But the major difference here is the level of precision with respect to imaging. In total 12 pairs of ear tips are supplied with them, 3 sizes for 4 different categories of ear tips as follows: 2018-07-10 The Naming Rules of FiiO Earphones 2018-07-03 FiiO Releases the 3.5-2.5 Cable BL35 and Micro-to-Micro Cable ML06 2018-06-26 It is unmistakably a dynamic driver with that slightly slower pace and natural levels of decay. One small factor to note is that the MMCX connectors are more stiff on the FH5 than they are on the FH7, making them quite a bit harder to detach. The cable that is only one in the package is much sturdier and much more resistant than the one found on the F9 series or on FH1. It is priced at $269.99. Soundstage is good but not great, sincerely it is quite hard to make an in-ear monitor that sounds wide and spread with drivers that are sitting millimeters away from your eardrums. It not only provides a better seal, but is also a more comfortable wear. Graph Comparison Tool Back to Graph Database. Themain competitors for FA7 are FLC 8N, FiiO FH5, and HIFIMAN RE800 Silver. With better-layered bass and more presence into midrange and with a higher micro-details extraction the FH5 overall is a better earphone to me. There is no denying it, FH5 is completely on another league, a much higher one. However the bass response of FH1 almost stands shoulder to shoulder to the one of FH5. report. Comparison of Fiio FH5 and Shure SE535 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. If you already own a DAP that has a balanced output I highly recommend buying a separate cable such as LC-2.5B (2.5 mm balanced) or the LC-4.4B (4.4 mm balanced) to use it with the FH5, it makes a big positive difference compared to the SE connection. B-C: DD: E1 demo unit: 184: 73: 111: 25: C ★ FiiO F5: 65: V-shaped: Typical chifi V-shaped sound, nothing much to report on. I enjoy the FH5 more because of its bolder, more lively mid region as well. Competition? They have deep and layered bass, great mids with clear and vibrant voices, a good treble extension and a great separation of the notes portraying an out of head presentation due to well spread soundstage. beyerdynamic Soul BYRD review (+ mini Fiio FH5 comparison/review) Impressions. There is no denying it, FH5 is completely on another league, a much higher one. And listening to cellos, the FH7 presented a far more textured sound to the less nuanced and smoothed over FH5. 4 comments. Both IEM models use a hybrid driver design. Lows. So my friends, lets get to the most interesting part of the review. The FH5 employs a 10mm (polymer … Posted by. Does this comparison refer to the FH7 when it is used with the filter that provides the most prominent bass? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Also four drivers VS two drivers is not fair as well. Intro The bass turbine really wakes up the bass on higher quality electronica. They are by far the best IEM FiiO designed and can easily outmatch higher priced IEMs from other manufacturers. This thread is archived. The bass response reminded me a bit of F5 and FH1, but this time bass is much more controlled, it goes deep, presenting multiple layers of it and it decays in a natural way, not too fast and not too slow. FH5 again raised the bar not only in FiiO’s portfolio but also in affordable high-end IEM market. In contrast, the FH5 conveys more “distant” sounding guitars and generally more forward leaning vocals. The FH7 has 5 drivers; FiiO installed a 13.6mm (beryllium) dynamic driver for the lows, and 4 balanced armatures for the mids and highs. Design & Build Quality . The overall sound signature is quite similar, but FH5 has a much better treble response and a more textured midrange. X. My little lady fingers couldn’t take it. Great packaging, lots of accessories inside, great design, great craftsmanship and most importantly a great sound, all those words represent the FiiO’s FH5. Inside is a large book style case, simply embossed with the FiiO name/logo. Of course, the level of detail, control and focus is better on FiiO Q5, but the sound quality was quite nice directly from the phone output as well. Overall, the FH7 doesn’t sound that much grander. Disclaimer: The FiiO FH5 was sent to me by the company itself for this review. Sample 2. FH5 is crystal clear; FH1 is a bit muddy in comparison. I didn’t get nearly as much sound isolation from the FH5. And listening to rock, you’ll get a much warmer low-end from the FA7, while the FH5 presents a cleaner sound that is well separated from the higher frequencies. Acoustic guitar strums and, for example, sounded cleaner and more crystallized on the FH7. Inside are the earphones seated within a foam cutout with the accessories underneath. Sort by. Compared to a quad-BA driver low-end equivalents such as the Noble Savanna, the FH5 bass performance is much more visceral, denser and definitely more powerful sounding. Starting with the package, IT04 has a better carrying case, made out of thick metal. The FH5 employs a 10mm (polymer nanocomposite) for the lows and 3 Knowles balanced armature drivers for the higher frequencies. Ok, I know this is not a fair comparison as FH1 is much cheaper. I find the depth to be better than the soundstage. FH5 comes in a nice and quality packaging that actually surprised me a bit; especially the 11 pairs of ear-tips put in a foam sheet that shows exactly how each category of ear-tips will sound, so you no longer need to guess if this enhances the bass, the voices or the treble. The price of the FH5 is 260$ at this time. The FA7 has a more forward leaning bass, making the FH5 seem slightly vegan in comparison. There might be a slight roll off in the upper treble as it always sounds clear and detailed but never fatiguing which I find to be a bit weird, balanced armatures always sounded a bit fake to me due to sharp trebles but it is not the case with FH5. There is no denying it, FH5 is completely on another league, a much higher one. I can easily look deeper into the mix with FH5 however the width and height of the stage is limited and cannot compete with an open-back design for example. Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and graphs for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and earphones. Advertiser Disclosure. By Comparison F9 series have a 9.2 mm dynamic driver that did well with bass but not great in some situations. Awesome packaging with a good selection of accessories, Great tonal balance between all the frequencies, Clear and extended treble without being harsh, Awesome price for the sound performance we get, A balanced cable is no longer found in the package, DACs: Chord Hugo2, Mojo, Matrix X-Sabre Pro + S-SPDIF2, Burson Play, FiiO Q5, Headphone amps: Headamp Gilmore Lite MK2, Pico Power, Burson Play, IEMs: FiiO FH5, F9 PRO, FH1, SHure SE846, Audeze iSine 20, Sennheiser IE80, Headphones: Sennheiser HD660S, Momentum M2.0. I was hoping that the FiiO FH5, being a hybrid, could bring some HD800-like soundstage to the IEM. Close. The shell is machined entirely with CNC technology from blocks of aluminum giving them a premium feel to the touch and to the eyes. I do find the bass not only deep but also very controlled due to its fast rises in dynamics. At 112dB/mW it was an easy task even for the underpowered M7, so volume was never past 50% almost all the time even on demanding classical pieces. Advertising enquiries. FH5 to this date are the most sensitive IEMs from FiiO, having an impedance of only 19Ω and a whopping sensitivity of 112 dB per 1 mW they can be powered by pretty much everything that has a headphone jack. Both IEM models use a hybrid driver design. Lows. Finally, the FH7 comes with a three sets of different filters to tweak the sound signature. Buy FiiO FD1 Single Dynamic IEMs at a very low price from this official store Check this link >>> Comparison between FiiO FA9, FH7, FA7, FH5, FA1, F9 Pro, F9, FD1 Customer Reviews Listening to pop, for example, both models presented crispy percussion, giving plenty of snap to the track. Treble sounds crispy and can bite sometimes, but it’s not bright at all. The Sony WM1A Walkman is the source used for sound evaluation. Hi, Comparison of Fiio FA7 and Fiio FH5 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. FiiO never ceases to amaze me, few months ago I was testing their new flagship IEM: the F9, a few months later their new F9 PRO flagship and now they done it again with the FH5. Buy 4-Driver FH5, the Best FiiO IEMs Ever, Win a Gift Worth $32.99! The FiiO FH5 is their new hybrid quad driver top of the line In-Ear Monitor. Daft Punk , Infected Mushroom and The Prodigy was a real treat to listen to. And when played a Whitney Houston track on the FH7, I heard lots of airiness and subtle modulations, while the FH5 presented a heavier, more colored and less natural sounding performance. In this respect there is nothing to reproach about FH5. Sound – FiiO FH5 vs Shure SE425 Comparison Review Lows Frequencies. Fit. The level of comfort and sound isolation is... DESIGN. Required fields are marked *. I’m a much bigger fan of the FA7 in this department. So, listening to rock, for example, guitars tend to be more present on the FH7. Considering the high sensitivity of FH5, I was surprised to see I didn’t get any hiss or noise with Oneplus 5, while with FiiO Q5 I did have a slight hiss noise. So, you’ll get a slightly more colorful feel from the FH7. Vs Rose Mojito Another odd comparison as they really have nothing in common except price point. To make bass even deeper and more controlled besides the big 10 mm drivers they also developed what they are calling S.TURBO technology that mimics the work of a dedicated subwoofer with a turbine inspired design that really makes wonders with the bass. For now just watch and learn. The FH5 also uses a silver-plated copper wire, but it’s thinner and braided in a transparent thermoplastic sheath. The FiiO FH5 arrived in quite a large (~ 155mm x 209mm x 73mm) retail box with very simple black over-sleeve (just the words FiiO, FH5, Hi-Res Audio logo, and a graphic image of the FH5 on the sleeve). FiiO FH5 Best Over The Ear Headphones/Earphones Detachable Cable Design HiFi Quad Driver Hybrid ... (Argentina) about specifications, product quality and comparison with other brands, specially Sony at that time, so, this time I started reading more about Fiio current line-up reviews, experinces and more. And I had a nagging need to to push the FH5 deeper into my ears, while the FA7 required no adjustment. Sample 1. FiiO FH5 quad driver hybrid in-ear monitors immerse yourself in An endless stream of music. With its specially designed turbine-inspired design that makes clever use the physics of sound waves, you get meaty, deep bass that is more than capable of letting you feel the music. The mids on the FH5 are more recessed than they are on the FH7. After the Picture Sunday post, we finally take a detailed look at the FiiO FH5, the company’s most serious In Ear Monitor to date. The midrange of the FiiO FH5 is full with a little … Vocals sound meatier and sweater on FH5. As a result, the FH5 provide a more dynamic feel with the lows and highs more accentuated. That was a tough question, even for me! And judging from photos alone, you can already tell that the FA7 is the more ergonomic design. 28. And of course, there are the obvious differences in the level of detail and separation offered by these two models, with the much pricier FH7 outstaging the FH5 in terms of overall skill. Anyway – back to the comparison. It has a tighter sound with better separation. Both sound natural and easy on the ear with no listening fatigue at all. And listening to acoustic double bass plucks, the FH7 presented a cleaner and more natural timbre than the comparatively bass heavy and bloated FH5. But the bass on the FH7 is a bit more tempered and more disciplined. Three bore design (one bore for bass, one for mids and one for treble) is also a novelty for FiiO that is being used in high-end IEMs around the globe. Due to much faster sound on FH5, every vibration of the notes is decaying faster showing a better texture of every note. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "afe14eb92843ffc891a8ae0a9174a2d5" );document.getElementById("cb154b46ab").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright © 2019 Headphone Dungeon. Bass also goes lower and has more layers of it. The shell on first appearance seems much bigger to house all those larger balanced armature drivers including a bigger dynamic one and the S.Turbo subwoofer and again resembles a custom IEM somehow. Due to its fast and airy nature, resolution is at a high level, FH5 do sound detailed with a good extraction of small micro-details. They can reveal hiss and hum of devices you thought have a crystal clear background. FiiO FH5. Aesthetically, I think FiiO nailed it with the FH3. The new shell, directly inherited from its siblings the FH5 and FH7, is made of an aluminum/magnesium alloy.It gives the IEM a premium feel and, in the hand, the FiiO FH3 definitely feels like … The level of comfort and sound isolation is fantastic. Thank you to FiiO for giving us this opportunity. FH5 sounds also deeper, portraying a better depth and I can look easier into the mix. FiiO FH5 Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design | Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes | Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers You can expect a fatter, slightly more present bass from the FH5, though both share a similar amount of subbiness. However there is another catch: because of their very revealing nature and high sensitivity they are pretty picky of the quality and the noise floor of the source. So, again, if you’re mostly listening to genres like folk, rock, classical or anything with heavy arrangements, the FH7 would be my pick. But again, the FH7 revealed the more subtle nuances in the attack and resolve of the instrument (like cymbals) compared to the relatively heavy handed character of the FH5 in this range. Great packaging, lots of accessories inside, great design, great craftsmanship and most importantly a great sound, all those words represent the FiiO’s FH5. Great sound should not cost a fortune and I thank FiiO for that, this is how it should be done. Unboxing experience was like a much higher priced IEM, I’m glad they are making time into thinking better ways to carefully pack a premium product. save. The FH5 comes packaged similarly to other Fiio products, however, its all black colour scheme exudes a markedly more premium aura. FiiO Fa7 Review, with a short FH5 comparison (Demo tracks listed at the end) Review. But if you’re looking for a more balanced and versatile IEM that works beautifully across all genres, the more precise and full-bodied FH7 should be your pick. With the FH7 selling for almost double the price of the FH5, there will be little surprise about which IEM performs better. Much has already been written about both the FH5 and the FH7. Value for money compared to other IEMs in the same price range, The FiiO FH5 performs well, no matter from the aspects of design, structure, driver allocation or processing technology. FH5 wins on build quality for sure but the mojito fires back with a more balanced signature and more detail. But if you’re also a fan of genres that involve acoustic instruments, the FH7 will offer a more realistic presentation. Treble is also airy with lots of air between the notes, cymbals and drums never sound crowded, they always sound like two separate entities. However for an IEM design it is quite impressive as it is. Its low frequencies... Middle Frequencies. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. FiiO FH5 vs iBasso IT04 - We had second thoughts about starting with this comparison, but at the end of the day, it is necessary to start with something that will keep our readers intrigued. In the package can be also found a big transparent waterproof case and a fabric pouch that I use most of the time when I travel because it’s smaller and easier to carry around. FiiO FH5 vs FiiO FH7 Comparison Review FIT. Rarely have I come across an IEM that fits my ears as well as the FH7. Design – FiiO FH5 vs Sennheiser IE 80 S Comparison Review Look and Build. Did I catch your attention already? With that in mind, let’s take a look at which IEM will suit your ears and listening style in this FiiO FH5 vs FiiO FH7 Comparison Review. The low frequencies of the Shure SE425 are modest, without any emphasis at all. Fiio is a hugely prominent name in the audio industry, initially due to their range of affordable yet well-rounded source devices, soon their DAPs and lately, their IEMs. 93% Upvoted. For example they hiss a bit with FiiO’s own X5 MKIII, with Sony NW-WM1Z and they hiss more with a Burson Play and with some other desktop headphone amplifiers, be warned about that. hide. FH5 have a better control over the drivers, bass notes on FH1 are looser and sound one-note sometimes, a thing that never happened on FH5.
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