Del Monte Philippines, Inc., JY Campos Centre 9 th Avenue corner 30 th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634 Philippines Tel: +632 8856 2888 Fax: +632 8856 2590 Its job is to make the plastic flexible so it completely covers the inside of the can. S.A. Signs. After that time, the color, flavor and texture of the food may begin to deteriorate, although the contents would still be safe. The Renaissance Del Monte Lodge Hotel and Spa offers our guests the unique charm of an upscale boutique, full-service hotel. In the last two years, Del Monte donated over 10 million pounds of food to Feeding America – earning us the proud distinction of a “Leadership Partner” in 2016. [11] This campaign was backed by the Kenya Human Rights Commission, which stated that wages were not enough to meet basic needs, that living quarters and sanitation was "disgraceful," toxic pesticides deemed by the World Health Organization as "Extremely hazardous" and "Highly hazardous" were being used, and that the company was intimidating internal trade union leaders, among other concerns. and sign up to be notified about new coupons and promotions for our consumer products as they become available. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. As a guideline, Del Monte® canned products have a shelf-life of about 2 to 3 years from the date of production. Del Monte Philippines, Inc. markets and distributes food and beverages. CAN YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION? Box 294484, Dubai, UAE Phone: 00971 4 333 3801 Fax: 00971 4 333 7669 Email: Location Map By 1892, the firm expanded its business and selected Del Monte as the brand name for its new line of canned peaches. Del Monte® brand dried fruit, fresh fruit and foods sold in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central America and Asia are produced under license by companies that are otherwise unaffiliated with Del Monte Foods. PBH works with thousands of health professionals, with an emphasis on supermarket dietitians, to advocate for increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in "All Forms." Discover the amazing science behind the food we use to power our minds and bodies. The fruit, vegetables and tomatoes we use in our products have always been Non-GMO, but some of our added ingredients for sweeteners or flavorings have been sourced from genetically modified crops like corn or soybeans. Very beautiful color combination. Each lesson is meant to engage your entire family with materials that you can easily find in your home. The Canned Food Alliance (CFA) promotes the many benefits of canned foods, including nutrition, convenience, affordability, year-round availability, and sustainability. [11], In 1999, Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo (CNMS), an Italian human rights group, began a campaign for consumers in Italy to boycott Del Monte pineapples after research conducted by the group found conditions at the company's factory to be inferior. HOW DOES DEL MONTE CERTIFY PRODUCTS AS "NON-GMO"? Should you have any questions or seek information on genuine sources for Del Monte Fresh Produce products, please contact Visit the Living a Healthy Lifestyle section of our website for information about nutrition, recipes and tips that the whole family can enjoy! We do recommend that any swollen or leaking containers be discarded, regardless of their age. Box 193575 San Francisco CA 941193575: Owner Web Site: Owner Phone: 415-247-3000: Owner Toll Free: Owner Fax: 415-247-3565 Car is located at 2240 del monte ave monterey 93940. A copy of Mr. Perocchi’s letter is here. Our 130 year history is as rich and vibrant as our products. WHY ARE ONLY SOME OF DEL MONTE'S PRODUCTS LABELED "NON-GMO"? [6] In 2001, the company took significant steps to address and correct matters per these concerns. © 2020 Del Monte Foods, Inc All Rights Reserved. The coating components are also EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) compliant. [1] Additional findings were that Del Monte did not have a safety plan in the event of an emergency, did not make first aid kits available to employees, did not provide ear protection to workers in high decibel environments and did not provide gas masks to employees using chemical sprays. All ingredient statements indicate the potential for an allergen in parentheses immediately behind the potential allergenic ingredient. Report this profile; About. To contact Del Monte Foods, Inc. Consumer Affairs: Del Monte Foods, Inc. is one of the largest producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality, branded food products for the U.S. retail market. Del Monte® Ketchup, Chili Sauce, Seafood Cocktail Sauce, Orchard Select® Products, and SunFresh® products will retain their quality for 1 to 2 weeks when stored in the refrigerator. [5] 34% of the company's production is juice concentrate, 22% is solid pineapple, 21% is mill juice sugar and 22% is cattle feed. Owner: DEL MONTE CORPORATION: Owner Address: P.O. In addition, efforts are currently underway with our suppliers to verify their ingredients’ non-GMO status, and, where necessary, to assure a consistent supply of replacement ingredients in order to label our remaining qualified products as non-GMO. No. In the last two years, Del Monte donated over 10 million pounds of food to Feeding America – earning us the proud distinction of a, No MSG Light & Fat Free Low Sodium Chicken Broth, Tomato Paste (except Italian Tomato Paste with Italian Seasonings; this product contains gluten), To find out about Del Monte coupon offers, go to. In 2016, we will be labeling all of our vegetables, fruit cups and many more tomato products as Non-GMO. WHAT IF I CANNOT FIND MY FAVORITE DEL MONTE FOODS PRODUCT IN MY STORE? Even though there are no health risks (allergens or negative nutrients) associated with GMOs, we decided to provide information about GMOs in our products to consumers so that they can make informed choices. Del Monte is proud to be a Fruit and Veggies More Matters Champion. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are present in Del Monte products that are labeled "Non-GMO.". Del Monte Fine Art is one of California’s premier galleries specializing in California Impressionism and American Paintings, with a focus on paintings done by the Early California Plein Air Artists (1880-1940) Jennifer Moses. Clean CA title IN HAND. THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS ARE EITHER GLUTEN FREE OR NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE*. We partnered with FA to help create and participate in innovative programs. This process goes to great lengths to ensure that Del Monte’s sweet corn is not mutated or impacted by “drift” pollination that can occur when our specialty sweet corn is grown in areas near genetically modified commodity corn. [12], On 5 October 2000, the company was asked by the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) to cease intimidation of trade unionists with Del Monte Kenya. We also conduct analytical testing on each product and monitor our suppliers’ analytical testing results to ensure Non-GMO status. This assumes the can isn't dented or damaged, and the product is stored under normal conditions. Vessel Name Registered Owner Year; DEL MONTE: U.S.Govt: 1984: DEL MONTE: Delta SS Lines Inc: 1980: DELTA BRASIL: Delta SS Lines Inc: 1968 Contact information is shown below including the DEL MONTE CORPORATION telephone number and the DEL MONTE CORPORATION website address. section of our website for information about nutrition, recipes and tips that the whole family can enjoy! [10] All compensation is aligned with Kenya's governmental laws that mandate a minimum wage of approximately 2,800 Kenyan shillings a month (2004 figures). [1] This occurred after the sale of the US company Del Monte Corporation in 1965. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is a holding company. [1], In 2011 the company's annual revenue was estimated at 4.5 billion Kenyan shillings and its processing capacity was 1,500 tons of pineapples daily. In the past, the company received negative publicity stemming from conflicts with workers and human rights groups, and the company has been targeted by human rights groups for hazardous conditions at the facility, poor living and working conditions for workers and for intimidating trade union groups. Kenya's largest single manufactured export is canned pineapple, and the country ranks among the top five pineapple exporters in the world, both of which feats are direct results of the company's existence and operations. During World War II, it closed and the building was leased to the United States Navy.
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