The following SD memory cards have been tested and approved for use in the D3100… The updated footprints match up with the 3D models of the parts. I got it over a year ago for my Nikon D5000 and now … Having rotated P4 I decided to rotate IC1. It was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and the Prolific driver would often report driver error on each boot. So, you guessed it, revision 15 of the PCB. The D3100 is the first Nikon digital SLR to support the latest generation of Secure Digital cards, known as SDXC. I have not abandoned this project. To view descriptions, cautions, and download and installation instructions, click … In my last log file I said I the PCB work is almost complete. Solmeta Geotagger N3-c is camera GPS Receiver & Shutter Release for Nikon Df, D750, D610, D600, D7200,D7100,D7000, D5600,D5500,D5300,D5200,D5100,D5000, D3300,D3200,D3100, CoolPix A, P7800,P7700… Using near-infrared in near-space. When I added the model to the board I saw a problem. The Nikon D3100 has available accessories such as: Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit for direct GPS geotagging. When I'm on foot taking pictures a variation of 10m from my actual position can put me on the other side of a roadway, down the street by a few houses, or almost half a block away. I performed some initial checks on the position data from the 7M and 8MN modules. 36 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorPentax KAF2 Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #27Rank in DSLR Cameras: #3, 36 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorPentax KAF4 Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #32Rank in DSLR Cameras: #6, 20 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorCanon EF Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #35Rank in DSLR Cameras: #8, 30 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorCanon EF Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #46Rank in DSLR Cameras: #12, Rank in All Cameras: #49Rank in DSLR Cameras: #14, 26 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorCanon EF Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #55Rank in DSLR Cameras: #19, 24 MP | Full frame CMOS SensorSony/Minolta Alpha Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #67Rank in DSLR Cameras: #22, 24 MP | APS-C CMOS SensorPentax KAF2 Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #93Rank in DSLR Cameras: #32, 24 MP | APS-C CMOS SensorSony/Minolta Alpha Mount, Rank in All Cameras: #94Rank in DSLR Cameras: #34, Rank in All Cameras: #121Rank in DSLR Cameras: #45, Frequently Asked Questions about Nikon D3100, 2020 Black Friday - Canon Camera and Lens Deals. I started some preliminary tests on the 7M and M8N modules. It isn't up to my usual soldering standards but it was on the board and with no shorts between the pins. Nikon D3100 (with 18-55mm & 55-200mm lens, black) 13284. It also was tracking 12 satellites where the other modules I have were only tracking 6. Because the D3000 was still listed on Nikon’s website when this review was written – and also available through many … It has been several months since I last posted a project log. To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you. In order to do that I had to turn the GPS receiver board upside down which changed the order of the signals on the header that will plug in to the interface board. I am considering its use in this project but I don't think it will provide any real benefit so it may not be worth the effort to update the PCB. based on your interests. One change was from a 5mm LED to a 3mm super bright one. Over the past three days I have restructured the source code tree for this project. a member for this project? Nikon D3100 has a pixel density of 3.99 MP/cm². Nikon D3100 has external dimensions of 124 x 96 x 75 mm (4.88 x 3.78 x 2.95″) and weighs 505 g (1.11 lb / 17.81 oz) (including batteries). I soon found boards with a NEO-6M on them were readily available on eBay at a surprisingly low price. I just need to sit down and create the 3D model in Rhinoceros 3D. In the past I ran tests by modifying the main program through #if statements. That is when I realized I had a problem. When used indoors the user may want to reduce the LED brightness and further reducing current requirements.The last 3D models I need to make are for the top part of the camera and for the final enclosure. After the basic software is done I will work on the design of the enclosure. I discovered Ublox has a newer unit with the part designation of NEO-6M that has a claimed accuracy of 2.5m. with 18-55mm VR. I also created a separate directory to hold various test programs. It will allow me to reduce the current needed to drive the LED while still being bright enough to be visible when the device is used outdoors. Nikon D3100 (17.7 oz./502g with battery and card, about $400 new or $350 refurbished, each including lens!) The most noticeable change to the D3100 is the addition of a live view lever and a movie record button on the rear of the camera. Free shipping. The technology supports tethering distances … I have updated the PCB layout. The D3100 has a 3" LCD screen vs the 2.7" screen of the D5000. With the D3100, Nikon proves once again that you don’t have to give an arm and a leg — or strain your back and neck — to enjoy dSLR photography. It doesn't have much built-in documentation so it takes a bit of experimenting with it to make sense of its user interface. Make an Offer. GeoVader GV30s GPS module for Nikon DSLR (Replaces GP-1) $29.00 3d 3h +$8.45 shipping. I'm finally beginning to feel like getting back to work on some of the projects that have been on hold. Nikon D3100 vs D3000: Key Differences. I soon proved myself wrong on that count.Since I bought the camera I have taken close to 6,000 pictures. Nikon D3100 is clearly the smaller of the two cameras. However, the body feels solid as it is light yet robust. I wanted something that could give me my location with better pecision and accuracy.I looked for more information about the LEA-4S receiver module on the Ublox website to find out if it would be useful in my project, what was involved in using it, and the price for one. With the Nikon D3100, 14.2 million pixels come together to create a digital image snapped by the single lens on this digital reflex camera. I've been posting some of my photographs to Flickr and I add the locations for some of them to a map. Unfortunately for me the voltage regulator is in a SOT23-5 package and was very difficult to solder. Third party solutions partly with 3-axis compass, data-logger, bluetooth and support for indoor use are … During some previous revision of the PCB when I was moving parts around I had somehow swapped the component designations on the silkscreen for C1 and C4. Give Feedback Terms of Use I was pleased to find all the parts fit. I settled on Elecrow. A project to add lean angle overlay to your motorcycle videos. The micro-controller allows me to add a push button and an LED. When attached to the 18-55mm kit lens, the camera as a whole feels good and not obviously plastic-y. Much cheaper alternative to the Nikon GP-1 and works very well. I'm not properly equipped for working with surface mount parts but I have previously assembled a small board that used all surface mount components. Easily capture the beauty of life’s fleeting moments with Nikon’s compact and lightweight D3100—a feature-rich digital SLR camera that surprises you with simplicity, and positively delights with superb results. Simple FPGA based PCB to capture thermal images from a FLIR Boson camera on to a microSD. I finally succeeded on my fourth and final attempt. The first issue was an error in the silkscreen. Another good sign that I'm receiving the NMEA data from the GPS module and raising the flags that tell me when I have received both messages.The data transmitted after receiving the NMEA messages is not what I should be seeing. One was around the $60 mark but reviews of it mentioned some reliability issues.During my research I found one DIY GPS receiver project online. I finished work on another project that I have up on Hack A Day, then there was Christmas. Once all the parts have arrived (it may be a month for some to arrive) I will do a final check of the PCB footprints before sending the board out to be made.I have updated the parts list for this project. The switch was wider then expected so there was barely enough room for it. These numbers are important in terms of assessing the overall quality of a digital camera. … Create an account to leave a comment. New Repair Part For Nikon D3100 Left Cover Rubber USB HDMI GPS A/V Out Cover USA. I have been working on the routines needed to allow me to use the USI peripheral of the ATtiny45 to send and receive serial data. It all resulted in progress on this project being a bit slow during the past few months. The addition of an 8-pin AVR micro-controller will allow the GPS data to be filtered and only the needed data will be passed to the camera at the rate it requires. The mini connector is wider than the micro so I would have had to widen the board by almost 0.1". These two changes allowed me to shrink the PCB to 1.5" x 1" and it only has a single via.I have moved or redone all of the traces on the board several times but I think (I hope) that it is in a final state ready to be sent out to be manufactured. I ruined 3 regulators and one PCB and was about to give up but gave it one last try. The simple-to-use Nikon D3100 DSLR features the advanced EXPEED 2 image processing engine maximizes the performance of the 14.2 MP DX-format APS CMOS sensor for amazingly clear … Today I took some time to do some initial tests of the two modules and check their performance. Three days ago I completed work on the sending routines and yesterday the receive routines started working.I worked on the transmit routines first so they could be used during the testing of the receive routines. I'll get to these last tasks as soon as I get a few others items off my ToDo list. I'm averaging around 200 photographs a month and I keep about 75% of them. I had sent them an email asking if they can handle plated through slots and they said they can. It is a small camera but it is very comfortable to use. We found I just had to give the capacitor leads a couple of extra bends to make the part fit. I need to do more tests to determine why I'm not seeing what I expect to see. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates, About Us An inexpensive and more accurate GPS receiver accessory for Nikon D3100 (and compatible) cameras. I had thought about getting a digital SLR before then but they were not up to film standards or were way too expensive (almost $1,000 or more).Just after Christmas a local store had a sale on a camera bundle that contained an entry level digital SLR made by Nikon. My board design has some plated through slots. The heart of this GPS receiver attachment for a Nikon D3100 camera is a circuit board containing a Ublox NEO-6M. Not a member? The only remaining changes I expect will be slight adjustments to the position of components close to the edges of the PCB, and maybe some footprints once the final components arrive in the mail.I have updated the gallery with the latest version of the PCB, updated the 3D model of the interface PCB, and added a 3D model showing a mock up of what will be inside the enclosure of the finished project.Due to work on other projects I haven't completed the testing of the three GPS receiver modules I have on hand. Are you sure you want to remove yourself as I learned that OSHPark can't make boards that have plated through slots so I had to search for a different fab house. The goal of this project is to create a small device that will provide GPS data to a Nikon D3100 camera allowing it to tag photographs with location data. I'll have to disable that it to avoid wasting power to light an LED that won't be seen in normal use. I will be running some tests to determine whether they are needed once I have the main software running. I have made adjustments to the footprint of the LED and the pushbutton. I also changed the LED to a 3mm one as I felt the 5mm was too big compared to the 3.4mm diameter handle of the pushbutton right next to it. Watch. Projects that were officially submitted to the 2015 Hackaday Prize. The D3100 substantially refreshes the D3000, taking a rather outdated-looking specification and turning it into one of the most competitive in its sector. boston > > > ... Nikon D3100 with 18-55 VR, Great Condition $315 (North Shore) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. and last updated 10 months ago. Both units show variations in the position with the M8N typically showing less variation. Case Air Wireless Tethering System is ideal for tethering select Canon and Nikon cameras to iOS or Android devices using the Air Remote Mobile Application. This project was I haven't worked on this project for a while due to a death in the family around the end of March.
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