ignore the situation, since there are plenty of other Joseon people to help, but the boy holds on desperately for help. I wish I knew why they came back to Joseon despite the obvious reasonings that probably are just secondary.... seems like there are more than meets the eye with these two. Daftar Pemain Drama Mr. Sunshine. But also great makeup, and lighting and filters. I'm hoping for growth for him. His personal life aside, one can’t deny what a great actor he is. Turns out, they had seen the boy’s clothes poking out of a crate, but Il-shik insisted that they ignore it. Dong-mae picks out hard candies at a shop, and the owner refuses to take his money, fearing for his life. il se peut que quelqu'un dise #ahugscene #mrsunshine #mistersunshine #episode8 We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. I am pleased to see comedy showing up in subtle ways: 1) Trope "Saved from an onrushing vehicle" making an appearance among the servants, and Ae-Shin's maid hilariously said she could have stepped out of the way of Cart of Doom herself. Still pointing her gun, Ae-shin asks why he chose to “love” when he previously admitted that he wouldn’t do anything in Joseon, and if he did, it would be to ruin Joseon. Dong-mae hopes that it’s the document he’s looking for because he doesn’t want to make a certain woman cry. Hee-sung meets up with the servant in his home in his attempts to figure out what secret his parents were keeping from him. Finally, I realized today that I do not at all care for Hee-sung and his entire family. (My opinion is that is is probably true.) Gwan-soo waits for Eugene outside, and friendly Hee-sung explains that he visited the pawnshop because he gambled all his money away last night and needs to buy flowers to meet his future wife. I quite like him here to be honest. Il-shik and Choon-shik try to temporarily close their pawnshop out of fear that Eugene (who they’ve figured out to be the young slave they lost in their slave hunter days) will seek revenge on them. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I'm still a little lost on her motivations (can't we just have one scene of her looking longingly at the flag or something? I love Ae-shin's character. Dong-mae claims that the search through Eugene’s room is not his doing — in fact, he was just talking to his gang about conducting said search because Logan’s widow has been unreachable. It's not just you. "I’m definitely more invested in the simmering love triangle that involves Hina and Dong-mae. It makes so much sense... 1939: Gone With The Wind... 1940: Pride and Prejudice. Kim Tae-ri is the WOW FACTOR in this saga. Your email address will not be published. // Load the SDK asynchronously He sits next to the server and asks where she’s from. But she has great instincts so that helps her in being honest and up front with all three men in her life. You're getting all serious on me here! He calls out her disapproving gaze and accuses her of still seeing him as a butcher’s son, but Ae-shin clarifies that she never disparaged him for being a butcher. should be required reading for anyone working in a multicultural setting. I still don't get why Eugene needs to shoot his own hand to save Ae-shin though... :/ is it just so that the investigation will be over more quickly? Mr. Sunshine is comprised of everything you would want in a drama. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Still, (and why I wrote this comment) he asked about Byun Yo Han. What you say is so interesting! I’m trying to make the OTP work here, but it’s taking a lot of work on my end. He’s not trying to be disrespectful, but he only knows how to court ladies with his playboy smile and gestures, and that is no way into Ae-shin’s heart. We're still at character introductions! Please scroll down to choose servers and episodes, Global Request Show- A Song for You Season 4 Episode 15, Dageki Tenshi Ruri (Blow Angel Ruri) Episode 7, Terrace House Boys x Girls Next Door Episode 99, Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 New Year Special Episode 5. Seung-gu answers that he must save the nation so that he can be a rebel, as he’d originally planned. The wife notices his military uniform but notes that it’s not a Joseon uniform. I prefer shows which are less mushy and more about characters influencing and learning from one another. I missed your fanwall posts. He gets uncomfortably close to Eugene to peer at his eyes, but their intimate moment is interrupted by the young boy crying for help. It's not called Mr. Sunshine for nothing (I hope). Things are just waiting to get interesting when he goes rogue and spices things up. In that era, one could easily be a grandparent at 40. Hee-sung knows that this option exists, but he admits that he’s scared that he’ll resort to this easy and bad method. They discuss the rumors of Japanese and Russians engaging in war, and the woman passenger throws down her food in indignation that the poor people will likely suffer again. She accidentally bumps into a bald Japanese soldier — the same one who harassed the people on the train — and she apologizes profusely. I feel like they are dragging out character introductions on purpose because its 24 episodes and there really might not be enough to fit the last few episodes if KES put everything on the plate now. But Ae-shin isn’t keen on not knowing, and she arrives at the school that her friend attends to learn English. or Wan-ik says that he’ll send correspondence soon and turns to make his exit. She tells him to beware of frequenting this hotel, since he’ll never know what he’ll eat there, implying that he could be poisoned. All have their own charms NEXT EPISODE JUSEYEO. for some time! Does this writer usually make it clear who's going to love who from the beginning? Gaksital: And that's why I'm thinking this drama will be the same journey. Eugene and Kyle sit outside and enjoy the view of the village at night. @bbstl: ha, I just watched the first few minutes of All In and ta-da, right away he kissed Song Hye Kyo. But does he know DM and AS have a connection? Imagine, her noble grandfather was the tutor to the King and his son and DIL were Joseon revolutionaries in Japan. Ae-shin is the best! hahaha. Yes, it is, the landscapes continually take my breath away they are so commanding and huge! He amazed me in Misaeng! It is therefore bemusing to read all the Botox talk here. I'm so glad this is my first exposure to his work. Sitting outside with her working maids, Ae-shin stares blankly, deep in her thoughts. That night, Eugene sits on his bed, replaying the tragic moments of his childhood while Hee-sung gambles the night away. Download high end crush ep 1 eng sub dramacool video. Whenever I see Eugene and his persona, I kept on imagining Won Bin's portrayal in The Man From Nowhere and how he would perfectly fit Eugene. WRONG! Supporting Cast. Their disguises are polished and tragic (of course), and they aren’t given much opportunity to unveil their true intentions. He's so Asian and has so much warmth, whereas LBH looks a bit cold and less emotional even in real life, that can distinguish him from other characters who have grown up in Joseon and I can believe him as a Western Army... No, Won Bin is way too handsome and charismatic for the Eugene role. :( From the very beginning itself, Dongmae's character intrigued me even when I felt bored with the drama I continued because the tension between him and Aeshin is something that caught my interest. Yes! Eugene is amused by her reaction and says that she was the one who made the initial offer. Dong-mae threatens to invalidate their agreement and storms out, leaving Wan-ik shocked and furious. She has a good heart and good intentions but that doesn't change the fact that she depends heavily on her privilege and what others are willing to give her. but I feel the same way about Eugene and his incredibly vague reasons for helping her so it's just a writing problem, I guess. More and more, I’m seeing how Eugene’s actions and words don’t exactly align, as if he’s trying to convince himself through aspirational claims of being an American and not caring about Joseon. But I've got things clearer in my head now. Kyle is waiting for Eugene when he’s released, and they head back to the hotel on horseback. Eugene agrees to do “love” together with Ae-shin, and Ae-shin is satisfied with his response. And how sweet is that she shared her first bingsu outing with her maid. Ae-shin’s servants walk alongside the carriage, and the male servant pulls the maid out of the way of the horse carriage in a seemingly grand romantic gesture. I won't be satisfied he's gone until I see his head roll. Haaaaaaaa. I've never noticed S Korean dramas to have worried much about continuity either. That is not an easy feat. Yes, I am surprised that DM can read Hangul. Knowing this just makes my day! Eugene remains a mystery to Ae-shin, and she treads carefully around him, trying to figure out what side he’s on. The Drama My Forever Sunshine Episode 4 English Sub has been released. Basically Eugene came from slave class and Dong-mae was from白丁( Peckchung?) Thank goodness he already admitted that one of his motivations for participating in the love partnership is revenge. Mysterious, quiet, appearing disinterested but he just smoldered with charisma, which in my eyes, LBH is lacking. Mr. Sunshine: Episode 4 by dramallama. The mask literally came out in slow motion. He assures her that her servants will be buried with the help of the other villagers and urges her to head to the meeting spot.
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