SETTING EXPECTATIONS. It, is generally true that it is much easier to build, on what learners already know by for exam, ple reminding them prior knowledge which is, relevant to the current lesson. more creative methodologies like utilizing web based teaching, portfolios, case studies and a range of other creative teaching strategies in teaching enhance the competencies rather than predominantly using didactic teaching methods such as the lecture method and demonstration to … Wadswoth Group. Clarifying Appropriate Uses of Assessment Evidence. Students need to see teachers who have passions, whether it’s drawing, mathematics, painting, biology, music, politics, or theater. Emphaty and the ability to understand children comprehension in learning is pivotal for early childhood teacher. These, results indicate that there are some important, components to be considered to hold effective, ly by different authors. Other than traditional spoon-feeding education, direct content delivery through classroom teachers, knowledge contents could be, ABSTRACT  As methodological emphasis in intermediate-level foreign language courses has shifted from translation-based learning, which utilized literary texts quite extensively, to communication-based learning, literature in the intermediate-level course has been either overlooked as a viable tool of instruction or used in the classroom as a springboard to communication. Lasley, at el. who are interested in curriculum development, syllabus design, and The study consisted of two cycles. EXPECTATIONS Expectations are powerful, especially when you're teaching adults. ments. society. When, feedback is given, the feedback must be re, lated to what students still need to study to get, it right. According to Gagne, there are nine events that are needed for ef. The naissance of active learning where learners have to be active during the teaching-learning process has altered the subject and the center of the teaching-learning processes from teachers to students. �?Rk���n``%���w^0 H�� The active learning mode requires creative teacher and effective teaching strategies so teaching-learning is able to transform knowledge into effective learning tasks and activities. PRODUCTIVE THINKING occurs when you effectively combine Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking with relevant Knowledge-of-Ideas.When you're trying to "effectively combine" creativity & criticality & knowledge so you can solve a problem, asking “how do they interact?” is a useful question. Creativity of a, teacher can be seen in his performance during, the teaching learning process and in his daily, activities. Since, the teaching is expected to motivate learners, it is necessary to consider the techniques em, Recieved on June 2012; Accepted 24 July 2012, It is not recommended to a teacher to transmit, knowledge or information only but the teach, ing mus t put more emphasis on the develop, ment of the student skills (Ragains, 1995; Las, ley et al. The design is based on the results of evaluation and analysis on the instructional materials used in Curriculum and Material Development Class by applying Instructional Design (ID) element instruments evaluation. One cannot teach teachers didactically how to be creative; there is no fail-safe recipe or routine. Records and Portfolios. In this step learners are allowed to, build on their previous knowledge or skills. Reviewed by Marianne Downes, Assistant Professor, West Virginia University on 4/19/20 Comprehensiveness rating: 3 see less. It is, generally believed in conventional teaching, that teacher is considered as the sole source, of knowledge and more ironically a teacher is, an expert and students are not. Developing teachers professionally: reflections for initial and in-service trainers. fective teaching as the creation of situation, in which appropriate learning occurs; shaping, those situations is what successful teachers, tions indicate that effective teaching requires, effective teaching strategies. In sum, creative teachers provide as much, space as possible for learners in the instruc, ular framework of understanding. The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool 1 The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool Intentional Teaching Cards™ Focusing on Objectives for Development & Learning This document lists the Intentional Teaching Cards ™ by their primary objectives for development and learning. Lasley II, T.J., Matczynski, T.J., and at their own pace and in their own sequence. The feedback you get from students also can give you an instant reading on their experiences. This indicates that more tasks, and activities for students must be designed, and planned properly to allow them to prac, tice what they can apply in their daily lives as, the results of learning. By so, doing, the learners is able to go through from, the simple instructional material to a more, The fth step is to provide guidance for learn, ing. Learners need to feel in control over what, they’re doing, as well as feeling that a teacher, is directing the learners. This means that it takes into consideration widely held developmental expectations for children at … The approaches that nursing faculty members used in the past may not meet the needs of today's millennial students.1 Most nurse educators in the United States are from the baby-boomer generation, when a different educational pedagogy was in place.2At that time, a structured lecture approach was the primary method used in nursing education. Creative teachers, well-designed, instructional materials, and effective learning strategies are among important factors that, Franklin, J. The clear concept helps, learners to transfer the theory into practi, cal knowledge. The goal is generated into instructional objectives which are used as the basis to select and grade instructional materials, to select instructional strategies, and to choose media to conduct effective instruction process. designed to be more motivating and encourage students to explore through active participation. Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) is the essential need of teaching and every teacher had to prioritized it for their teaching preparation. Lecture room may be physical as in the case of a four-wall room and it may be abstract as in the case of on-line teaching.Classroom management and control are affected by psychosocial, physical and teaching methods. In Richard, J.C., and Renandya, W.A. Effective learning is achieved through the use of creative strategies designed … Moore (2005) highlights the factors to choose, best strategies for effective teaching process. problem solving, creative thinking, research based learning, problem based learning, project based learning, science, or innovative teaching process could lead to innovative education creatively. Creative teachers are able to design, be explained in simple ways or uninterested, learners become interested in the teaching. design. The criterion of success was that ≥ 80% of the students must gain a speaking score of ≥75. GAMES Games are one creative teaching … h�bbd```b``~ The design of instruction that motivates learners to learn is also presented and discussed. The theme or the topic is generated by teachers into a lesson plan which is used as a guide during the teaching and learning Consequently, it is indispensable to find out some creative techniques to teach English literature to the Indian students. Employing creative teaching strategies is one method by which educators can motivate their learners and recharge their own batteries. the lesson purpose, and contents to be taught. The instructional objectives are formulated at the institution or school level in a syllabus which covers the theme or topic to be taught. Gathering Acceptable and Trustworthy Evidence. are those that can transfer knowledge into practical application. The effective teaching strategies used by the awarded teachers are: student‐centred activities, a connection between teaching contents and real life, management of skills in class, open‐ended questions, an encouragement of creative thinking and use of technology and multimedia. Activat, ing learners indicates that learners are not only, assigned to receive or listen to what a teacher, has explained but they must be involved in, asking or answering questions, working in, groups, assisting other learners, and demon, strating critical and creative thinking. these approaches do not develop the students' appreciation of literature, and thus miss an opportunity for students to participate in highly motivational activities. Here is an example of a multiple-domain health education learning activity that incorporates and requires student reading, writing, listening, Focus of This Paper This paper focuses on some creative techniques to promote the teaching-learning of English literature. If the conventional teaching, strategies put emphasis on the teacher, ac, tive learning puts more emphasis on the ac, tive participation of learners and the ability of, a source of learning. Millennial students have been described as technology natives who are accustomed … Participants, who were 96 Norwegian student teachers, were found to believe more in practically-derived than in theory-based sources of knowledge about instruction and student learning and to be more motivated for learning from practice than from theory in teacher education. The introduction of active learning, alters the role of a teacher during the teaching, learning process. Creative teaching is an art. Effective teaching is, dened as teaching which produces benecial, and purposeful students learning through the. choice of effective strategies that best serve the, teaching situation. With the awareness of PCK, teacher will have good performance while teaching and it will affect children understanding towards the subject. The course deals with the development of instructional materials based on goal formulated in the curriculum. People who use and interpret the numbers provided by student ratings need to know what the numbers mean and how to use them correctly. The aim of the study is to solve speaking problems of students in an EFL class using contextual internet-based instructional materials. Enhancing Assessment's Value to Individual Faculty Members. Motivation is important to bring about successful learning. examples to clarify unclear topic for learners. In, this step a teacher must test learners to deter, mine if the lesson has been learned.The results, of assessment can also give general progress, information. Enhancing Institutional Uses. Teaching Strategies GOLD The Teaching Strategies GOLD® is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through kindergarten. 2002). Hence, the teaching process, The sixth step is to elicit performance. Think of it as a mini-reference handbook to some of the techniques that can be used to come up with many different ideas. USA. For administration purpose, Fanklin (2001) and Kulik (2000) indicate that, design both summative and formative assess, ments, to provide teaching awards, and to as, sign teachers to particular course. Part of stimulating recall is having, The forth step is to present the material. Emotional intelligence is, and to act responsibly. �+j�1�0d6�5H�`��W.M`�00���]l�N��=��8G�T��s�笪�� J�1pi? Genre theory and classroom-tested techniques are synthesized in the presentation of strategies for teaching selected literary characteristics of the short story at the intermediate level. Effective teachers keep, students involved in their lesson and mas, ter a variety of effective teaching strategies, Researchers have conducted quite a view stud, The research on effective teaching strategies, mostly took students as the sample. Planning instruction is important for teachers. Creative Techniques of Teaching Literature 122 usually found in studying literature. Find ways to bring music, drawing, creative writing, and other arts into a wider range of lessons in your classroom. to state precisely what learners want to learn, help teacher to guide the selection of appro, priate activities, and help teacher to provide, Creative teachers are those who are able to create effective teaching. thentic materials to motivate learners to learn. Description. In this step a teacher must provide clear, instruction and clear concept. tors to consider. able learners to experience the practical application of the knowledge they have learned. It im, plies that effective teaching involves learners, from the opening to the closing sections and, the teacher keeps the activities done based on, Regarding the design of instruction, Gagne’s design (1985) is still adopted by teachers world, wide. Instructional Models; Strategy for teaching in a diverse society. From four indicators of PCK, knowledge of student understanding score is the highest at 3,25, knowledge of instructional strategies score is 3,15, content knowledge score is 3.07 and knowledge of curriculum is the lowest with score 2,89. Effective strategies. endstream endobj 416 0 obj <>/Metadata 73 0 R/Pages 413 0 R/StructTreeRoot 170 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 417 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 792 612]/Parent 413 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 418 0 obj <>stream Theoretical and educational implications of the findings are discussed. Include playful games or forms of … CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE ONLINE TEACHING STRATEGIES: FACILITATION FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION Leighsa Sharoff, Hunter College – City University of New York ABSTRACT Facilitating an online course in today’s student population requires an educator to be innovative and creative and to have an impactful online presence. The effective teaching strategies used by the awarded teachers are: student‐centred activities, a connection between teaching contents and real life, management of skills in class, open‐ended questions, an encouragement of creative thinking and use of technology and multimedia. A qualitative inquiry was implemented to map the de-motivating factors faced by the EFL learners and Classroom Action Research (CAR) design was conducted to improve speaking ability. �+:*�2s�Fj2p��Ғ@l It is noted that interest, ing instructional materials are the ones which, are planned not too long and contain various, attractive activities. ��|��4'P!\қ���b Observations and Videotaping. Adapting teaching and learning strategies The strategies linked to learning activities are a … International Seminar and CEISU 2012 Meeting, 03 February 2012, Senate Room, T, The study aims at designing EFL instructional materials used in EFL class at the English Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at a university in Indonesia. The teaching process, must provide learners enough space to learn. 0 cation, self-management, goal achievement, and demonstrate personal responsibility in, tively. Young children don’t always express thought and emotion verbally, so teacher should also observed non verbal language and be thoughtful in order to help them understanding the subject. Creative Thinking Strategies This section of Creativiteach is devoted to strategies intended to enhance creativity, primarily divergent-thinking strategies. The teaching process puts more, emphasis on the transmission of the knowl, edge and the teaching processes are heavily, dependent on the textbook which do not touch, the real needs of learners. Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.Examples include using the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos, as well as encouraging your students to get out of their seats with classroom experiments and local field trips. Early childhood teacher should gain more practiced and learn to enhance their knowledge of curriculum. The two environments employed in this study were "Blackboard" and "Knowledge Forum." Creative Writing Strategies in the Composition Classroom. Rating Scales and Checklists. ing strategies help learners to apply, analyze, and synthesize, to create new knowledge, and, It has been noted that there are some effective, The strategies, in general, put emphasis on the, possibility to apply what have been learned, other stakeholders. The Current Status of Faculty Assessment. Take the help of tools to stimulate creativity. Using the short story at the intermediate level can provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the foreign language in a way that does develop their appreciation of literature, specifically through the examination of aspects of genre theory. In this step a teacher must, inform the learner about similar problem situ, ations, provide additional practice, put the, learner in a transfer situation, and review the, nine steps an effective lesson plan is com, teaching learning process. USING EVIDENCE IN FACULTY ASSESSMENT. 442 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[415 77]/Info 414 0 R/Length 129/Prev 674753/Root 416 0 R/Size 492/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream This implies that active, learning intends to contextualize instructional, materials and the learners are placed as the, center of the teaching learning process. Halliwell, S. 1993. the purposes and objectives of the teaching. Farrel, T.S., 2002. There must be bal, ance for learning well and for enjoying the, learning itself. goal and design instructional materials in a lesson plan. In other words the student, curiosity is built up on the subject. The design and development process of the instructional materials are discussed and the steps in implementing teaching integrated reading and speaking in EFL teaching and learning (TIRS) are proposed. It is argued that current theory on the teaching and learning of composition is insufficient in that it does not, This study investigates the effectiveness of use of technology enhanced learning wall to facilitate student-centered learning in the subject area of hospitality discipline. Roudlege. "�@$�Mi�f/ ��A$�l�V�"]�I�=� ��k���`م`6\%�_>Xdci&X|3��"� �"�`���t �? Created Date: 9/15/2020 7:23:46 PM The development of instructional materials is the main and teacher education. Lesson Planning. h�b``�f``z������� ̀ �l@����e�!�u����O�%M8$��*cꮯR�xL�+��m�9��t�g�e���;8�id�(;����`\ށ Constructing a Full Portrayal of Faculty Work. Clear statements of what is to, learning process has to get students engaged, with content in a way that enables them to, reach understanding. by Stacia Levy 63,638 views. The purpose of this study was to provide new understanding concerning the theory-practice gap in teacher education. Teachers who can model creative ways of thinking, playfully engage with content, and express their ideas, will beget creative students. endstream endobj startxref Creative Teaching Strategies for Clinical, Lab, or Orientation Instruction Refreshment Break with Exhibitors and Posters Creative Assessment Strategies Making Creative Strategies Work! Good instructional materials are able to gain, and maintain learner attention and to arouse, motivation to learn. The design of instruction that motivates learners to learn is also presented and discussed. Read about the Lives of Great Inventors. (Eds). Teachers need to pay attention for all aspect in learning activities. The study employed a developmental research (R&D) design involving a group of students programming the Curriculum and Material Development class in the 2014/2015 academic year. Effective learning is more than merely the results of good teaching. GOLD is a developmentally appropriate assessment system. The naissance of active learning where learners have to be active, during the teaching learning process, has alter, effective teaching strategies so the teaching learning is able to transform knowledge into, effective learning tasks and activities. ... all 80 of our PDF e-books. In, this step a teacher shows correctness of the, learner’s response, analyzes learner’s behav. 491 0 obj <>stream Developing teachers professionally: reflections for initial and in-service The, rst is interest and explanation. More im, portantly, Braskamp (2000) highlights the use, of the results of the assessment to develop and, improve the teaching effectiveness. teaching, learning and content as problematic, uncertain and relative. Brainstorming. Creative Teaching. Based on the results of the evaluation and analysis, instructional materials were developed employing Dick and Carey ID elements. It is also, important for a teacher to describe the goal of, a lesson, state what the learners will be able to, accomplish and how they will be able to use, the knowledge. This step also, allows teachers to provide the learners with, a framework that helps them to learn and re, member. Effective teach. The act of teaching in a novel and useful way that promotes student growth related to the development of original thought and action.Creative teaching focuses both on the methods a teacher uses to deliver learning and the overall effect those methods have on students and the outcomes produced. Methodology in Language Teaching; An anthology of currect practice. Particularly, the students who engaged in the Knowledge Forum environment tended to demonstrate deeper understanding of the relationship between theories, practice, and expertise in teaching. Consequently, motivation, of learners to learn will arouse since the in, structional materials and the selected strategies. The study aimed to investigate de-motivating factors in speaking in Indonesian EFL learning context and to propose a solution to overcome speaking problems in the teaching-learning process. Read the … The last one is learning from, tion without learning from learners. The most traditionally creative subjects are in the arts, but these can be incorporated into just about any lesson, whether math, science, or history. In this, step a teacher must provide exercises for prac, ticing what they have just learned. That's 4,036 pages filled with thousands of practical activities and tips that you can start using today. education in Indonesia. The paper aims at discussing how creative teachers and effective teaching strategies motivate learners to learn. Kong Effects of Knowledge-Building Environment on Teacher-Education Students' Conceptions about Theo... Beliefs about sources of knowledge predict motivation for learning in teacher education. The paper aims at discussing how creative teachers and effective teaching strategies motivate learners to learn. The teaching learning-process is contextual and the emphasis is to fulfill learners' needs. Each of them can make or mar the teaching-learning process depending on how the lecturer understands and handles them.The paper, however, recommends some steps to be taken by lecturers to manage and control the classroom for effective teaching-learning process. Strategies to Liberate Creativity . Play based learning. Richard, (2002) and Moore (2005) argue that the abil, ity of a teacher to prepare such teaching mod, els has a positive effect on learner motivation, because real needs and interest of learners are, gaged in the teaching learning process. This kind of creativ, ity is necessary to facilitate effective teaching, in the daily teaching learning process where, a teacher is able to overcome common prob, lems faced by learners, such as being fright. In order to conduct an effective teaching, creative teacher chooses a variety of effective learning strategies that underpin each other, to activate learners, to engage learners and to instill motivation to learn. Teaching the Art of Drafting in Composition 0 8,399 0. ing process is monotonous. This principle, is to emphasize that it is the job of every teach, must be able attract the students attention on, the subject so that the students are motivated, to participate in. HELP STUDENTS MEET THEIR GOALS. concern of this book that is based on my experiences in teaching the Curriculum and Materials Development course at the Department of English Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Tadulako University in Palu, Central Sulawesi Indonesia. Establishing the Credibility of the Evidence. This can be in line with, that observation learning may or may not in, volve imitation. The results of the implementation of the designed instructional materials to a group of 35 EFL learners are reported and discussed. In this step a teacher informs the objec, tive of the teaching that allows the learners to, organize their thoughts and around what they, are about to see, to hear, and/or do. The learning tasks and activities are designed to enable learners to experience the practical application of the knowledge they have learned. By keeping the balance in the teaching, learning process the results of teaching is not, only developing the cognitive skill but also, the psychomotor skill. Creative teachers, prepare lesson plan by formulating appropri, ate and clearly written objectives which is de, According to Farrel (2001), the ability to for, mulate clear learning objective helps teachers. Introducing Inventive Thinking and Brainstorming. It has been noted in the teaching learning pro, cess that authentic materials is preferred over, created materials because the authentic mate, Creativity in teaching learning process can, be seen as teacher effort to facilitate learning, to achieve teaching goals. This, implies that teacher creativities are directly, related to the way they serve learners as the, fective learning. This kind of teaching, model requires creative teachers and suitable, The results of conventional learning have, been the memorization of theory or conceptu, al knowledge. This research use descriptive quantitative methode to describe pedagogical content knowledge of 135 early childhood education teacher’s in Pekanbaru City that has been chosen by purposive sampling technique. Preliminary findings suggest that the participants performed better in the Knowledge Forum environment than in the Blackboard environment. trainers. We need to support learners who respond to questions or tasks in an unusual or unexpected way, or ask unusual questions themselves. The inclusion of composition as an important aspect of the music curriculum can be supported on the grounds that it is a unique way of knowing music, and that through participation in the process of composing, students are required to use their musical knowledge in a creative way. lesson plan preparation and development. This kind of situation drives learners to be, passive and consequently the teaching learn. The nine events can be diagrammed as follows: a teacher introduces a problem or a new situ, ation by using an “interest device” that grabs, the learner’s attention. Rowley, J.B. 2002. Interpreting the num, read student evaluations of your teaching, tional Intelligence; The role of transfor. The clear in, struction prevents the learners of loosing, time in understanding of what to do during, the teaching process. Teaching that involves practicalities should also be focused. EXPANDING THE PURPOSES AND GOALS OF FACULTY ASSESSMENT. Effective, teaching means seeing the relation between. On the con, interested in what students know and don’t, know, a teacher must be generous, a teacher, must be able to make it easy for learners to, master ideas and fact, and more importantly, a, sign proper assessments where the assessment, matches to the material to be learned. There are some invaluable propositions on how to design, develop and evaluate instructional materials by researchers and language educators.