My wife described it as ‘feeling like you are actually standing there in real life’. Toutes les infos; La bafouille de Guy-Michel; EVENEMENTS . Le format 4:3 est très agréable. Pentax 645Z Review - 645Z Field Test Part I. Pentax 645 Z 51.4MP Digital Medium Format Camera Body Near Mint w/Box Japan. PENTAX 645Z + smc PENTAX-FA645 45-85mm F4.5 @ 55mm, ISO 400, 1/50, f/20.0 Ergonomics. Most people would not like travelling with this camera but I would not hesitate to take it internationally if I was doing a landscape focused trip. Appreciate this review. We are proud to present the most exciting medium format camera with extreme flexibility and performance excellence the Pentax 645z Vie culturelle; Toutes les EXPOS; Les STAGES Photo; SALONS & FESTIVALS; Tous les CONCOURS; Annoncer votre événement; COTE OCCASION . I tried several medium format cameras (Hasselblad, Mamiya 645, Rolleicord) and none of them really did it for me. Pre-Owned. Apr 15, 2014 Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z. Speaking of dynamic range the Pentax has essentially the best DR of any camera available at the moment with its Sony developed sensor and I will cover this more below. Everything you need is there and it is mostly readily accessible. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Please use your own judgment to determine if any program, product or service presented here is appropriate for you. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F16, 5sec, ISO 100, Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 45, F11, 3sec, ISO 100, Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F8, 1sec, ISO 100, Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F16, 1sec, ISO 100. I shoot RAW 100% of the time and have no need of the camera’s built in .jpg recipes or options. Reply. There is actually a significant advantage to a heavy body over a lightweight one that most landscape photographers will find out at some point in time and that is to do with camera shake. Combined with the fantastic 28-45 lens I am finding the images everything that I hoped for in terms of resolution but the biggest revelation to me was dynamic range. The focus ring has a 180 degree range from end to end. The second example is an even better indication of the advantage given by the camera’s dynamic range abilities. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Pentax HD FA 70-200mm f/2.8 ED DC AW. In 2015, the 645Z won the TIPA Award for the Best Medium Format Camera.. I may never print that big but it’s nice to know that I could if I wanted to. For those unfamiliar with the 645Z, it is Pentax's most recent iteration of the venerable 645 series of medium format cameras, and was announced in 2014. For further reading the photographer who has probably done the most detailed review is Ming Thien. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! That’s not to say the Canon has poor image quality. I used the Pentax 645z LCD screen to review my images, I copied the pictures I liked from SD CARD 1 to SD CARD 2, then I stuck the SD card 2 to my iPad SD card reader to my iPad, then I imported the pictures to my iPad (using the default Apple “Photos” app). or Best Offer. Le PENTAX 645Z utilise une cellule d'exposition RVB d'environ 86 000 pixels qui analyse les scènes en temps réel, détectant la brillance, la couleur et le mouvement, de façon ultraprécise et supérieure au système de mesure traditionnelle sur 77 segments. However, the interesting thing is that for the first time ever I feel like I have a landscape photography tool that will serve me for the long haul. In this case even a 167 second exposure left the image too dark. Thank you for purchasing our PENTAX 645Z medium format digital SLR camera. It also allows each of these settings to be named, something I long wished Canon would do. One thing it does have like Canon is 3 custom settings positioned on the main dial for having three different camera setups that can accessed at the flick of the dial. My first print was of the following image taken in Karijini National Park on my first serious test of the camera. The sheer mass of the Pentax especially when mounted on my large carbon fibre Induro CT-314 tripod provides enough inertia that it resists the wind extremely well. I’d love to see how the final detail is. Vendez le vôtre. Pentax 645Z Gehäuse / Body B-Ware vom Fachhändler 645 Z 6898 Ausl. The other thing to remember is that this camera (unlike featherweights like the Sony A7R) is built like the proverbial tank and is very durable and so well weather-sealed that you can literally hose it off to wash it if you want as this Youtube video shows (provides it is paired with a new generation AW – all weather lens). Most of these features are still being used in cameras today. You do not need a camera of this calibre to get amazing landscape photo’s. A full review of the Pentax 645Z was never published, and that score of 101 only appeared online as part of a top cameras chart that showed up in DxOMark's review of the Sony RX1R II sensor. It doesn’t, but high ISO (like when shooting the milky way at night or taking very long exposures) are not its strength and it does not have anywhere near the dynamic range of the Pentax sensor which is approaching 15 stops. It also has arguably the best image quality of any available still camera at the time of writing. Although I have never really used the HDR technique much (I always had trouble getting a natural look) I could see its attraction at times. £30.00 postage. EXCELLENT!! In the remaining text, I will be reviewing the original film version, labeled as the Pentax … Ergonomically, the Pentax 645Z is superb – the grip is not only nicely protruded, but there is an extra dip that goes all the way into the camera body, making it comfortable for people with small or large hands to hold the camera. I like it so much in fact that I have found myself processing or re-processing many of my Canon images to the same ratio even though it means losing precious pixels in the crop. At no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through our affiliate link(s). Now however I would suggest that the DR this camera has, along with judicious use of a graduated ND filter, makes HDR unnecessary and undesirable – at least for me. His life-long love of Africa has led him to make trips to Namibia, Kenya and Botswana where most of my wildlife images have been taken. I will never need more resolution and the image quality is so good that regardless of future advances in sensor technology, I will never have any excuses about the quality of the work I produce with it. In the end the choice was obvious: the HD Pentax … ‘Exposing to the right’ is making sure you capture a well exposed image that is as bright as you can make it without clipping the highlights (watching the histogram is essential) so that you get as much detail in the shadow area’s as you can. The Pentax 645Z Is a Solid Choice, but Other Makers Are Closing In. J’ai revendu mon Leica M10 pour pouvoir le payer et bien franchement à part la discrétion que j’ai évidemment perdu je ne regrette rien. Brightening these dark parts of the image up in post typically introduces a lot of noise and there is a limit to how much detail you can recover. Medium format camera sales have been slipping since the days of film (and the rise of full-frame digital), and Ricoh hopes that the 645Z will reverse that trend. That is a very high bar to get over and an unfair comparison because of the difference in field of view. A friend suggested I try Pentax and offered to sell me a very nice 645n. In terms of focusing I generally use manual focus when zoomed in to 100% but there is also the very useful focus peaking that is now standard in mirror-less camera’s but non-existent in Canon DSLR’s. There is also a ‘Tav’ mode that allows setting the aperture and shutter speeds then letting the camera choose the ISO. Pentax has been making 645 cameras since 1984, or for over 25 years.. From pure image rendering alone, the Pentax is still a fantastic camera and definitely worth the money. smc PENTAX-FA645 Macro 120mm f/4 * Les objectifs dont le diamètre est supérieur à 90mm ne peuvent pas être utilisés. Exc++++!! Another interesting thing is that exposure compensation can be used in ‘M’ mode. It is 900×1200 in size (36×48) and is sharp even when you hold your nose to the print. It was very dark at the time and exposures at this hour are always a bit of trial and error. Pentax 645z Review Pt3 – The Lenses, CCD vs CMOS and 35mm vs Medium format. 23 watchers. Manufacturer description: Featuring an amazing 51.4 megapixels on a high-performance CMOS image sensor, the PENTAX 645Z assures super-high-resolution images with a stunningly realistic sense of depth combined with vivid colors and rich shadow detail. Well, yes and no. Hanging a bag or sandbag weight off the tripod centre post is often touted as a solution to this but I have not found this helpful in all cases as the bag or weight itself just acts as a sail and makes the wind issue worse. If I had purchased the Canon 5DS I would have been missing out on the amazing dynamic range the Pentax 645z has. There are a long line of currently produced AF and out-of-production MF lenses that are available for this mount that were designed for the original 645 film bodies and they will all mount perfectly well on the 645z but the quality of them is reportedly a mixed bag and not optimized for the amazing resolution that this new camera produces. Unlike the original Pentax 645, the Pentax 645N dry-fires without film in the camera. In the long term I may even save money as I can get off the money-go-round of upgrading camera bodies and lenses that is so tempting with the faster product cycles of DSLR or mirror-less camera systems. The Pentax in action. I’m still less than a year in with my experience with this camera so I am sure I have more to learn on how to get the most out of it including experimenting with focus stacking techniques to improve the depth of field and finding unique ways to use my single lens. Some cameras use CCD sensors, while a newer generation uses CMOS sensors. I can say however that it has enabled me to capture much better landscape images than I could with my Canon gear and inspired me to get out there and do a lot more landscape photography in the amazing country I live in. Le PENTAX 645Z vous permet aujourd'hui de photographier des scènes qui étaient jusque là impossibles avec un moyen format. ARGUS, la règle du jeu; L'ARGUS Photo - Tous les prix; La reprise Images Photo; BIBLIOTHEQUE . In conclusion the combination of the Pentax 645z with the 28-45 zoom lens is a formidable tool for the job – maybe even the perfect tool for the job, at least for me. A small camera on a tripod will be very susceptible to camera shake from wind. The original of the following image is 14,560 x 5139 pixels in size. Le PENTAX 645Z est doté d'un capteur CMOS 43.8 x 32.8 mm avec une taille environ 1,7X plus large qu'un plein format 35mm, une plus grande netteté et un rendu de l'atmosphère de la scène. A 35mm prime has just been released and there are apparently standard and mid range zooms that are in the works to be released at some point in time. Remise immédiate de 20% sur la sélection d’optiques suivantes : Pentax D FA 645 300mm f/4 ED IF. Overall though I find the camera extremely customizable, easy to use, dependable and almost perfectly suited for my landscape photography purposes. Pentax 645Z / 645D; Mirrorless Cameras; Film SLRs; Troubleshooting & Help; Photographic Technique; Home; Reviews; Camera Reviews; Pentax Cameras; Review; Page 20; Pentax 645Z Review Sample Photos. It is still preferable to have the same MP on a sensor that is 1.7x larger in area and has much bigger light buckets (pixels) and the signal to noise ratio is always going to be more favourable. The 645Z is less expensive and has a larger sensor. the announcement from Canon that they would be releasing the 50mp 5DS body DigiCover B4033 Film de protection d'écran pour Pentax 645Z. amzn_assoc_linkid = "58a2a49e71cb9c1ea86a99b075104be9"; This camera is priced much lower (half the cost or even less) than competing medium format systems and offers the best durability, usability and feature set of any medium format digital camera. Even better, when using the 2 second timer this automatically engages the mirror lockup function. The current model, the Pentax 645Z, was released in 2014 and includes an identically sized 50 megapixel CMOS sensor, as well as a few other functionality/usability enhancements. Pentax 645z Raw File download page 1st May 2014. Le PENTAX 645Z est d'autant plus efficace pour une mise au point ultraprécise. Find out where the D850 wins! Découvre lequel est le meilleur et leur performance générale dans le classement appareils photo. The Pentax 645Z is a professional medium format digital SLR camera announced by Ricoh on April 15, 2014. Pentax 645Z has external dimensions of 156 x 117 x 123 mm (6.14 x 4.61 x 4.84″) and weighs 1550 g (3.42 lb / 54.67 oz) (including batteries). Canon (and other DSLR camera’s) use a 2:3 image ratio. Links … BEFORE: Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F11, 1sec, ISO 100, AFTER: Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F11, 1sec, ISO 100. I can say the Pentax film backs are very well build. This is not all that useful for landscape photography but I find it an interesting feature. I have no doubt that if I had the wall space I could print the files 1300×1750 (48×70) and they would still look amazing. NICE PENTAX 645 SMC PENTAX-A 75mm / 45mm + PENTAX AF400T FLASH + REVCONVERTER . However, with the Pentax my shooting style has changed a bit. Effectively this builds in the amount of compensation you have set into the exposure meter reading. Et en optimisant le poids et la prise en main grâce au grip, ce moyen-format vous offre une prise en main confortable. Quelle est la différence entre Fujifilm GFX 50S et Pentax 645Z? In reality this camera will mostly be used in Australia where I will travel by car and take short hikes to location and it’s really not that much weight to have in a backpack if I am not taking any other gear. The Pentax body is useless without a lens so of course I had to purchase one of those as well. Its worth making the point that 50mp sensors are a waste of money for anyone who wants to put images on the web. Reply. The menu’s are not as easy to use as Canon’s really well laid out system but it’s not far behind. The lens has proven to be of simply stunning quality. Malgré son poids il reste maniable. 19 watching. Ricoh updates Pentax 645Z firmware for IMAGE Transmitter 2 software. The focal range of this lens is suitable for probably 90% of the landscape images I will make and I still have my Canon gear to use if I need a different focal length or a different type of lens (like my tilt-shift lens for instance), so I probably will not get another Pentax lens. This is part of the reason for the medium format ‘look’. Another extremely useful feature of the large body is that it has two tripod mounts, one underneath and one on the side. The following example shows an accidentally underexposed image of Sugarloaf Rock in Yallingup. The improved I’m Back® project that adds a digital back to old Pentax film cameras is now back on Kickstarter : The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. I have found this to be an unexpectedly pleasing ratio to work with. PENTAX Duplicateur de films (avec porte-diapositive 24x36) ... Avec le PENTAX 645Z. The screen itself is high quality and accurate (though not quite as good as Canon’s) and you can zoom in to 100% view to manual focus, something that I do as a matter of course when shooting landscapes. RAW files out of camera are quite flat and slightly muddy in appearance but are almost endlessly malleable in post, like a lump of clay. It's simple: pop out the film holder, load to the red index, set the ISO by pulling the top left lever to ISO and pressing the up and down buttons below the shutter release, and go. 645Z seul 3999 € TTC au lieu de 5.999 € 645Z kit 55mm 4999 € TTC au lieu de 6.999 € Optiques 645Z. With so many pixels, panoramic style shots can be achieved by cropping the image down but why not go for broke and do stitched panorama’s as well? In my research I read several reviews that showed examples of just how much shadow detail the files had and it seemed generally accepted that the image quality that the camera produces is essentially the best available for purchase right now – at least in a camera that costs less than $20K. BEFORE: Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, f11, 13sec, ISO 100, AFTER: Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, f11, 13sec, ISO 100. If you know anything about, and are interested in this camera I will assume you have a pretty good idea of its specs or know where to find them. If a scene really deserves a longer ratio image I go for stitched panorama’s and process to a 16:7 ratio – or I can crop a single frame down and still have plenty of pixels left to play with. The Live View function is new to the PENTAX 645Z, freeing the photographer's eye from the viewfinder. Free shipping. This allows 2 quick-release plates to be mounted so the camera can be attached vertically without needing an L-bracket. In other words it is the perfect camera for the outdoor photographer to use in all kinds of conditions.. I find it more natural to look at and it means that I can capture a scene with more attention on foreground and sky which I like. I then finished with Nik Viveza and Nik Dfine layers. enlarge. The Pentax 645z is a workhorse that will be churning out images of stunning quality for many, many years to come. Pentax 645z, 28-45 @ 28, F11, 48sec, ISO 100. In a time when small and light high megapixel mirror-less camera’s like the Sony A7R are starting to make inroads on the heavier DSLR’s, jumping up to a camera this big seems counter intuitive. The 67's little brother. Vendez le vôtre. DR is not something I realized I was lacking with my Canon files until I started playing around with images from the Pentax. I am going to enjoy the ride. Grâce à l'amélioration de l'autofocus, du traitement d'image, de l'affichage sur l'écran, et du transfert ultrarapide des données, le fonctionnement est nettement plus rapide. Éclairages compatibles : Modèles recommandés : PENTAX AF540FGZ II PENTAX AF360FGZ II PENTAX AF200FG. These were all taken handheld with the 645Z using a Pentax smc FA 45-85mm f4.5 lens. However 50 megapixels is a lot to fit on a 35mm sensor and physics is physics. Aug 4, 2014 Hands on with the Pentax 645Z. Amazingly there is bags of detail in rocks that are almost a silhouette in the original RAW file. While it shares its sensor with the Phase One IQ250 and Hasselblad H5Dc, it retails at less than a third of the price of these (~8500 at ~27000 USD). The native file size is 8256×6192 pixels and around 65mp and can be set in-camera to write to the adobe standard .dng file type rather than Pentax’s own raw format . Experience the distinct perspective of medium format photography with the unique 645Z. We are talking billboard size prints now, the sort of image that could fill the wall of a hotel foyer or a waiting room. Another great feature is the dual card slot. Some cameras are all-in-one, like the Leica S and Pentax 645z, while others like Hasselblad and Phase One are modular with interchangeable backs. At the end of the day I bought this camera so I could do some enormous, detailed, amazing prints. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). bodegabayf2 May 29, 2017 at 10:52 am. Useful if you want to shoot a series of images with a constant exposure bias like you would do if in ‘Av’ mode but it can also be done in M mode. bodegabayf2 May 29, 2017 at 10:52 am. Pentax SMC Pentax 645 DSLRs with 67 lenses But that squat, square profile draws attention, because it looks noticeably different to anything … How to Choose A Great Photography WordPress Theme in 2019.
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