$129.99. This minimum reflects a handling fee. Price guides direct the leading supplier of building price guides. See what yours may be worth! Check Quality's price guide for these in demand classics! Here we go! COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #10 and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk. The rarest of the rare in Golden Age collectibles, this 1 issue of World's Best was the prototype for what became World's Finest Comics - the book that teamed-up Superman & Batman! See what key issues to look for in Quality's online price guide! Superboy proved to be so popular that DC gave him his own title in 1949. Black Cat Comics/Black Cat Mystery was a peculiar entry from Harvey.It morphed from a hero comic to a pseudo-western title, then into a graphic horror-supernatural title; and it changed even MORE after that! Adventure. Enter keywords (example: AMAZING FANTAST #15 or DETECTIVE COMICS #27) into the searchbox at the top of this page, then click the WHAT'S IT WORTH button. TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS - THE GATHERING #1, 1st Appearance of Ahsoka Tano & Captain Rex, Started as a 4 issues mini series. Best price I could find but that didnt impact in any way on the quality of the finisedh brochures or the delivery time. Not enough results? Have Old Batman Comics? How to value your comic book collection. Relatively unknown graphic pre-code horror comic from Trojan Magazines, Inc. Supernatural. You can also connect with others in the comic industry to further and enhance everyone's comic … Our Mister Miracle comics price guide helps you see what your Mr. The second round of the Pop Price Guide Crowdfunding has been a resounding success as we’ve officially surged past the $50,000 milestone in less than three weeks! or Best Offer. Seven Seas Comics notoriously featured overtly gratuitous renderings of sexy gals, and is considered a "Good Girl" book. The value of these books are only going to go up! #27 is a "Holy Grail" find! The Man Without Fear was one of the most original heroes introduced by Marvel in the 60's! Issue #27 gave us Henry Pym, who became ANT-MAN, the star of the book. If you are looking for values for decimal coins such as commemorative rare UK 50p coins and special edition pound coins, then this is, in our opinion, the best book you can currently buy. A respectable sci-fi book in it's own right, DC's Mystery In Space, with issue #53, became the permanent home for the great space-hero ADAM STRANGE! Many DC heroes went through the ranks of Star Spangled. A rare "funny book" from Timely, featured some hero stories (CITIZEN V, THE FIN). Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #9-Wally Wood EC VF. AMERICA in #13! And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also proud to announce the arrival of the long-awaited, highly-anticipated hobbyDB / Pop Price Guide app. Quality Comix is the #1 vintage comic company in the world! A fact that would make this an unbelievably rare pre-code horror book! In 1970, Jerry Bails, who had recently published the Collector’s Guide to the First Heroic Age, was considering creating a comic book price guide. This Week's Features Gritty 1950's war title from DC! Yet again, Marvel offered another great vehicle for introducing new characters (and reviving some older ones) in Marvel Premier! The Utimate Commando Comic Price Guide and Valuation Calculator. Most of the comics have been auctioned at ebay, certainly the largest auction house for rare comic books. Early issues =$$$. . When IRON MAN was given his own title in 1968, there was no looking back! Foreign comics too! Collectors seek these books for their high quality! Click the title to see... Sub Mariner is Marvel's longest running anti-hero, created in 1939 and revived many times. One of the most dynamic and innovative books of the era, these are getting hot on the collectors market! One of EC Comics' flagship books, Weird Science is very beloved to collectors for it's superior renderings and visions of the future! Once comic books are in your collection, prices automatically update as the market changes. Superman was SO bankable for DC, that they started giving supporting characters their own titles, LOIS LANE among them. DC's G.I. 1940's issues are top collectors items! OVERSTREET'S COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #6 THE SPIRIT WILL EISNER SC 1976. $5.00 shipping. Welcome to the Comic Book Price Guide that has been 25 years in the making! Nov 23, 20 09:42 AM When Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in the mid-70's, he offered The Eternals from his ever fruitful imagination. by Robert M. Overstreet | Jul 30, 2019. Be less specific. She will be not be “female Thor” but “might Thor”. The video and resources below will help you find the best way to get current prices and values of your comic books, whether you own only a couple or thousands!. Fine Art Ends on 12/01/2020. DC's All-American Comics introduced the world to THE (original) GREEN LANTERN with issue #16! $174,000 . Atlas/Marvel's Mystery Tales lasted for 5 years, and endured the implementation of the CCA, which effectively banned all "questionable" content.In many ways, this comic was the prototype for early Marvel-Age books like Strange Tales and Tales to Astonish! Here's how much your vintage comics are now worth. Terms He started out hating ALL of humanity...until the Nazi's came along, then they became his prime target (thank goodness!). Fawcett's most popular character, after his debut in Whiz Comics, CAPT.MARVEL was given his own title in 1941. Harvey's Tomb Of Terror featured extra-graphic cover images of the pre-code horror genre; disfigured, flesh melting emaciated zombies, faces exploding, etc. $8.99. Check details above.. These handful of issues are some of the most collectible rarities from our friends in Derby, CT. See what yours may be worth in our price guide above! This long running ACG title had it all! You could always expect a high-quality product from Atlas in the 50's before they became Marvel. Sure, she fought crime, but she did it wearing almost nothing! All the books on offer have been personally selected by Sean Goodrich and Ashley Cotter-Cairns, advisors to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, with decades of industry … The iconic first appearance of SPIDER-MAN! See examples by clicking above! A guide to collecting harry potter books. A few comics were created that had a Western theme, and a few were science fiction. Just 1 issue before it turned into Marvel Mystery.