Educating your users on the safe use of public Wi-Fi and the common signs to spot a potential scam will increase the companies awareness and minimise risk. See our security awareness training software, phishing simulation and uBreach software in action. Alongside educating employees on security awareness training topics, as new regulations are imposed, compliance course are increasingly necessary for employees. By implementing a 'clean-desk' policy, the threat of unattended documents being stolen or copied can be significantly reduced. That is much more easily said than done. Learn more about changes to GDPR here. Being security aware is not just about knowing what a phishing email looks like – although this is part of it. "Spearphishing" is a more sophisticated and targeted form of attack, using specific company workers to legitimise an email to a specific set of end users. Email: [email protected], Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s files. Cybesecurity solutions firm Fortinet introduced its new free Information Security Awareness and Training service for organizations looking to educate employees about the increasing risks of cyberattacks. Developed by ESET researchers and educators, this comprehensive online course takes under 90 minutes to complete. These digital applications are transforming businesses, however, with large amounts of private data being stored remotely comes the risk of large-scale hacks. It’s better to deal with the problem immediately and with the support of your team than to go it alone and potentially leave a vulnerability undetected. If you want employee security awareness training to work, you need to learn how to engage your audience. We’ve partnered with a leader in Security Awareness Training to offer you Kevin Mitnick’s Security Awareness Training 2016. Before training begins, be sure to establish a benchmark of your staff’s cybersecurity knowledge so you can measure improvement. June 2, 2020 An out-of-the-box tutor: Kaspersky’s new Security Awareness Training provides every employee with an individual learning path Kaspersky has unveiled its new Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training, developed in partnership with Area9 Lyceum. There is no single technology or user behavior that will completely protect you or the organization from cyber incidents. Gartner predicts that by next year, 99% of all cloud security incidents will be the fault of the end-user. The effectiveness of such attacks has led to newer and sophisticated developments, such as Voice Phishing and SMS phishing. If a company wants to offer this incentive, they should focus on educating remote employees of safe working practices. Increasing employee knowledge, sharing encrypted files and authenticating downloads will reduce the risk. This assessment can be anything from a company-wide cybersecurity survey to a simulated phishing test. It can be difficult to know which training is the most relevant for your workforce, so we’ve listed 5 of the most essential Cyber Security Awareness Courses your employees should do in 2020. Digital Forensics & Incident Response Although companies are increasingly aware of phishing, it is still a growing threat in 2020, in part due to lack of awareness on the employee level. We all share large parts of our lives on social media: from holidays to events and work. New employee onboarding should include security awareness training relevant to access level, understanding and experience. Best community practice is making sure workers should have to sign a mobile security policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With increasingly sophisticated digital threats, educating your digital workforce on cyber security best practice is the most effective way of saving time and preventing security breaches. Security Awareness Training for Employees. Security Awareness Training levels the playing field between everyone, so you won’t feel bad if something happens to you. ... Magazine sat down separately with each one of these CISOs for a candid discussion on cybersecurity, including security awareness training for employees. Security Awareness Training significantly reduces your staffs overall susceptibility to phishing and other human-centric cyber attacks.