Thebaid Books 7, 8, and 10: Aristeia [Yaggy, Patrick] on Bold Tritonia blames the Tyrian gods, while speechless rage tortures the heart of silent Juno. They divide the approaches, and in every gate there stands a fierce ensign-bearer, raising high for all to see their sufferings or their joys.15 Dreadful is the sight within, scarce Mars himself would rejoice to behold it; Grief and Fury and Panic, and Rout enwrapped in blinding gloom rend with many-voiced discord the frenzied, horror-stricken town. Cf. [474] Not yet had they entered the barred gates of Thebes, when the Argive band, flushed with their nocturnal triumph, leapt forth into the plain; over weapons and prostrate bodies and earth befouled by heaps of slain, and blood still warm with life men and horn-footed steeds go rushing: the heavy hoof crushes the limbs, and a rain of gore bathes and clogs the axles. With this robe the Argive matrons at that time veiled the sacred ivory image, and with tears and supplications made their prayer: “Look upon the sacrilegious towers of the Cadmean harlot,3 O Queen of the starry pole, shatter that rebel hill, and hurl – for thou canst – another thunderbolt against Thebes.” What can she doe? Now he whirls the winged bullet and scatters strange wounds all around, now he swings his arm aloft and sends the javelin flying, nor ever a lance mounts the roof-top, that brings not down its man, and falls back streaming with blood. Nor did he pity the Pelasgian camp or the Tyrian forces, but it saddened him that so many warriors from … [628] Come, now, tell who fired the youth with joy in a noble death – for never without haven’s aid is this mind given to men – begin thou, unforgetting Clio, for the ages are in thy keeping, and all the storied annals of the past. not clear to the sight, or “two-headed,” literally. The Thebaid (/ ˈ θ iː b eɪ ɪ d /; Latin: Thēbaïs) is a Latin epic in 12 books written in dactylic hexameter by Publius Papinius Statius (AD c. 45 – c. 96). Already they see the camp and in thought are at the gates, and lighter grows the burden, when there is a sudden cloud of dust and a sound behind them. Book 1. standards and northern triumphs—Rhine twice subjugated, Hister twice brought under obedience, Dacians hurled down from their leagued mountain, or, earlier yet, Jove’s warfare warded off in years scarce past childhood. Theseus embodies clementia better than the supreme god. The Thebaid: Seven against Thebes Publius Papinius Statius. 136 ratings by Goodreads. imperiis properata Iovis, nec castra Pelasgum Translator(s): Shackleton Bailey, D. R. Num Pages: 448 pages. The plain stretches unsightly with a vast quantity of blood. She knows the Fates are adverse to her Grecians, and Jove’s favour is turned away, but she would that such prayers and gifts were not wasted; nevertheless, a ready chance gave occasion for potent aid. Semele’s ashes and her tomb are in my power! 5. Deaths of Polynices & Eteocles Creon & Exile of Oedipus. Online version at Harvard University Press. Travel and photography for the Thebaid Project concluded in September 2018, and we are pleased to announce that the resulting book, The North American Thebaid, Glimpses of Orthodox … This it is that inspires my father’s frenzy at the joyful altars, this the flames and the fibres demand, this doth Apollo urge: they call for an earth-born one on behalf of our country’s common life. The Thebaid, a Latin epic in twelve books by Statius (c. 45–96 C. E.) reexamines events following the abdication of Oedipus, focusing on the civil war between the brothers Eteocles, King of Thebes, and … Therefore the Tyrians are emboldened to keep watch no more on their own camp, but rather on their foes’ retreat, lest haply they seek to return with all speed to Mycenae; the watchword gives the signal to the sentinels, and posts are set; Meges by lot, and Lycus at his request are leaders of the night’s enterprise. [509] At length Acron, heaving with his shoulders, and Ialmenides, leaning all his body’s weight, forced to the bronze-clad doors: with such strength do groaning bullocks cleave side by side the long-unploughed fields of Pangaeum. Beneath his stepmother’s31 gaze Liber regards his sire askance, and makes lament: “Where now is that ruthless hand?” he cries, “where alas! Even so at Amphitryon’s son did his Lydian mistress24 laugh, when putting off the bristling hide he marred the Sidonian raiment with his vast shoulders, and wrought confusion in the distaff and smashed the timbrels with his hand. Pre-order now on the Thebaid Store. Do the gods deign to inspire an impious dotard, with sightless face and blinded eyes, stricken even as dread Oedipus? New Condition: New Soft cover. About Anticipation and Anachrony in Statius’ Thebaid. Because the night was prolonged to twice its length. secernunt acies, portaeque, ineuntibus arma [718] So spake he, with his arms in close embrace about his son’s neck, but the youth, once vowed to the gods, was moved by neither tears nor words; nay, at their prompting he met his sire with secret fraud and turned his fears: “Good father, thou art mistaken, thy fears are vain. Deaths of Polynices & Eteocles Creon & Exile of Oedipus. Our reward is in our hands, gone are the proud leaders of the host, and the chieftains’ crests displayed along the sevenfold array; formidable indeed is Adrastus’ dotage, and my brother’s more cowardly manhood, and Capaneus’ frenzied arms! In Ptolemaic Egypt, the Thebaid … Book 12 is itself concerned with the processes of ending and its problems. If thou hast any shame, pity first thine own. The Thebaid has been thought by many to stand second only to Virgil among Latin narrative poems. On to publication of the Thebaid Book in Spring 2019! Antigone & Argia Theseus & Burial of the Dead. Book 12 is itself concerned with the processes of ending and its problems. Yet fain would I go and search everywhere, high and low, over the ruthless plain, or break into the midst of Thebes.” Dymas makes reply: “I swear by these moving stars, by my chieftain’s wandering shade, to me a power divine, my grief inspires my resolve; my downcast mind hath long looked for a companion, but now I will lead the way” – and straight he stars upon the road, and turning his sad face to heaven thus speaks: “Cynthia, queen of the mysteries of night, if as they say thou dost vary in threefold wise the aspect of thy godhead, and in different shape comest down into the woodland, ‘tis he who was lately thy companion and the glorious nursling of thy groves, ‘tis thine own boy, Diana – now at least look upon us! i.e., the standard, emblem of each one’s fate, whether sad or glorious. sorte Meges ultroque Lycus. While Antheus drives his scythed car round the Theban walls the violent impact of an Ogygian spear strikes him from above; the reins are torn from his grasp, and, scarce alive, he is hurled to the rear upon his back, but stays caught by his greaves; strange sight and horrible fate of war! Hopleus falls, not yet forgetful of his peerless chieftain, and dies still clutching him – happy were he ignorant that the corpse was lost – and in such wise descends to the cruel shades. But now my belief is sure. Statius published his Thebaid in the last decade of the first century. His hair rises in horror and dismay, and the grey locks madly lift high the covering fillets: one would think his eyes were open, and the lost glow had returned again to his cheeks. Thou, cruel Menoeceus, thou before all didst haste to slay thy unhappy mother! Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. aut Tyrias miseratus opes, sed triste tot extra Book 10, Tydeus' son is abroad (Ahl (n. 12) 2867). BOOK 11. Dare with me, goddesses all: whether that madness of his was sent from deepest night and the Stygian sisters dogged the banner of Capaneus and forced him to the assault against Jove, or whether ‘twas valour that brooked no bouds, nor headlong love of glory, or utter destruction’s appointed doom,28 or success that goes before disaster and heaven luring to ruin in its wrath. 448 pages. These are but pictures: he himself beneath humid caverns rests upon coverlets heaped with slumberous flowers, his garments reek, and the cushions are warm with his sluggish body, and above the bed a dark vapour rises from his breathing mouth. “I follow thee,” he cries, “whoever of the gods hast called me, nor am I slow to obey:” yet even as he retired he pierce Agreus of Pylos, who was threatening the rampart. Current price is , Original price is $28.0. i.e., lit by Argives. Necromancy of Tiresias Next shining bucklers and cruel spears are dropped from their hands, their faces fall in weariness upon their breasts. I shall try what sacrifice avails, and whether Apollo be false.” He speaks, and climbs with alternate step exultant against the captured wall: even as the vault beheld the Aloidae30 amid the clouds, when impious earth rose high and was like to look down upon the gods; not yet had mighty Pelion been added and Ossa already touched the affrighted Thunderer. Thebaid definition, the ancient region surrounding Thebes, in Egypt. This means the lighting of our comrade’s pyres, this means their burial. Nor age, nor dress, nor beauty moves him; alike on those that fight and those that entreat he pours his fury; none dare resist, or try the chances of war; afar as he rages they shudder at his armour and terrible crest and helmet’s front. Thee the Oebalian woodland, thee the Laconian maiden’s deceitful river-bank shall mourn, and the flood14 that the feigned swan once sang of; thou shalt be wept by Trivia’s Amyclaean Nymphs, and thy mother who taught thee the laws and valiant rules of war shall lament that thou wert too apt a scholar. Then when their lauds are finished they resume the fight, and his sire, his wrath appeased, sheds tears and joins in the lament, and his mother can weep her fill at last: “Was it then to make atonement and devote thy life for cruel Thebes that I nourished thee, illustrious boy, as though I were some worthless mother? THEBAID BOOK … Fraternas acies alternaque regna profanis decertata odiis sontesque evolvere Thebas, … By command he chooses thirty himself, the flower of all the host; the rest of the youth demand in wrathful clamour, why remain they in the camp ingloriously at ease; some plead their noble birth, some their kinsmen’s deeds, others their own, others again shout for the lot, and all take up the cry. Yet undisturbed is the peace of Jove; and lo! He himself, since he goes to unwonted battle and ruse of war, lays down the sacred leaves, the emblems of Phoebus, and entrusts the glory of his brow to the bosom of the aged prince, and dons helm and corslet, the welcome gift of Polynides. . But when he marked her gait and habit as she turned, and beheld Manto on a sudden rise from earth into the clouds, he was astounded. Tell me, my son, I entreat thee, why is thy look so fierce? No more swiftly does the cypress blasted by the lightning flash drink up the deadly flame from stem to summit than did the youth, possessed by the mighty deity, raise high his spirit and fall straight in love with death. 1 Hence the Tyrians are emboldened no more to keep watch for their own camp but rather for their enemy’s flight, should they perhaps seek Mycenae, content to return. Date!of!Submission! should perish and innocent peoples be diminished by the sword. Achilleid. 16. THEBAID BOOK 5, TRANSLATED BY J. H. MOZLEY [1] Their thirst was quenched by the river, and the army having ravaged the water’s depths was leaving the banks and the diminished stream; more … Night-time Foray Sacrifice of Menoeceus Battle & Death of Capaneus. 18. [616] Creon, sad at heart and mourning as yet only for his country and the common fate, stood by the stern altar of the prophetic seer: when with the shock of a sudden blow, as if a flung lance had pierced his breast, he heard, near dead with horror, and knew Menoeceus was demanded. [262] Then, lest the brazen hinges groan too loudly, they leap down from the steep battlements of the fortress wall; nor is it long before lo! From THE SAINT BOOKSTORE (Southport, United Kingdom) AbeBooks Seller Since 14 June 2006 Seller Rating. Old and young alike are in the grip of one universal terror; the old men pray for death, the young flush with ardour and grow pale by turns, the houses rock with the shriek of women’s wailing. Rumour repeats the counsel, the folk of Cadmus, certain of thee, rejoice; take the gods’ word to heart, and snatch a glorious fate. [921] Then above the summit of the Ogygian tower the vault began to bellow strangely, and the sky to be lost in darkness; yet still he grasps the battlements he no longer sees, and as often as the lightnings flashed through the rent storm-clouds: “Ay here,” he shouts, “here at last are the fires ‘tis right to use against Thebes! Where are the sluggard sons of this accursed land, Bacchus and Alcides? Part of the problem is the unsatisfactory nature of the final book. [296] Here the son of mighty Hercules, there Actor destroys the sluggish Sidonians, each followed by his own band along a path of slaughter; the grass is black and stagnant with gore, the tents totter and sway in streams of blood, the earth reeks, and the breathing of sleep is mingled with the gasps of death; none of the slumberers lifts his head or turns his gaze, so deep the shade wherewith the winged god broods over the wretched ones, and unseals their eyes but as they die. Battle & Demise of Amphiaraus, Amphiarus Swallowed by Earth illic arma et equos, ibant quibus ante superbi, The Latin “Pietas” has a somewhat wider significance, including the ideas of Loyalty, Devotion, Affection, which it is impossible to express in one English word. 1-7 (Hardback): Language: English. 10. [19] And now in marshalled ranks they bring arms and food and fire; the king cheers them as they go: “Conquerors of the Danaans – for tomorrow’s dawn is near, and the darkness that saved the cowards will not last for ever – raise your spirits high and let your hearts be worthy of heaven’s favour. 17. [686] And now he is making his way to the city in breathless hate, rejoicing to have avoided his unhappy parents, when his father – both stopped, with speech cut short and eyes downcast. Fierce Capaneus fastens his heavy sword on Actor, not deigning himself to go by stealth against the foe, or to follow where heaven leads. And, © 2020 President and Fellows of Harvard College, imperiis properata Iovis, nec castra Pelasgum, aut Tyrias miseratus opes, sed triste tot extra. Thebaid, Volume II: Thebaid: Books 8-12. Thebaid definition, the ancient region surrounding Thebes, in Egypt. once again the birds of night are auspicious; I follow them, and though my comrades’ troops lie idle, I go alone! Sacrifice of Menoeceus Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Death of Opheltes, Funeral of Opheltes Add to Wishlist. 311-97), as well as two separate indices of names for each of the two epics (pp. From lofty heaven she sees the city-gates closed and the rampart guarded by sleepless sentinels; the stings of anger thrilled her frame, and stirred her hair and shook the awful diadem: no more fiercely did she rage, when alone in heaven she felt wrath against Alcmene for her offspring and for the Thunderer’s twofold4 adultery. 15. Then thus began to speak the golden fashioner of clouds8: “Sleep, gentlest of the gods, Juno bids thee bind fast the Sidonian leaders and the folk of ruthless Cadmus, who now, puffed up by the issue of the fight, are watching in ceaseless vigil the Achaean rampart, and refuse thy sway. “Was this then lacking,” he cried, “to crown our woes, that I should dishonour and betray Argos in her hour of need? Ay, and there he too comes, shaking his reins!”. "Its theme is … Do other sires and the babes of strangers move thee? Pre-order the Deluxe Limited Edition Thebaid Book in Bonded Leather LIMITED TIME OFFER! But though ye were of one blood, and in everything brothers, thou hadst first place: heaps of dead are piled around thee, every dart finds its mark, no stroke but a victim falls – nor yet had Virtue come to aid – neither mind nor hand is idle, the eager weapons are never still, even the Sphinx, the guardian of his casque, appears to rage, the image, animated by the sight of blood, flashes out, and the bespattered brass gleams: when the goddess stays the warrior’s hand upon the sword-hilt: “Great-hearted youth, than whom none were more surely known of Mars to be of Cadmus’ fighting seed, leave these mean affrays, such is not the prowess reserved for thee: the stars are calling thee, thou shalt send thy soul to heaven – conceive a nobler destiny! Thebaid LIBER I. Fraternas acies ... quo carmine muris 10 iusserit Amphion Tyriis accedere montes, unde graves irae cognata in moenia Baccho, quod saevae Iunonis opus, cui sumpserit arcus infelix Athamas, cur non expaverit ingens Ionium socio casura Palaemone mater. Statius, Thebaid, Volume I: Thebaid: Books 1-7, edited and translated by D. R. Shackleton Bailey, Loeb Classical Library No. 24. Iapetus was a Titan, imprisoned below the earth; volcanoes such as Aetna were thought to contain fettered giants and Titans. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Adrastus exults that they oppose him, and his spirits rise. 3. Jocasta hath her sons, and sees them leaders and kings: but we must make cruel expiation for the war, that the brothers, sons of Oedipus, may exchange their diadems – doth this please thee, O author of the blow?27 But why complain I of men and gods? 20. The shining stars gave way before her, and those fires that she herself had fixed in hevaen22; already she treads the earth nor is her countenance far distant from the sky23; but it pleased her to change her aspect, and she becomes sagacious Manto, that her speech might have full credence, and by deceit puts off her former mien. What if the king be using treachery and deceitful fraud, fearing in his desperate case our noble blood and thy valour that is renowned above our chieftains? Deaths of Polynices & Eteocles Creon & Exile of Oedipus. [493] Overmastering fear sometimes gives strength: quick closes every gate; only while Echion is slow to bar the Ogygian, courageous Spartan warriors break in, and fall in the threshold slain, Panopeus, dweller upon Taygetus, and Oebalus, swimmer of rough Eurotas; thou too, Alcidamas, who didst prove thy worth in every wrestling-ground, and of late win victory in Nemean dust, thou for whom the son of Tyndareus himself fastened thy first gloves; dying thou lookest toward the vault where thy master shines; straightway the god sinks with averted star. Statius published his Thebaid in the last decade of the first century. On, men, with me to open conflict! i.e., Juno, daughter of Saturn. Happy is he whose death shall win so great a guerdon!”. [853] Then indeed aghast, upon the utmost verge of doom, as though the last destruction threatened, or Bellona with blood-stained brand drew nigh to raze their towers to the ground, from every roof in emulous haste they hurl huge stones and stakes, and whirl the strong lash of the Balearic sling – what hope is there in javelins and the vague flight of arrows? Calpetus, lying on the cold ground beneath his trusty chariot-wheels, scared with his heavy breathing his Aonian steeds as they cropped their native grass: his mouth o’erflows with liquor, and his slumber wine-inflamed grows agitated; lo! 7. Thebaid Liber viii. the Inachian prophet pierces his throat as he lies: the wine is forced out in a great rush of blood, and his murmurs perish in the stream. [883] Meanwhile about Jove’s throne the Argive and the Tyrian deities were clamouring in diverse factions: the impartial sire beholds their wrath blaze high around him, and marks that he restrains it. Meanwhile from the summit of the walls the Greeks perceive Thiodamas returning, nor conceal any more their joyous outbursts. He rushes in the midst, fearful to see and to hear, and impatient of the god, whom his frail mind had received but could not contain; his pangs overwhelm him, stark madness reigns upon his visage, and the uncertain blood now distends, now ebbs from his trembling cheeks; his gaze darts here and there, he shakes and scatters on his shoulders the wreaths entwined in his locks. hostilem servare fugam, ne forte Mycenas, contenti rediisse, petant: dat tessera signum, excubiis, positaeque vices; dux Martis operti, sorte Meges ultroque Lycus. .” Applying the latest narratological theory and focusing on the use of anachrony (or 'chronological deviation'), this book explores how Statius competes – successfully – for a place within an established literary canon. Such a tremor as falls on those whom the brand called forth from heaven has smitten, seized now the warrior, and in one spasm voice, sight, and blood all fail, and as he still attempts a groan his charger unbidden wheels him round; ‘mid a whirl of dust the troop flees back. Thus does Mavors wreak his fury on the threshold of Echion’s town. 2 Sleep is sometimes represented with wings upon his temples, as may be seen in a well-known bronze figure of Hypnos (Greek Bronzes, A. S. Murray, p. 72). Posts about Thebaid Book written by zosimas. illic arma et equos, ibant quibus ante superbi. [35] Thus does he heap encouraging words upon the fierce Labdacidae: they rejoice to repeat the toils already endured. ABSTRACT! Ut subitus vates ... clipeumque cruentis roribus et scissi respersus pulvere campi. i.e., Juno. Ye too are consecrate, though my sons soar for a less lofty lyre, and will go down the unforgetful years. ‘Tis plain, thou hast heard the oracle. Ease, and Silence with folded wings sit mute in the forecourt and drive the blustering winds from the roof-top, and forbid the branches to sway, and take away their warblings from the birds. See more. You . They bear too a gift in a basket, a robe whose marvellous texture no hand of childless wife nor of any parted from her husband had wrought, a garment full worthy of the chaste goddess: thereon was much purple, gaily embroidered in manifold design and blazing with interwoven gold. BOOK 12. Then humbly clasping the knees of the seer, who, full of Phoebus, bids him make speed, and touching the lips that chant the oracle, he entreats him to be silent, all in vain; already rumour has seized the word and flies abroad, and Thebes proclaims the oracle. The references here are to the oracle given by Apollo at Delphi to Cadmus, which led to the founding of Thebes, cf. A new complete downloadable English translation of his epic of the Seven Against Thebes. . Statius in his epic poem, the Thebaid… 6. THEBAID BOOK … Is this the valour born of misfortune? ISBN 10: 0801886368 / ISBN 13: 9780801886362. – are these the compliant walls that followed an unwarlike song? See more. This update serves as a special ‘Thank you’ to our dozens of dear supporters, for propelling the North American Thebaid Project to the threshold of its goal, the publication of the large-format, photographic coffee table book… [783] And now rejoicing they bear the hero within the walls, recovering his body with no labour: of its own accord the Tantalid host in reverence withdrew; he is borne on the necks of youths in a long train, and is acclaimed by the glad praise of all the populace as patron of the town above Cadmus and Amphion; with garlands and all the honour of the spring they heap his lifeless limbs, and lay his venerated body in his forefathers’ tomb. He feels the flame hissing within him and his helmet and hair afire, and trying to push away the galling cuirass with his hand, touches the scorched steel beneath his breast. he meets his fate, and mirthfully his life passes to the shades, saving the pains of cruel death. 1-309) and the extant fragment of the Achilleid (pp. We appreciate every contribution, and consider our supporters to be fellow "Thebaid Pilgrims", journeying with us on this unique creative project. [552] But now the trumpet’s clangour smites the city with dismay, and its harsh sound penetrates the barricaded doors. – rose up again from the chasm of earth, even as he was – the shades had touched his team alone – and came towards me: ‘tis of no vain phantom of night, or vision of sleep that I tell.
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