Our marigold leaves (in India) have been turning white too. Spraying NEEM OIL is suggested. Fungicides are available against mildew but you must choose one that is specifically for mildew on marigolds. are an ideal choice for the garden. Would this be the reason? 1 decade ago. TtiGeR said:I sowed some marigold seeds a few weeks ago. Relevance. A 30+ year old question on marigolds. Fri May 18, 2012 1:27 am. Marigold flower partially wilting and leaves are curling. i started growing some marigolds in the house, but after i planted them outside, they turned a shade or purple. Pseudomonas tagetis: Destroy infected plants. Purplish spots form on leaves and stems. None of the cotyledons have any purple spots. Lv 7. I planted marigolds (large yellow ones) and they were doing great, but now the blooms are turning brown and dying. All the seedlings planted in soil and hydroponic setup have evenly distributed purple spots on the leaves from the beginning. why is that happening? Avoid overhead irrigation. This has happened whenever and whatever garden I've planted either French or African style marigolds: within a day or two the leaves start turning purple, sometimes a lot, sometimes a bit. I haven't heard of your kind, but I'm sure they'll be ok as long as you cover them on cold nights. Problems With Marigolds. reynwater. 1 Answer. Favorite Answer. Hardy … Below is a link to an article in gardeningknowhow on plant deficiencies in tomato and marigold seedlings by Susan Patterson, garden writer and Master Gardener: Plant Deficiencies: Why Are Leaves Turning Reddish Purple In Color Even the soil may need to be treated with neem. Answer Save. Marigold Leaves Are Purple And Curling Up. To control this disease regular spraying of the crop with Dithane M-45 fungicide @ 0.2% should be followed. Alternaria: Avoid overhead irrigation. Mine get the purple leaves when it gets cold. Q. Marigold Blooms Turning Brown. Symptoms are less prominent on mature buds but these buds fail to open. They only appeared on the marigold - not other plants. Keep covering them when it goes below 40. Good luck and enjoy! Powdery Mildew: Question From: R. Rastall - Spokane, Washington, United States . We have 90 degree temps and heavy rain showers. Marigolds take the cold pretty well. At later stages buds become shriveled, turn deep brown and dry up. On older leaves few deep brown necrotic spots develop. As the blisters age, they harden and form white or brown wart-like bumps and eventually cause the foliage to yellow and drop. I wouldn't worry about the color. The leaves turn yellow and fall prematurely and the plant will weaken and die. The leaves are purple , and some are curling up .. 1. ... Tomato leaves turning purple. Hot Network Questions When you want to add a pop of color to your landscape, marigolds (Tagetes spp.) The only exception is the cotyledons. Sometimes they pull out of it, sometimes not. Generally the mildew that attacks marigolds will not affect other plants. Spots have purple margins. If things still don't get better, may have to just discard the plant. Diseases # 5. Kat I also sprayed with Sevin due to beetles. The excess water then builds up in the plant causing small, swollen blisters on marigold leaves and flowers. Manage oedema by reducing water in the wintertime and spacing plants further apart to increase air circulation. Bacterial Leaf Spot: Small (2-5 mm) circular dead spots form on leaves and petioles. Set outside to harden or not, results are same. The plants are fine, it's just the blooms. Apply fungicide registered for use on this crop. It is a form of fungus. why did my marigolds turn purple?
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