Toggle navigation. ... Chapter- 2 Role of the Government in Health. constituent assembly that states must be a significant part of India which can demy to quit any task The office of the CAG is one of the most important quasi-judicial bodies in India. It audits the finances of the Government to maintain transparency and accountability. Provides leadership to the sub ordinate staff at the ground level Girish Chandra Murmu is appointed as the New CAG of India on 7th August 2020. UPSC: UPSC Mains GS Paper II syllabus comprises of topics related to Polity, Governance, International Relations & Social Justice. Panchayati Raj has received constitutional status with the Amendment Act : (a) 72nd. Context: There is a need to strengthen State Finance Commissions (SFCs) Constitutional Provisions The State Finance Commission was created by the 73rd and 74th Constitutional (Amendment) Acts. The governor also acts as an agent of the central government. Central executive body of the government, the cabinet performs array of functions, there its role is critical and pivotal. Article 156: Term of office of Governor. UPSC Success covers latest news, updates and exam schedules and their results. Top Level-brain of the government- strategic planning, policy making, advisorial role to politicians Middle Level-face of the government-Policy implementation, supervision over the ground staff and making decisions on a daily basis to factor in the ground realities. This is a full-time class and nominees are not enabled to join any job or outside this. Best self study portal recommended by toppers and students which has free test series, current affairs, NCERT books and video tutorials from best teachers. States perceive this to be a clever ploy of the union government to gain control over state government. UPSC Success has several resources to help you such as Videos, list of institutes in India offers courses related to UPSC, and lots more. An MP can also play a role in implementing projects in his/her constituency by following up on projects at the level of the District Collectorate or at the State government and Central government level. The role of the Governor is similar but not exactly the same as the President of India. The state government must play an active role in the process and deliver policies. … The Indian Constitution mentions about the provisions for the composition, appointment, removal, powers and functions of the Union Public Service Commission from Article 315 to Article 323 in Part XIV. The governor acts as the nominal head whereas the real power lies with the Chief ministers of the states and his/her councils of ministers. IAS was constituted in 1946. A package of relief from the competent authority is not enough for … Thus the legislative organs of the government play a very important and active role in the exercise of the sovereign power of the state. SFCs were created to review the financial position of the panchayats and municipal corporations, and to make recommendations to the Governor. India's best website and mobile app for competitive exam preparation of UPSC, MPSC, SSC, SBI, RBI, IBPS, NDA, CDS, GRE, GMAT, CAT, CET, NMAT. In fact legislature is the legal sovereign in the State. The state government has initiated CGRS Centre since April 2013 at the Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA) Ahmedabad for providing training to the youth of Gujarat who yearns to Central Government Class 1-2 Service. • AIS under Union List: AIS are joint responsibility of centre and state, yet it is under Union list (Entry 70). Role of State Finance Commission. Also Read: 6 Best Optional Subjects in UPSC: Guide to Choose Most Scoring Non-technical Subjects. Get ready to crack the toughest government exam with the help of ncert polity for UPSC. The role of state government is to provide for its citizens and the welfare of the state, as a hole. These functions can be mentioned as under: Formulation, execution, evaluation and revision of public policy in various spheres which the party in power seeks to progress and practice. Syllabus of Public Administration for UPSC Appointment of officers on promotion / deputation / absorption. Public administration refers to the academic division where students study the implementation of government policies. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is an independent recruiting agency of Union and performs other functions as provided by the constitution. Chapter- 5 Women Change the World. UPSC Answer Key. Civil Services Examination (UPSC) is one of the most competitive and prestigious exams, popularly known as IAS is conducted by UPSC to recruit candidates for Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, and several other Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Central Services/ Posts. Role of state and non-state actors in Pakistan: It is evident that there is covert and overt threat from Pakistan to India’s internal and external security system. It discusses and debates on general municipal policies and performance, passes the budget of the urban local body, frames broad policies relating to taxation, resources raising, pricing of services and other as… All the Mains papers are descriptive. It acts like a legislature. Appendix IX: UPSC Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies—Mains 2010–2019) AIX.1–AIX.8 Appendix X: Practice Questions on Indian Polity (General Studies—Mains) AX.1–AX.3 There are more information available in Indian Polity by Laxmikant 6th edition PDF. He \"directs the actions of the Government\" (article 21 of the Constitution) and in principle sets out the essential political guidelines which, except in the case of cohabitation, are those of the President of the Republic. Article 243I prescribes that the Governor of a State … Provincial Civil Service constituted in the 1890s was also on the basis of the recommendations of the Aitchison Commission. The UPSC is basically the central recruiting agency in India, which is an independent,constitutional body. • Son of soil theory: Outsiders are vaguely aware about language, ethos, profile of the state which they are posted. Since its origin, India has fought four wars in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1998 with this rogue country. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is one of the premier services of Government of India. Dissolution of state assembly by Governor – Article | UPSC – IAS Constitutional provisions of – Dissolution of state assembly article Article 172 says that every Legislative Assembly of every State, unless sooner dissolved, shall continue for five years. This subject prepares the future civil servants for working in the public service. The functions of the Commission under Article 320 of the Constitution are: Conduct examinations for appointment to the services of the Union. In this article, a comprehensive list of all the Government Schemes launched by the Ministry of Finance has been compiled in a to the point manner keeping its usage strictly for the relevance of UPSC exams. It is a common practice to divide the organisation of a corporation or a municipality into two parts: (a) deliberative and (b) executive part The corporation, council or municipal board or council consisting of the elected representatives of the people constitutes the deliberative part. Government Schemes: Ministry of Finance He must also ensure the coordination of Government action and prevent different ministers from taking contradictory initiatives through his arbitration. The UPSC CSE Mains Examination 2020 will be conducted by the Union Public Service Commission from 8 January, 2021. Prior to that Indian Imperial Service (1893-1946) was in force. The local self government system (LSGs), having an important role in local planning, development and administration, got a big fillip when it got constitutional status under 73rd and 74th Amendments.. Successes of LSGs in India. Democratic Decentralisation through the election of 30 lakh representative in panchayats alone (as per Devolution Index Report 2013-14 of IIPA). ... Role of State Government. (b) 73rd. Governor is the constitutional head and the chief executive of any state of the Indian Union. Governor’s Powers and Functions | UPSC – IAS The governor is the chief executive head of the state. Notes are available in hindi and marathi. संघ लोक सेवा आयोग UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. प्रखर UPSC EPFO 2020: A 4-Month Master Course (Batch-4) START FREE TRIAL. Infrastructure: LSGs play a pivotal role in infrastructural development in coordination with the state government on matters of road connectivity, telecom and electrification. Chapter- 3 How the State Government Works. Appointed by the President of the Republic (Head of State), the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. Read on to more about the CAG of India for UPSC 2020. There is no Coaching Fee. Social and Economic Overheads: The main obstacle in the way of economic development of under … Principal Organs of the State Government: Envisaged role and actual working of the Executive, Legislature and High Courts. Chapter- 4 Growing up as Boys and Girls. The Article 315 to 323 of the Constitution deals with the appointment of UPSC members, powers and functions of the UPSC. Home; About Us . 5.Grassroots Democracy: Panchayati Raj and Municipal Government; significance of 73rd and 74th Amendments; Grassroot movements. Direct recruitment by selection through interviews. It has the power to transform any decision of the state into a law. Historical Perspective; Constitutional Provisions; The Commission; Functions; Secretariat; Divisions; Citizen's Charter; ... State Government; Others; Union Territories Government. The Mains Syllabus of UPSC consists of four GS Papers, Essay and two Optional papers. Legislature is the chief source of law. Issues. UPSC Success aims to create a single point of reference for all needs related to Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The basic pattern of the cadre system in the Civil Service was established following the recommendations of the Aitchison Commission. (1) The Governor shall hold office during the pleasure of the … (c) … ; Article 174 (2) (b) of the Indian Constitution merely states that the Governor may, from time to time, dissolve the Legislative Assembly. 11th & 12th Schedule. Wise IAS provides online economy polity for UPSC for your prep. For instance, I frequently follow up and monitor projects in my constituency, Kendrapara, by meeting with State and Central ministers.
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