So I did a bit of digging and found information on about it. Valuation Administration Unit, Valuation Office, Block 2, Irish life Centre, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1 D01E9X0. Block 2, Irish Life Centre, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1, D01E9X0, Tel: +353 1 817 1000 Fax: +353 1 817 1180 A further request regarding the proprietor and tenant by property would need to be The Valuation Office Agency is an executive agency of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). We also deliver a range of statutory and non-statutory valuation and surveying services to … Reply Reply Author. It is an executive agency of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.. Chartered Surveyors & Business Rates Experts 01865 594070 The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) love to pretend they are on your side, that they are open to discussions and that you don’t need an agent, but can they be trusted? Valuation Office Agency Government Administration The VOA is the public sector’s property valuation expert, providing valuations that support local taxation & benefits. The account will be used for information purposes only and we will not be dealing with any queries directly through Twitter. Old records Discussion. The website says the following:- ... Local Authorities make a request based on who the hell knows what. Request The Valuation Office Agency says that it has an exemption from the terms of the Open Government Licence for its raw valuation data for non-domestic premises. I know why the VOA band properties but I freely admit I don’t know how they actually go about it. Customs Act 2005 places a duty of confidentiality on Valuation Office Agency (VOA) staff, as officers of Revenue and Customs, meaning that the Valuation Office Agency may not disclose identifying information in relation to a taxpayer. Twitter @VO_Ireland. AVS is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain crucial information about the securities in your portfolio. The NAIC's Valuation of Securities database contains more than 250,000 securities from over 40,000 issuers. We provide the Government with the valuations and property advice required to support taxation and benefits. Original Poster. This wealth of information is at your fingertips with a subscription to the Automated Valuation Service (AVS). Valuation Office Agency. voicey. 2,381 posts. 147 months. Dear Valuation Office Agency, For the current rating period please send me a list of, Appeal Dates Assosciated Assessment reference numbers (not BA reference number) I require no sole trader or information of a personal nature. Yours faithfully, Anonymous Valuation office agency rent and lease details. Monday 5th November 2018. … 3. I’d be grateful if you would provide, electronically and to this email address, the following 1. all correspondence between the National Archives and the VOA about this topic; … The Valuation Office Agency is a government body in England and Wales.