In fact, most guys prefer a DIY homemade bar because it allows them the flexibility to design their drinking area just the way they want. |, 30 Best Indoor Trees and Tropical House Plants. This simple yet classy area is perfect as a DIY project for manly men. Pairing a real stone facade with custom arches and columns painted in a forest green shade evokes the feel of a modern hunting lodge. Basement can provide you a … Remember that your lighting setup can play a huge role in elevating your wall and shelving decor. Building a corner bar allows you to use the remaining square footage to put in a seating area or a pool table. This updated basement features a small kitchen for prepping snacks and a game table for playing cards or kids' art projects. Build kitchen cabinets and a prefab countertop for a simple, cost-effective DIY project. Small basement ideas can help you start the renovation. I’ve always loved the look of marble floors, but the real deal can cost $17 a square foot. It is currently is reserved to be a getaway from the noisy outdoor traffic. Cool basement ideas don’t just have to be for the adults—consider doing something fun for the little ones with your remodel! An upscale, well-lit wooden bar is as inviting as the plush leather chairs in the adjacent seating area. Get your home bar fitted with a mini-refrigerator and always leave space to install a good-sized television. Turn your basement into a guest suite, complete with a kitchen and bar. Combine a beautiful bar top, awesome leather stools, a mini-refrigerator, black cabinets, classy lighting fixtures, and classy wall art to create a luxury design. Bring in a little shine with glass and metal components. While a basement isn’t often the place where your guests visit, installing a mini bar in it will give them a reason to climb down and enjoy a couple of drinks. Small finished basement with gray carpet flooring and wall lighting, along with a small kitchen and a cozy living room set up. A low-profile wall bar leaves more room for accessories like a pool table. Never run out of ideas and get inspired from these décor ideas photos here: That is all for now folks, until later, enjoy these ideas and now go get it! I love home office design. A basement bar doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want a small basement bar on a budget, then you may just appreciate this DIY home hack. Don’t replace weathered brick walls: just paint them white to give them a fresh, updated look. Rustic style has been having a moment, and its timeless simplicity makes it ideal for a basement bar. So whether you want a dry, wet, corner, or wall bar for your man cave, check out the best basement bar design ideas to inspire you! You don’t have to go overboard with luxury finishes to create a sophisticated home bar. Open shelving, clean lines, and hanging pendant lights create a classy, elegant feel. Elegant masculine details like black beams, black leather bar stools, and a red and black pool table give an air of luxe maturity for the modern man. Excellently makes use of a very small space; A good way to use the red pop color on the desk; Cons. Other excellent basement ideas include giving your kids their own corner with an indoor playhouse or swing, or creating your ultimate getaway with a daybed and … Hang the simple lights with the glass lampshades that add elegance to the room. Some basement bars are simple, and some have seriously cool edgy vibes. Do you like the log cabin look? Small Basement Bathroom Ideas 1. Small basement ideas on a budget 1- Movie room Décor concept. Basements can be dark and drab, but this bright space is anything but gloomy. For instance, neon signs are cool, but a complete bar set, wood paneling, unique shelving, top-shelf liquor, a nice countertop, and comfortable stools are more worth the money. You’re going to like them. Too small to hold a discussion; Basement Ideas for Guest Room. Invest in the right stools and counter to make the most of your small space. A downstairs bar can feel too dark, but you can combat that by using lots of lighting. For bar decorating ideas, guys absolutely need to invest in a custom wall-mounted bottle opener. A bar can serve as a major focal point for a finished basement. An elegant space is the perfect place to enjoy an exquisite glass of wine. Not everyone wants to commit their full basement, so a small basement bar is an excellent compromise. Think whatever you want to add into the space! If you’re skilled, do-it-yourself and carve what you want into a piece of wood. There is no shortage of modern basement ideas to borrow from. Sophisticated Basement Ideas. Reclaimed wood beams make excellent shelves: they’re sturdy, have clean lines, and add visual interest to a space. Or a night study room, or even a mini bar to chill out? A bar wrapped with natural stone completes this upscale rustic look. A small bar opened in your basement will present new options, it will lead to great opportunities when it comes to entertaining your friends and family. There’s a lot you can do in your unfinished basement. From: S&K Interiors. A slate floor adds another natural element. Worry not! This website participates in an Amazon Associate Program which means we earn from qualifying purchase when you click on a link that we recommend. A finished basement feels more like an upstairs oasis when it’s packed with so many great design ideas. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you are pretty tight in budget, you can just finish your basement partially. However, you don’t need a lot of space to create a great working space. From trendy yet functional shelves to cool bar tops, lighting, wall art, and custom fixtures, you’ll love these classic and modern home bars! Achieve the look with a stone accent wall and a top wrapped with reclaimed distressed wood planks. A good room to spend time studying. The bricks-made... Past Flicks and Football – Small Basement. Showing you a couple of basement bathroom ideas that looks totally amazing! Cabinets lined along one wall boasting a sink, open shelving, and a refrigerator make for an ideal downstairs setup. Almost everything you see can be part of a DIY project or easily pieced together with multi-functional furniture. Instead, walls and ceiling blur together, making the ceiling look higher than it really is. If elegant simplicity is your style vibe, explore home bar ideas that are minimalist and monochromatic. How about getting one of these wooden pallet, stack them up and make it a... 2- Mini Bar Décor concept. Take a look at the pictures below and be astounded! Use open shelves to display wine glasses and bottles. A basement bar can have a trendy setup thanks to elegant light fixtures and an elegant recessed wood ceiling. This is an elegant look when paired with cream-colored paint, dark wood, and a custom stone arch. Sectional Sofa in a Modern Basement Family Room. Unfortunately, this is letting precious square footage go to waste. A DIY project like the one pictured above offers the ability to design and decorate the space on a budget. If you’re not concerned with customizing your drinking space, you can save time and money with prefabricated elements. Therefore, painting a brighter color will make your small space appears larger – see examples below: I am fortunate enough to have a separate parking garage which I use to store my tools. Small basement remodel ideas – The main point of renovating a small basement from a dark and cold place into becoming a nice one is to be somewhere you can have some fun. Pair with black granite countertops and beams for a modern take on the man cave. A small sauna near the home gym will be a nice addition and you will have your own health center. Required fields are marked *. If you live in a home that already has a lot of character, you can use that to inspire your designs. You can have a bar with a small footprint that still offers room for several people to enjoy it. Stretch your budget by using reclaimed wood for shelves and countertops. decor for small spaceindustrial racksmall space, Your email address will not be published. Since basement flooring can get expensive, Smith suggests luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. In a spacious basement, you can bring in a dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, and even a popcorn machine! Make sure your friends are comfortable in a plush sitting area or settle them in to watch a movie while they sip their draft beer. Sleek wood panels and geometric black tiles give the area visual appeal without taking up too much space. With so many basement bar ideas, coming up with designs and decorating your home bar can be fun and easy, even on a budget. Your budget can be informed by many different elements. Crisp lighting, a clean white countertop and shelving, and clear bar stools bring light and bright elements to life. We only paid $40 for that peel and stick tile and I think it looks pretty dang good. If you only have a small space to work with, you don’t need to install a full bar. Especially if you’re a beer enthusiast, a bottle opener covers a basic need while contributing to the decor of your walls. Check out the examples below. Pros. Overhead neon lights illuminate a textured stone wall that really pops under the overexposed lighting style. Even in small spaces, there are cool bar designs that can help you maximize your home and create a great man cave for drinking with your buddies. You are able to add extravagant touches to your basement. The right materials and colors can give your basement bar a contemporary feel. Do you like the log cabin look? In interior design, it’s the little details that transform a room from drab to ultimate man cave and home bar. 19 Beautiful Small Coffee Tables for Studio Apartment, 3 Outdoor Building Projects You Can Complete during this Autumn, 3 simple Tips for bed arrangement for a small space, Six (6) best wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly, 3 Strong Indoor and Outdoor Firewood rack for winter below 100$, Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, 7 Best 3 bedroom house plans in 3D you can copy, 14 beautiful and cheap round bed for luxury home, 77 Japanese garden ideas for small spaces that will bring Zen to Your Home, 9 beautiful winter garden house extension you dream of, 67 Fun DIY Wooden Key Holder for wall Ideas You Can Do, 25 Japanese fence design ideas you can implement for your house (photo inside). A natural edge top and upholstered stools add comfort and style. Play with your basement space by thinking outside the boxy outline of the standard bar countertop layout. With classy wood wall panels, creative shelving, a quality countertop, extra storage space via cabinets, and a mini-fridge or wine cooler, you can design a functional homemade dry bar. Explore ideas with wood designs. Not every link is an affiliate link, but some are. However if you only have limited space, then use an industrial rack to store your tool is a good idea, especially in such a small basement. Even if you don’t have the space for a basement bar, you don’t have to be left out: simply repurpose an area of your kitchen by installing drawers into lower cabinets to store your spirits. The third room is used for a refrigerator. For starters, a quality bookshelf from IKEA can double as a bar shelf. I don’t really mind that. The best man cave bar ideas maximize space to create a beautiful yet manly part of the home. Wrapping the front of your bar with wood adds visual interest in a space, especially if you bring that same element to an accent wall. Why go to a crowded sports bar when you can just build your own basement with a big screen TV, pennants and posters, and memorabilia from your favorite teams. 16 Amazing Ideas to Give Your Basement a Stylish New Look 1. There is also the issue of budget: you can design a luxury home bar with top-of-the-line cabinetry and countertops, or consider more inexpensive decorating ideas. It is my purpose that this post will help those on a budget to improve their basement to make it more lively. One room is already used for hot water boilers and washing machine. Pairing reclaimed wood with sleek stone bar tops and high-end lighting adds sophistication and verve to any space. The look is monochromatic and contemporary. It will not be cheap but worth a shot. If you don’t have the space for a full bar but want something more than a manufactured set, a bar that sits on your wall is a great way to enjoy a cool setup with a minimal investment of time and money. If you want to keep it simple and easy, a wall bar may be right for your basement. Floating walnut shelves, a gas fireplace with a rolled-steel surround, and a textural shag rug are just a few of the elements that elevate the space. Getting Rid of Items that You Don’t Use Anymore How about turn it into a movie room? Start with dark wood shelving, a clean bar top with a unique texture, and comfortable stools. Basement can be transformed into many others including a kitchen. Creating a minibar is a great idea to utilize all that extra space. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I, myself, had gone through that episode in my life before. A traditional basement bar can be elevated with an unexpected focal point. However, if you really want to, I suggest to choose something that is bright because of the lack of natural light in the basement. Create your own sports lounge by mounting a TV above the bar and serve your guests without missing a play. If you like to have friends and family over to play games, darts, pool while hanging out, why stop with a bar? Space for a hobby – some hobbies require an isolated place, so the basement can be arranged as a workshop, a place for learning to play musical instruments, etc. But this space has massive potential, and with a little effort, your small basement bar can become one of the most stylish spots in your home. Think about getting a wine bar for the perfect chill area. Making a bar can be super rewarding because you get to come up with design ideas and see them come to life. Heavy wrought iron lights and a recessed ceiling can make an underground room feel more spacious. If you invest heavily in your wine collection, you can take it to the next level by creating a bar that’s worthy of it. On a budget? Heart shaped coffee mugs that fit together. Bar tops are often thought of as utilitarian. Some men love a theme, and a basement bar can be the perfect place to go all out. An intricate mosaic tile backdrop adds a ton of visual flair, especially when you illuminate it with the help of custom lighting design. A focal wall and light-up letters can add interesting visual elements without being too fussy. Small Home Office Chart Then it only last the fourth room which I measure to be just 4 by 4 meters, it is very small but yet I have make full use of the space. This basement's sectional sofa makes it a perfect place for the family to hang out and entertain. The installation was pretty simple, too. A chest-high counter is great for guys who want to create some distance between the bartender and your guests, especially when you’re entertaining a large party. Pair simple rectangular tiles with a sleek granite countertop to get a sharp modern style. Evoke rustic simplicity with natural materials in warm tones. It is separate into 4 smaller rooms. 5. An underground kitchen opens up more room upstairs for extra bedrooms, office space – whatever you may need. Small Basement Ideas on a Budget A setup complete with several draft beers is sure to attract guests. 6. Explore ideas with wood designs. The truth is, when people plan to utilize space in their homes, the basement is often forgotten. If you’re committed to creating a basement bar with a lot of visual impact, look into a lighted front. But your countertop can be incredibly modern and ornate. A skinny, shallow countertop ensures the footprint will be minimal while using light bright colors and incorporating a waterfall bar top gives it a sleek, modern appeal. The best way to get in style and saving more bucks is by keeping the ceiling exposed. Turn your basement into a functional space for your... 2. Basement Bar Design Ideas Small Basement Bar. Find shelving with dark colors for a masculine look that can be easily repurposed. Painting the ceiling white and the walls a different color would have created a horizontal line. If you’re looking into fully custom finished basement bars with classy creative decor, those can get pricey. Wrapping a bar front with a stylish wood like cedar creates an elegant and fresh focal point. I love this idea because it makes use of a residual space that would otherwise be used for as a simple storage space if not for nothing at all. 3. “It’s water resistant,” she says, “and results in huge savings compared to traditional tile installation.” For a more industrial look, refinish with concrete and use large area or throw rugs. Create your own sports and hobby museum is the coolest thing to do with a basement. Accent with details like stainless steel appliances and a bright neon sign. After designing and building your basement bar, finding cool decorations can be a fun hobby. Homeowners have numerous reasons to convert a basement into an apartment: A returning college grad might need a rent-free place to live while accumulating savings; they may need a place to house an au pair for their young children, have an aging parent or grandparent who doesn't want to live alone, or want income by renting otherwise unused space. A home bar doesn’t have to break the bank: you can set up a small countertop, a handful of stools, a cocktail mixing set, a few decorations for your wall, and have a nice start. Combined with some creative wall art and quality decorations, and you’ll just have built your own small man cave bar! If you already have rustic characteristics in your home like sliding barn doors, you can tie similar components into your bar for consistency. Unfinished basements tend to get filled with every old and unwanted item in the house from worn out furniture to childhood memorabilia. 23+ Most Popular Small Basement Ideas, Decor and Remodel An Air of Extravagance – Small Basement Ideas. Choose low-profile bar stools and minimalist decor to make the area stand out even more so it becomes the star of your room. The modern and simple basement bar ideas should be on your list if you are planning to build a great place to entertain you and recharge your energy after a hard day. Introducing classic elements of a traditional bar can be a great way to elevate your design and maximize the feel of a small space. Add a tiled inset and some shelves for visual interest and practical storage. To make small basement remodeling ideas more splashy in appearance, think of of the box! This modern basement corner bar is perfect for guys who want a small space to drink but need to build one on a budget. Space efficient basement bar design. Even if your bar takes up a small amount of basement space, you can make it fit in by extending shared details throughout the space. If you have arcade games or a man cave that doubles as a video game room, you can incorporate signs into your decor along with other visual elements. Your email address will not be published. You can assure that your bathroom will look well-constructed and extremely spacious because of its light-yellow paint that will compliment well with your black furniture. You can heighten that feeling of decadence with dark wood, ceiling panels, and custom shelving. Adding a tile backsplash and using an unexpected electric blue countertop offers an unexpected pop of color to your basement bar. They differ in archetype, design, planning and inspiration – but we are sure that you will definitely love this list because of the cool things you can actually do with your basement if ever you decide on adding or creating a bathroom in the basement. Simple Rustic Basement Bar Designs. Incorporate your team of choice into elements like upholstery on your stools to highlight the theme. You can have a stylish bar even in a small space. As the name suggests, the items would be stored in an organized manner inside a closet on the basement. Using a combination of natural materials – wood for floors and cabinets, rough cut stone for an accent wall, and smoother stone for your top – creates visual interest through varying textures. Home theater room is for sure to make everyone interested so that to enjoy more and more. Use them to display glassware, mugs, French presses, cake stands, and other items you need for your in-home coffee bar. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Turn your finished basement into an upscale man cave. Small basement ideas – cozy atmosphere for entertainment and recreation Most guys don’t realize that rustic designs can also be incredibly elegant. April 17, 2017, 12:20 pm 429 Views 3 Comments. If you build a basement bar, you can tie it in by using elements from your kitchen. Even if you’ve decided that you want to build, design, and decorate a basement bar, there are still a number of factors to think about. Pair with natural elements like wood and stone for balance. If that’s the case, consider designing a basement space that you can retreat to with a good book or your favorite album. Seamlessly integrate your basement bar into your home by echoing design elements during construction. Paired with some nice lighting, creative wall art, and rugged decorations, we’re confident you’ll love your custom bar. The glossy dark wood of the banister leading downstairs can continue into the design. You may think you don’t have enough space for things you want, but it’s wrong. Maybe you prefer scotch and jazz over beer and nine-ball. How about turning the small cave into this mini bar? Paint your exposed ceiling black for the illusion of depth. Up your style profile with creative and interesting lighting choices. From cool blue shelving that houses your glasses and liquors to a clean white countertop to the awesome wooded end as an accent piece, this simple yet functional home bar looks great. Yes, make each and every one of people in the house to love the basement. A subway tile backsplash and kitchen cabinets that match existing ones give you a grounded and well-oriented sense of style. Look in salvage stores for antique wood counters with unique designs and features. Making a basement bar can allow you to play around with finishes and textures. There are plenty of bar top ideas for every design style. © 2020 Design Ideas Guide | All Rights Reserved. 3. Otherwise, there are plenty of online businesses that allow you to buy bar signs. If you have the extra square footage, a basement can make a great primary bar and kitchen instead of a bonus room. The small basement bathroom idea can make your bathroom great with the white & black look background. Using a blonde wood can help keep the space feeling lighter and airier, even in an underground basement. Style is always a consideration: you could opt for a modern look or choose rustic designs. Whether you want inspiration for planning a small basement renovation or are building a designer basement from scratch, Houzz has 1,497 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Zephyr Interiors and Deborah Broockerd/Closet Factory. Enough space to store books for one person. Give Laundry a Designated Area Your basement is going to change permanently (for good). For small finished bedroom ideas a built in bench that can be converted in to a bed with under cabinet storage is a great space saver and can increase the home’s value. The next step is to find your bar top. Things can be a little tricky when your basement is small. Small Basement Office Ideas. We have 17 amazing tips or you can say basement organization ideas that could transform your basement into an otherworldly experience. Paint the ceiling and walls white to make a small basement seem larger. Standard kitchen cabinets and laminate countertops can help you put together a nice wet basement bar on a budget. So here, you go, some great ideas you could implement for your small basement: Mine was in bare concrete color. Another great idea for your small bathroom is this extremely lovely design. Tiling your ceiling is challenging work, but the end result is simply stunning and sure to grab everyone’s attention. Would you believe that flooring is peel and stick tile? Here are 59 cool basement bar ideas and designs that are perfect for the man cave in your home. Maybe it’s more likely that you’ll have a few friends over for a quiet night than a Super Bowl party. Not everyone wants to commit their full basement, so a small basement bar is an excellent compromise. Installing lighting in the shelves highlights your barware, while pendant lights of varying heights create the mood through good design. The other is used as a store room with a tiny table for hand craft. You see, my basement is around 40 square meters. Basement Storage Closet Best Small Basement Storage Ideas Closet Ikea Photos Pinterest. I have a sizeable home office in the basement at our home. 17 Smart Basement Organization Ideas 1. A bar isn’t a necessary room like a kitchen or a bathroom so it may feel like an indulgence or a splurge. The sleek lines also enlarge the space. Installing a curved top makes your space feel customized, and creates the illusion of more space. Take ownership of your basement with custom signage. Install diagonal shelving so that your wine bottles can be stylishly displayed while still being easily accessible. Incorporating metallic elements like steel gears and metal light fixtures can add a cool industrial steampunk feel to a basement bar. All you need is … A brick wall, wooden cabinets, and unfinished wooden ceiling beams create a cozy, hole-in-the-wall pub feel that is cheerful and lived-in. Wooden beams, a wood wrapped counter, and heavy lanterns can round out your style. Stairs that turn into a slide, a rock climbing wall, and built-in shelves to house games or toys are all awesome kids playroom ideas to consider for your basement. If yes, then this post is for you. If you’re handy though, you can save some money by doing a DIY bar. Are you living in a cosy home with a small basement and look to improve the look and feel of the available space with your limited budget? The eye would use this line to establish the height of the ceiling. Thanks for visiting our small home office photo gallery where you can search lots of home office design ideas. Time to think of how you could decorate the small space with limited natural light to make it lively? You can choose to buy a manufactured countertop or just build the counter with wood. This is, perhaps, the most common choice for those who live in big cities or apartment. Basement Mancave Remodel from The Makerista. Men can find the finishes they need at any home improvement store. It’s sure to be the focal point and center of attention at all your gatherings. 4. A Bright and Airy Organizational Closet for Functionality. Try peel and stick tile. Here are several small basement kitchen design ideas you can consider. While building a bar can seem daunting, there are countless cheap, easy and simple ideas to make your home basement bar the best hangout spot. It is complemented by the … Concrete flooring, DIY shelves, and wooden stools look great for a hipster bar. A Cozy Nook for Entertaining and Relaxation. By c|s DESIGN STUDIO LLC A stylish man cave featuring an American Football inspired living space and an elegant bar area. Rustic beams can frame out the area, and extend across the ceiling to tie in the seating area. The basement is a perfect space that could be transformed