I dont know what could be wrong, should I bring him to the vet? My boy Oatmeal is playing, eating and drinking just fine but he has diarrhea and has been sleeping most of today. A lethargic or sedated cat is frequently a sick cat. Dumb me tried to break the fight up and my cat must’ve thought I was another dog or something and bit my arm around three times. It’s more important to focus on the ‘why’ it happened. Adult male cats may threaten, and sometimes fight with, other males. I am very worried tonight about him. Didn’t go to the doctors or anything even though there were small holes in my arm but it ended up healing without infection thank god, Hello If your cat is sleeping all day and not eating or generally just seems like he's not feeling well, there's a good chance he may be sick. Cat fight abscesses are very common occurrences in urban areas. From 226 quotes ranging from $200 - $2,000. My 10 year-old rescue female cat stopped suddenly eating overnight. The emotional signs exhibited by a cat that has been intentionally mishandled or abused can vary greatly from those found in a cat that has been hurt in a fight, or a cat that has hurt itself by accident. She loves to eat, she used to wait 20 lb and I was able to bring her slowly over the past 3 years 216.5 pounds. Cats stalk, stare, yowl, howl and puff up their fur (picture the arched back of the Halloween cat) to threaten each other. Sick cats will rarely adopt the loaf position. It’s very rare, but it is not impossible. I had been leaving a window open in the kitchen for Kiki to come and go as he pleases but tonight the other cat actually came into our home. does anyone have any idea where this could be? it's been 10 days since she stopped suddenly eating and she has lost one full pound. How to Support Your Animal After a Horrible Dog or Cat Fight. The cat was lethargic and she was limping on her right rear leg. I brought her to the vet three times since then. Some cats remain on them for years, and others can be weaned off after a few months. Cats that don't eat is always a very … There are no big wounds that I can find, just some small puncture type - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinarian We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. He became very lethargic and rapidly went down hill, just wanting to sit hunched up under a chair. 3. If your cat has eaten a bird, there may be several reasons why your cat is sick.They may vomit up feathers and bones, which are irritating their stomach. They are both 4 and connected at the hip. A cat adopted us. We recently moved into an apartment that has lots of outdoor cats I don't know if these are ferel cats or pets my cat Kiki likes to go outside at night my concern is this one cat seems to I guess bully is the word to use, Kiki . AnimalWised looks into the possible reasons for this behavior. If the cat has recently lost his owner or he lacks the necessary attention, he will be lethargic and refuse to eat. She got better but now she has a scar. Often cat fights sound way worse than they are. In any case, if your cat is not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom, he needs prompt attention. Since Felina had access during certain times of the day to outdoors, she would use the grass and dirt in lieu of her litter box. He ate well Saturday dinner, skipped Sunday breakfast but has been eating well since Sunday dinner and it’s Monday evening after dinner. our calico cat was in a fight last monday morning and we had to take her to the vet. a vet visit) causes him to become breathless...please help any advise is appreciated. 6. Fevers are a common cause of lethargy, and might be the result of an infection. He is no stranger to moving and has always taken well. Your veterinarian can prescribe pain relievers such as Tramadol, a type of steroid called prednisone, and possibly some alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, and heat packs. These unhappy noises are usually low-pitched, mournful yowls. Sore bum. I thought he was just being naughty but I think he was trying to tell me something. If your cat becomes extremely lethargic suddenly, an emergency veterinary visit may lead to a diagnosis of poisoning. It's very odd that so many cat parents have experienced this too?!?!? Please recommend something we can do to help our cat! I hope his wound clears quickly :(. Thank you for your question. Even healthy dogs and cats can appear lethargic, according to Boston Veterinary Clinic owner Dr. Brian Bourquin, any increased signs of inactivity in your pet can be indicative of a larger problem. One exception to this is a sick cat worried about falling asleep. I wonder if anybody can help my cat came in yesterday with blood on his neck when we bathed this with salt water it was bleeding rather a lot, couldn’t see any puncture marks but he did pull away when we attempted to touch him. This morning he is completely lethargic. I apologize for the delay, this venue is not set up for urgent emails. My poor sweet baby looks miserable and it’s killing me that I can’t help her. When these wounds become infected they can make your cat very sick if they are not treated. Lethargy is not a condition or disease in itself, but can be a sign that something is wrong with your cat. Again, it’s a way to escape pain. Heart disease: Cardiac issues can cause cats to become very lethargic, and to avoid exercise. on the 6th day she started showing fever so they hospitalized her for 2 days with IV And antibiotics. My cat had a fight yesterday with another cat, afterwards when he came in was acting really strangely and then I noticed he was limping and not putting any weight on his front paw. For same time had been pooping in inappropriate places, such as on my bed, dining room table, near his food bowl and water bowl. It can also occur when the cat accidentally falls from a great height or down a flight of stairs. Aftercare Kitties who come out of surgery need a peaceful, comfortable place to rest and recuperate -- no excitement and no cuddling until they're moving, eating and acting normal again. 11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Vet Attention. He has stopped going outside, eats very little food and appears lethargic. Answer. Feline fight facts. She then wouldnt eat her normal 3 servings of wet food and little bits of dry food in between. Ps: during all physical exams, exam of the mouth revealed no discoloration of gum, and no visual Clues in the mouth in general. A kitty who is still lethargic or acting depressed more than 48 hours after any surgery may be suffering from a surgical wound infection and should see a vet immediately. Even for being indoor. If depression or stress were factors, a change to your cat’s environment may be needed to address this. I am guessing she will need to go to the vet to get any bites/scratches attended to. Thank you! I saw her vomit on Friday morning and then she almost did not eat for 3 days, then completely stopped eating. He has a big wound on his stomach. Not knowing what to expect while your kitty's recovering can make this even worse. Please advise in how long will the wound heel. Some wounds will be immediately visible but others might not be noticed and can be just as bad. Cats are quite good at sorting themselves out. Medications like antidepressants take several weeks to work. That was VERY unsettling to say the least as I've always believed ferel cats or outdoor cats tend to shy away but this one seems to have no fear of human or animals. So my female tuxedo cat who is 4 out of no where started to act lethargic and stopped eating/drinking. Fever, lethargy, reduced appetite, and swelling are all very common. and wrote me a prescription for some heavy antibiotics ???? Thank you for your question. Thank you for your question. That’s all we could afford. He improved after being given fluids, but then went down hill again. I am willing to try powder nutritional supplement to add to the blended food and see if that will help her recover (like last year). How long after being scratched/bitten can I wait to go into the vet? They called us a few hours later and told us that her red blood cell count was extremely low and that she needed emergency vet care. She had this issue last year Jan 2019 (loose stool, not using litter box consistently, and lethargy) and at that time and the vet had said the xrays of her stomach looked normal. He also stopped eating, drinking and pooing. The emergency vet took her in and did a blood transfusion and kept her 24 hours. I have seen him around the neighborhood and little by little he trusted us and started coming inside to sleep at night. I fear that your cats illness is from something underlying that is not evident … I took him to the Doctor n gave antibiotics. It’s likely they’ve inherited this behaviour from their wild ancestors as cats in the wild who are suffering from an injury will often try to hide it in an attempt to dupe predators into thinking they’re not vulnerable. They change your cat’s brain chemistry to reduce their stress. I take wet food in gravy add hot water and blend it. Couldn't really see how bad it was but it was an altercation none-the-less and 20 minutes later she came in howling and bleeding from her chest. Give your cat a good once-over tonight if you are able to see if there are any significant wounds/sore spots. My 14yo cat Felina (friendly, talkative, foodie, playful) was having loosing stool for 3-4wks, which caused her to occasionally have a bowel movement outside of her litter box. Behavioral change in a cat is highly dependent upon the type of injury that it sustained. Sudden paralysis of the hind end. By John Gilpatrick The average dog sleeps upwards of 10 hours per day, while most cats clock a solid 12 hours of shut-eye, meaning that in a given day, there’s a 50-50 chance your pet is sleeping whenever you see them. Because he suffers from feline asthma and any stress (I.e. Because they are such good actors, your cat might be very sick by the time it becomes apparent that there is a problem. we are now 72 hours later, And whatever little she can eat she eventually throws up. Lots of TLC, kisses, gentle strokes etc. No, your cat was not in a fight with the local dog in the yard, it might suffer from an autoimmune disease. However something must have taken effect overnight. bloodwork returned nothing special. *Wag! Now I don't understand why the sudden turn in behavior and habits. I think he may have been in a fight or trapped somewhere for a while - he has lost a claw and has injuries to his paws. Most cats respond to some degree to a combination of behavior modification and treatment with cat anxiety medicine or supplements. She is using her litter box so that issue got resolved. Scratches to the eye from over-exuberant play with another cat or during a fight can lead to conjunctivitis, with discharge from the eye, pain and squinting. We had to put her down because she had a deep gash in her chest and one of her lungs was collapsed, to say the least. Cat fight abscesses are very common occurrences in urban areas. Thank you for your question. Cats save energy for hunting which means they often sleep for 12-16 hours a day (or more). Rest is your cat's natural response to not feeling well and could be a normal part of recovery from a minor condition or it could be an indicator of a more severe condition. My cat was completely normal yesterday, today he hasnt eaten yet not even had any interest in food, which he normally is insatiable for. Some cat emergencies come on suddenly and are overt, but others start off vague. Your veterinarian will require a complete medical history of your cat including detailed description of symptoms in order to narrow down a possible cause. Cat mouths are full of bacteria, thus contaminating any bite wounds they inflict. If your puppy is lethargic and sleeping more, It would be best to have your pet seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine them, see what might be going on, and get any testing or treatment taken care of that might be needed. He was normal in the hotel all week, and even was himself when we moved in yesterday. Lethargy is a symptom in itself and is characterized primarily by the following: Other symptoms that commonly coincide with and are associated with causes of lethargy are: In addition, there may be specific symptoms present that are indicative of a specific medical disease or condition. I've had her for Three years now. My cat is sick has had diarrhea and now is unable to drink or eat and has no energy and has no balance and very lethargic. A Few Things to Note. Symptoms of lethargy in cats are abnormal sleepiness, low energy, and lack of response to surroundings. I’ve also been covering him with a light wool sweater as he sleeps on my bed and done some loving hands on healing. I apologize for the delay, this venue is not set up for urgent emails. I have bathed this wth warm water etc and although nearly healed I have noticed my cat is walking around with his top part of his ear bent slightly! As with any medical intervention, there are always some inherent risks associated with vaccinating cats. My 5 year old male cat was fine yesterday morning. This seems kind of extreme, but when we look back on our video cameras, it showed a black larger cat pouncing on her and really doing a number on her. With the antibiotic jab at the vets, Quin recovered really quickly. If you see symptoms of lethargy, heavy bleeding, puncture wounds, swellings or lumps on their skin or if the cat is limping then you … Mild reactions, including a slight fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, and localized swelling at the vaccination site may start within hours after vaccination and usually subside within a few days. I hope she gets out of bed soon and shows some life. It may also include intravenous fluids or oxygen therapy if required. If anyone has any info or experience with there cat as well please share with me some insight. Her mood changed drastically and as a former foodie this is quite unlike her. It is also possible for seeds and other foreign material to get stuck in the eye. Vet ran blood panel, kidneys fine, a few minor things that he felt was related to his poor little body being over run with fleas. Can a cat-5 get some bad two word one cat has a collapsed lung? He is very stressed out still and this is the 5th day in our new home. You may notice that your cat acting strangely after a fight. In fact, cat fight injuries are one of the most common reasons cats are seen and treated by veterinarians. My cat got in a fight a couple weeks ago. She manages to eat most of that liquefied food but doesn't completely finish her bowl (leaving the concoction that is thicker than liquid). Separation anxiety is among the top reasons for lack of appetite in cats. We spent $1700 in that single day and we didn’t even get a proper diagnosis as that would have cost an extra $3500 including ultra sounds and a 3 day observation. Your kitten may have a viral or bacterial infection, and since I cannot see them, It would be best to have your pet seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine them, see what might be going on, and get treatment for them. Any VETS in this community who can shed some insight would be very much appreciated, we love our cat kiddos and want to help them. Some cats may just be lethargic and have a fever. We took her to a vet and they found nothing it could be. I thought my twelve year old cat had kidney failure and was dying. Try to ensure it is safe. There are many things that can happen as cats age, and I do think that It would be best to have your pet seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine them and see what might be going on, and get treatment if needed. The other night a cat came to my office at 2 am. A cat or dog involved in an attack by another animal can be seriously injured or killed depending on the severity of the attack. Turns out she was severely anemic. Pancreas test revealed nothing either. When we took her home the next day she still seemed lethargic of course but over the next course of those days she perked back up. Cats with arthritis and other muscular-skeletal trauma and inflammation will become lethargic if their pain level is high enough. Can a cat fight get that bad? Stress can be caused by other changes or disease, so you need to monitor your cat and try to relieve stress or get proper medication. When your cat is lethargic, before taking any action, try to work out why this could have occurred. Most of the infected wounds in a cat will result from bites that have been sustained during a cat fight. Diarrhea / Drowsiness / Fever / Jaundice / Pain / Weight Loss, Lack of interest or response to surroundings, Hairballs (can become serious if causing blockage), Infection with a minor common virus such as cat flu, Viral infections such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukemia virus (FeLV), Cardiovascular disorder such as heart disease, Respiratory problems resulting in low oxygen levels such as asthma, Urinalysis and blood tests to check blood count and look for factors that would indicate illness, bacterial infections, and viral infections, Ultrasound to reveal abnormalities in organs or tumors, Chest x-ray to reveal tumors or fluid buildup, Surgery for removal of tumors or to repair injury, Diet and insulin for treatment of diabetes. Head trauma occurs after a cat is hit in the head with a blunt or penetrating object. Careful investigation by your veterinarian will be required to narrow down the cause. After a Dog Fight: 3 Steps to Helping Your Pup Recover Published on July 27, 2015 July 27, 2015 • 92 Likes • 19 Comments When cats fight, they inflict deep wounds by biting with their canine teeth. I think it's inbuilt resistance, especially with moggies (crossbreeds/heinz57s) ?? In countries where it is present, cat bites can also transmit rabies. Your vet will look for injuries and abscesses, skin problems, swelling, and signs of pain or discomfort during the physical exam that may help determine the cause of the lethargy. If vets had a credit system I would have no problem paying them monthly but most do not. Always exploring, being verbal, asking for attention. My cat just got into a fight with a neighbor's cat. Moving can be very stressful on cats. We cleaned it up and took her to the vet. Your cat sounds stressed! The emotional signs exhibited by a cat that has been intentionally mishandled or abused can vary greatly from those found in a cat that has been hurt in a fight, or a cat that has hurt itself by accident. Very dehydrated. Sleeping more often also helps the body fight whatever is invading it, which is why sleeping more is a symptom of so many different ailments. My kitten is sleeping constantly, not eating or drinking voluntarily. The following tests are commonly ordered to narrow down the cause of lethargy: Treatment of lethargy will depend on the identified cause. My cat is nine years old and I think she fights two or three times a week. Vocal clues or changes in vocalization: Your cat may meow more or less than usual. The most common post-surgical cat behaviors are the result of anesthetics still coursing through y… Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice... By: Hsin-Yi Cohen BSc, MA, MSt - Updated: 28 Jul 2020, Re: Dangerous Pet Diseases Which Can Infect Kids, Re: Pet Injuries That Can be Treated at Home. They occur if a foreign cat invades another's territory or if a resident cat decides to assert its dominance. I didn’t see any blood and thought theres no way cats fighting would be able to break any bones. Brought him to the vet on Saturday as I didn’t think he’d last until Monday without at least being hydrated. Is that a problem. The emergency vet gave us a steroid and doxycyline for her to take for two weeks. The bird may have been carrying a disease, which can affect your cat.If your cat is sick once, but is otherwise fine and continuing to eat and drink their own food normally, you should not need to take any action. We moved to a new state, and have been living in a hotel for about a week. Thank you for your question. She was throwing up bile so we took her to her usual vet. We all know that when we feel sick, we are very often tired, this may be due to the body putting its energy into fighting an infection, or in some cases reduced oxygen supply. My cat is a generally very active cat. Abscess – A walled-off infection which is commonly caused by a cat bite. He’s pretty much back to normal and I thought he’d be dead by now. Separation Anxiety. Diarrhoea, vomiting. Your pet feline may look like a docile “pussycat” but a ferocious tiger may be lurking under that tabby fur, capable of inflicting serious wounds and injuries, if he or she gets into a fight with another cat. It’s wet, canned and he loves it. He has stopped going outside, eats very little food and appears lethargic. The cat was surprisingly calm and walked away without any issues, and about a minute after, our cat came quickly to me and I took him in my arms and got him to safety. I hope that all goes well for him! You can also contact the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center for advice. I think he may have been in a fight or trapped somewhere for a while - he has lost a claw and has injuries to his paws. Can anyone tell me what this is? They occur if a foreign cat invades another's territory or if a resident cat decides to assert its dominance. All my cats were fixed as kittens, and the females definitely took a their time getting around and back to normal that first day. I raised her since she was 2 weeks old and she went through my entire pregnancy with me and loved and protected my son. “You know your dog the best,” Bourquin said, “and because they can’t speak up and say, ‘I’m sick!’ we have to observe their behavior closely to note any significant changes.” Here we are on week 2 and things took a turn for the worst. While we’re on the subject of pain, this is one of the most truly … You need to be very open minded about this, and have no prejudices (not easy). I mean Kiki doesn't usually back down but this cat follows him right to our door. Diagnosis is complicated as there are many possible causes of lethargy in cats which range from mild to severe, as lethargy is a symptom of most illnesses and disorders. He hasn’t been to the vet at the moment as he escaped last night about 4am through an open window and only came back this morning at 10am, had his food and has been laid on our balcony under the garden swing since then I call him but he won’t come out...I cannot see any swelling should he see the vet? A Few Things to Note. Love you Katrina! She was given a nutritional supplement that helped her overcome everything other than the loose stool. After the … I apologize for the delay in answering, this platform is not set up for urgent emails. These are very audible indications that your cat may be unhappy. Vet felt this was important and send us home with a case. A very sick cat loses his appetite due to nausea, pain, diminished sense of smell and taste, lethargy or have less need for food or due to inactivity. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. If you have all these factors covered, then if your cat is lethargic, and there is no obvious reason that requires immediate attention, then give your cat some time (quiet) to see if they can heal themselves. The other night a cat came to my office at 2 am. It would be best to have your pet seen by a veterinarian, as they can examine them, see what might be going on, and get treatment for them. In a grade three sprain, surgery will be required. If it is pain, it will avoid remaining quite so conspicuous. And then there was the time I came home to find Quin all listless and tender at the rear - I wondered about a kick, or kidney disease?? He is 6 years old. Cats in surgical recovery may experience temporary behavioral changes. If your cat doesn't seem in significant pain then I would let nature take its course. This is common when the cat is involved in a car accident or fight with another animal. He was extremely underweight. These wounds can remain hidden by hair. Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice.. Hi there.I need some advice.We have 2 male cats and they are 3 years 11 months.They are getting neutered on Thursday this week.But recently they have started fighting badly.The vet has advised us to rehome one.Please can you advice.We live in the uk, My cat got into a fight with my dog when I was around 10.
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