The head is a large area, and it would require exactly the right placement to avoid wounding instead of killing the animal. Heart shot deer will typically run anywhere from 15 to 100 yards before dying. The average weight of a male is about 150 kg and females are 120 kg. A broadside or quartering-away shot into the heart/lung area is the only recommended shots. When hunting red hartebeest in South Africa, a .270, a 7mm and a 308 are all good rifle choices. If there are bubbles in the blood, odds are high it is a lung hit. They have great stamina and can run for vast distances. In general, in small deer (either species or calf/fawn) the angle of oblique shots becomes more critical if the heart, lungs and large blood vessels in the chest are to be hit. They are a tough animal as well so good shot placement is critical, as well as the proper projectile. Your red hartebeest trophy should have an average shoulder height of around 48 inches, weigh about 350 pounds and have a horn length of approximately 22 inches. 221, Mount Olimpus, Rheasilvia, Mars, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy +1 (999) 999-99-99 The disparity in size between large and small deer has a significant influence on shot placement. The Red Hartebeest is the second fastest antelope and can reach speeds of up to 80 kph: roughly 50 miles per hour. And, if shot placement is poor, a hartebeest can give you a long day. Your professional hunter will be able to guide you in terms of shot placement. Shot placement: Hartebeest are not thick-skinned but have a heavy bone structure. Red Hartebeest Hunting in South Africa. Bright pink blood. The heart / lung shot is typically the best easiest way to ruin the least amount of meat. The red hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus caama or A. caama) is a species of even-toed ungulate in the family Bovidae found in Southern Africa.More than 130,000 individuals live in the wild. Lung shot. Species and Size of Deer. Follow up immediately, but cautiously. Hartbeest are fast runners and can go 150 yards on a good lung shot. Years ago, in the Selous, hunting with Cliff Walker, I made a bad shot on a Lichtenstein hartebeest. Shot Placement for Red Hartebeest Hunting. Joined Jul 21, 2011 Messages 9,577 Reaction score 10,641 Location North Carolina Media 346 Articles 1 Hunting reports Africa 6 USA/Canada 1 Australia/NZ 1 We jumped the animal several times, too thick to shoot, and now we were losing daylight, and we lost the spoor. Headshots are the best way to preserve meat, but should be left to professional hunters only. Blood color can indicate where a shot landed and, knowing that, the shades of blood offer clues about where the animal can be recovered. You've probably hit the heart or lungs. Follow-up: Wait at least 30 minutes before following up on a good heart/lung shot. Shot Placement. The trail took us into a dense thicket line and led us on and on. If you are off your mark a little, chances are, you will still be in the vital area with your shot placement. Dark red blood It has a longer face than other subspecies, with complex curving horns joined at the base. This is what we want to see! Shot Placement. Red Hartebeest. The best place to aim at on a deer is the lungs just above the heart. A shot to the chest, around a third of the way up the foreleg, a similar shot placement you would use when hunting wildebeest, should do … Their average should height is 135 cm and horns are 60 cm long.
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